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  1. Oh man... I'm almost embarrassed to admit I actually laughed at that.
  2. What's an AFC? Atlanta Fried Chicken? Nah, but seriously I think I saw a Ravens fan here briefly a while back.
  3. No, I just compared the stats from both of them from the 2012 season. Maybe I should clarify what I meant by that little quip at the end... you stated that Freeman was a better QB. I retorted with his 2009 and 2011 season, which were just awful. Newton has only been in the league 2 years, and both years have been rather good. Freeman's best year was 2010, and even then it could be argued that Cam's rookie year was better than Freeman's best year. Sorry, hope that clears things up for you.
  4. Honestly Matt Ryan would be Cam's backup if he was on the Panthers. Our #2 WR is Brandon LaFell, better known as the guy who spends half his time doing his best invisible man impression.
  5. No surprise here, we routinely have one of the hardest schedules in the NFL.
  6. Uh, that was this years numbers. Hence why I said we wouldn't even bring up those other seasons.
  7. Freeman 2012: 4204 total yards, 27 TDs, 17 INTs, 54.8 comp%, 7.29 YPA <----- Freeman's 2nd best season by far Newton 2012: 4610 total yards, 27 TDs, 12 INTs, 57.7 comp%, 7.98 YPA <------- Cam's 'Sophomore Slump' Take away Chud's dumbass play-calling to start the season and there's no telling how much better Cam's numbers could have been. I don't blame the 'Sophomore Slump' so much on Cam as much as I do on Chud. Sorry... but like I said there's no way you could convince me to take Freeman, who is going into his 5th year over Cam, who is going into his 3rd. We won't even bring up his 2009 and 2011 seasons.
  8. Less INTs, higher comp %, more YPA. And yeah, he was better in rushing by a good margin I'd say. I'm not talking bad about Freeman, I'm just saying there's no way in **** you could convince me in taking him over Cam.
  9. We swept the Saints. Don't think that means Newton is better than Brees. And here is our back up QB situation: ... Yeah.
  10. I think Thriller-era Mike is the only one who can pull that look/pose off... and even then just barely. Lol, wtf Josh?
  11. Yeah I agree completely. I'm not knocking our defense, **** I actually loved it... CJ, Kraken, and Keek were exciting as **** to watch, and I was proud of the way they stepped it up this season after how bad they were last season. The team as a whole was just way too inconsistent this year. Chud's full-****** Madden-esque playcalling crippled the offense early on, and many of the games when the offense did show up it seemed the defense would fold, vice-a-versa. The only consistent play this year was from Special Teams. They consistently sucked.
  12. I'm not sure it's a choke when they were playing from behind the entire game (and managed to make it quite interesting at the end I'll add). More like the Ravens sealed the deal.
  13. Exactly. Carolina had what you would call a 'break but don't bend' type of defense while trying to operate as a 'bend but don't break' one. Sure, we were good at keeping the opponent's yards in check, but we routinely gave up big plays that resulted in points that shouldn't have happened if our defense was supposedly as good as it's being made out to be. Take away those big plays they gave up in hilarious fashion and Cam might have a few more of those coveted "GWDs and 4th QTR comebacks".
  14. Just figured I'd add that I'd much rather only being allowing 18 points a game vs. allowing 22 points a game. What the **** does it matter if we allowed less yards if in the end they're converted into more points than some other team's defense who allowed more yards? Sorry, Atlanta had a better defense this season by allowing fewer points... that's the overall objective of the defense, right? Stopping the opponent from scoring?
  15. It's funny how suddenly the Panthers top 10 (in yards allowed per game) defense is brought up when convenient... I seem to remember back when that stat was first announced that many of you said something along the lines of "oh lol the only stat that matters is points allowed per game" in which the Panthers D ranked 18th (22.7 pts/game) and the Falcons ranked 5th (18.7 pts/game). So take that "top 10 defense" moniker with a grain of salt.
  16. I think you all witnessed that "top 10" defense in our first meeting last season. The #10 defense looks good on paper but in actuality it routinely **** the bed in crunch time. No where in my post did I say Newton was perfect, I just stated plain facts... which for you calling me out you failed to dispute yourself.
  17. If you seriously want to get into a Cam vs. Flacco/Ryan debate then please tell me what either of those players have over him in their first two seasons. I don't want to hear that wins/playoffs BS, because unlike either of those two he went to a truly ****** team as the #1 overall pick in the draft and has went on to have arguably the best individual first two seasons of any QB in NFL history. Also just to add, Luck may have been a #1 pick but anyone who doesn't think that the Colts tanked that season to get the most hyped QB in history are ********. There was no tanking needed by the Panthers, they were just genuinely awful in 2010.
  18. Yeah, well that's because Panther fans aren't the ones trying to grasp for straws to compare their QB to a Super Bowl MVP winning QB. I'm just fine with my quarterback, thank you. I don't have to reassure myself to feel better about him.
  19. Like I said, hypothetical... like mostly everything else in this thread. The only thing that's in stone is that the Ravens outplayed the 49ers, Flacco outplayed Kaepernick, and the Ravens won the Super Bowl.
  20. Since we're discussing all these hypothetical scenarios... I think you could just as easily add that the Ravens would have blown the 49ers out if the power hadn't went out for so long. They completely dominated the first half, then Jones goes ahead and does his thing to start the half... so they obviously carried the momentum over from the 1st half until the lights went out. Also, no one knows that without that TD from Jones' return would have made or broke the Ravens that game. When you get up that big, especially in a game like the Super Bowl, it's only natural to get a little conservative on the offensive side of the ball.
  21. Really... that was the only difference between the two? No mention of the INT, fumble, or being shut out the second half? As far as I can remember Flacco didn't commit a single turnover this post season. Come on man, I know you love your team but at least be a little objective if you're going to throw out 'what if' scenarios like that. Flacco played lights out the entire playoffs, a flawless game at the highest stage, and also earned Super Bowl MVP honors en route to winning the Super Bowl. Just give the man his credit, he's earned it.
  22. Honestly... I think New Orleans forgetting to pay the power bill was the difference in that game. If the 49ers didn't have all that extra time to regroup it was shaping up to be a blow out.
  23. That's why football is called a 'team' sport. You can't blame one individual for all the team's failures or give them all the credit for their successes. If you guys want to go along with that kind of thinking then Matt Ryan's interception, fumble, and scoreless second half in the NFCCG could be just as easily considered the "difference" in that game. But hey, I'm "just saying".
  24. I think Keek is probably the most instinctive LB I've ever seen... I swear he's around the ball on every single play like he just knows where it's going to be at all times. As good as his numbers were this season I just wonder what they could've been if he started the season at MLB... he would've shattered Patrick Willis' rookie record for sure. Anyways congrats Luke, looking forward to next season!
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