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  1. Haha I know, I was just doing it for fun.
  2. Well since we're throwing our WR's first 3 year stats out there... Smith Catches 245 Yards 3,545 Y/R 14.63 TDs 22 LNG 80 Y/G 75.42 Come at me bros.
  3. Yep, y'all are blessed at the position no doubt. I could see him being his productive usual self for the next 4-5 years or so. What I wouldn't give for a circa 2005 26-year old Smitty to go along with Cam... double coverage, triple coverage... didn't matter, dude was unguardable at that time.
  4. Steve Smith is 5'8-9ish and 33, about to be 34... Roddy should be good for a while especially with Julio to take some pressure off as he starts to lose a step. And JJ will no doubt continue to get better... so barring something unfortunate happening y'all should be set at WR for the forseeable future. That being said we're screwed at the WR position for the forseeable future unless something is done ASAP to address it. Meh, I just wish we could've found someone to ease into Smitty's role back when he was 30-31.
  5. Yeah I figured I'd let someone else cover the safeties, etc. I just didn't really want to think about our secondary situation in general outside of Gamble so I intentionally left that part blank.
  6. Idk, you put Babineaux an McCoy on the line with Hardy and CJ then you have Keek roaming the field as MLB along with Beason and Thomas Davis (unless y'all have a better suggestion) and that in itself is already pretty friggin dominant. It'd be close.
  7. Not trying to get in a QB debate here, but don't you think it'd be a pretty good gameplan idea to substitute one of those QBs for RG3? Just to open up the offense a bit more and add that extra dimension the read option brