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  1. Don't know how you figure Cam waters down the division, he's a **** of a lot better than many other QBs in the NFL. Sure, he had a slow start to the season but he still managed to put up pretty **** good numbers relying solely off his smoking hot second half of the season. Coincidentally it happened just as soon as they went back to a more pro-style offense and allowed him to call audibles at the LOS. If they'd have done this from week 1 you probably would have never even heard the word 'Sophomore Slump' mentioned this season. Edit: During that stretch when the offense finally fixed its **** he was the #2 QB in the league. #1 by a small margin was Tom Brady, and if I'm not mistaken Peyton had the #3 spot. Pretty good company if you ask me.
  2. I really don't know what you want me to say. Okay your 7th ppg offense and 5th scoring defense blew it against the 49ers. There, happy now? Both sides screwed up, I'm not solely blaming the offense I'm just saying they played a huge part by not pulling their weight in the 2nd half since so many around here just want to blame the defense. Once again, you quoted me, and asked me for my opinion when I hadn't even mentioned the NFCCG. Not sure why you want to make an argument about it, but whatever. Honestly, I don't give a flying **** about the Falcons (okay, I lied. I dislike the Falcons just like any rival fan should)... in fact, I laughed my *** off when Matty Ice fumbled that snap and I'd expect you all to do the same if Cam ever finds himself in the same situation.
  3. Uhhh, what? Not sure if I'm reading this post wrong or what... but wasn't that defense you had in the playoffs the same defense that played in the regular season to garner those stats? Look man, you asked me for my opinion and I gave it to you. Sure, the Falcons offense started off on fire and jumped to a 17-0 lead and seemed like they were going to the SB. Let me reiterate one small detail... 17-0. Your defense held SF scoreless long enough for you to build a nice comfy lead. What happened in the second half? Back to back turnovers by the offense, and they remained scoreless the entire second half. Turnovers are not only momentum killers, but they really hurt your team's defense. But whatever, I'm not gonna argue with you about it... like I said it's my opinion that 'you' asked for.
  4. Screw the Patriots. Especially the 2003 Patriots. All I gots to say.
  5. Oh I dunno, maybe not scoring in the entire second half? Not to mention those back-to-back turnovers.
  6. I'm not really sure what problems y'all might have on defense, but I wouldn't exactly call allowing only 18.7 points a game struggling. That's good enough to be better than 27 other teams in the league. Hindsight is 20/20 man, you'll always be able to look back at previous drafts and say, "Man, if only we drafted that player instead!" As long as you don't draft someone like a Jamarcus Russell then it shouldn't affect you too much... and I as much as I hate to say it I seriously doubt the Falcons will be in the situation to shoot themselves in the foot that bad in the near future. ****, I'd love for y'all to end up with the #1 overall pick. Here's a bit of perspective for you... Hurney traded away our 2010 1st round pick in order to draft the 'great' Everette Brown in 2009 (he's been on 3 different teams since he left us). We also drafted QB Armanti Edwards way too friggin' high in 2010 in hopes to turn him into a project WR... well he's caught a total of 5 passes since then so you see how that's worked out for us. Oh, and he also got ran down by a punter in open field. **** you Hurney.
  7. Hm, I'm not even gonna look and guess we need everything besides a QB (maybe a back-up... it scares me to think of Clausen being our option if Cam goes down), LB, DE, and RB.
  8. Yes, it was speculation. Just like about 95% of everything else on this board. Good job picking up on that. Now for non-speculation: Ryan is blessed to have had the best receiving corps in the NFL. Fact. Now back to the speculation part: I don't think it's absurd to speculate that Newton would put up much greater numbers than he previously has if he had the likes of Julio, White, and Tony G to throw to as opposed to Smitty (who is 5'9" and not getting any younger I'll remind you), LaFell/Murphy (the invisible man/drops wide open bombs duo), and Greg Olsen (pretty good TE I'll admit and by far the 2nd best option behind Smith). Running game? Newton IS the running game (the teams leading rusher... yes, our friggin' QB was the team's leading rusher), seeing as Deangelo couldn't get jack **** going until the last 2-3 games of the season. I wasn't complaining about either of our teams, I was shedding light on the fact that Newton is asked to do a **** of a lot for the Panthers just to keep us competitive since so many around here love to bash him so much. I guess you missed the first part of that argument before you went straight to calling me out for some reason. NYG4 is spot on, some of you around here are some of the most back-pedaling people I've ever come across. Y'all would have won the SB if you had Flacco's defense, right? Baltimore defense: 21.5 pts/game (12th) Atlanta defense: 18.7 pts/game (5th) Oops...
  9. I've gotta give it to Washington for 1st place, though it really is a toss up between the two of them they were both extraordinarily great. You could just as easily say without George Washington we wouldn't have been a nation in the first place. He was truly a man among men during his time.
  10. I've noticed he rarely ever responds whenever I contradict the **** out of him like that. So I wouldn't sit around too long. Although I'm very interested in his response to say the least... I'm sure it would be an entertaining one.
  11. Yeah, I was just giving Dalton a nod because it's only his second year and he's looked slightly above-average at least. Like Stafford though, I think he's mainly a product of his superstar WR. Dalton could go either way, imo. And lol @ Weeden, I didn't know that. Good luck Chud.
  12. I'd seriously hate to see the Saints with something resembling a competent NFL defense... as much as we joke about how bad it was last year. But really though, your offense friggin' scares me. It seems like we could hang 50 on you guy with your defense, yet you'll be right behind us with 48. No lead is safe when playing against Brees, you ******* just keep scoring, and I honestly think y'all would probably be the best team in the league with a middle of the pack defense.
  13. ****, I forgot about the AFCN. Big Ben, Dalton, and Joe #EliteAsF*** Flacco are all pretty good. I heard that Weeden dude had some promise, but I haven't seen a single Browns game lately. I hate to wish any more bad will on Cleveland, but I hope they ******* tank with Chud.
  14. Haha I was just thinking that same thing after going through the same thread. The NFCS is definitely stacked at QB at the moment, sucks for us... I'd much rather play against a Mark Sanchez or Blaine Gabbert twice a year. Depending on how RG3 turns out, Romo being a good QB (he just messes up at the worst times), and Eli "Mr. Playoffs" Manning... I think an argument could be made between either one of the NFCE, NFCS, and NFCN. Aaron Rodgers is just a beast, Stafford is passing for some ridiculously high yards (not sure if that's more him, or just a product of Megatron), and Jay Cutler is a **** good QB also as long as he gets time to throw the ball. In the next year or so I think it'll be the NFCS, no question. Cam and Ryan should be even more improved, and I doubt Brees is going anywhere in that time... Freeman, well I'm not even sure if he'll still be on the Bucs at that time but he's shown he can be dangerous as well.
  15. Haha, don't tell me you're having time finding free porn. That **** makes up like half the internet.
  16. Wow, I'm shocked. Six whole paragraphs and not a single snide remark about someone's team, QB, or Falcon superiority. Good post. Yeah, I bet Lincoln probably would have enjoyed the game. I know it's just a movie and all, but Spielberg's Lincoln film will really give you a new appreciation of the man. 2nd greatest president of all time, imo. But aside from the sports aspect I bet he really would have enjoyed seeing just how far his 13th amendment has progressed up into modern times. All races with equal opportunity able to go out on a field together and play a game that they love. Cool story at the end btw, yeah, I don't think too many people can say that.
  17. Lol, there goes that "top 10 defense" card again. Falcons defense: 18.7 pts/game (5th in the league) Panthers defense: 22.7 pts/game (18th in the league) That 'top 10' is deceiving, sure we allowed less yards, but what good is it if they turned into more points? Actually it's funny you bring that defense up... because I remember you saying this right here in the Panthers top 10 defense thread: Funny how you play that argument both ways depending on which is convenient at the time. So... which is it? Edit: Oh, and sure Cam could improve in moving the chains a bit better instead of always going for the big play... but his fortitude is fine. Many of those losses came when the opponent was given the ball in a bad situation with little time to go (ring any bells?) yet the defense **** the bed and gave up the points.
  18. It's funny how Melty Ice threads are fashionable by Failcan fans only during the regular season because during the post-season Melty Ice and his team become an afterthought. I must have missed that regular season trophy they handed out at the NFL Award Ceremony, but hey, more power to ya'!
  19. Yeah, screw you New Orleans... I actually liked the Hornets. Charlotte Bobcats. *shudders*
  20. Haha okay let's keep QBs but trade everything else on offense straight up for this coming season along with the coaching staff, I wonder who wins more games then? We'll even take Michael The Burner Turner seeing as Cam was already the leading rusher on our team with 741 yards. I love my team, but they really didn't do each other any favors this season... Cam, 9 times out of 10, has to be a one-man wrecking crew just to keep us competitive.
  21. Seriously, I'd like to see Ice without his All-Star receiving lineup. An old Steve Smith, the Invisible Man, and Greg Olsen are a far cry from "Juliotron", Roddy White, and Tony G. I'm not calling Ryan a bad QB by any means, I think he's good, but I also think his receiving options make him look a lot better than what he really is. Any decent QB should put up top 10 numbers with that supporting cast. ****, even this guy right here might have found some moderate success on the Falcons: Sorry if what I said ruffled some feathers, but someone stating Cam should be a backup? Lol, okay. But I still stand by my statement: Ryan wouldn't do **** on the Panthers. With our o-line from this year, receivers outside of Smitty and their inability to get open, along with an atrocious running game other than Cam for the first 12-13 or so games? Yeah, Cam's scrambling and playmaking ability really comes in handy then.
  22. Haha, that's hilarious. Bama has to hate Cam's ******* guts. <------- Bama
  23. Yeah, well we did sweep the Saints and were 49 seconds and minus one miraculous *** play away from doing the same to the Falcons this season so I wouldn't say it sucks that bad. Regardless though, the NFCS is a tough division and for the foreseeable future we're all gonna have tough schedules.
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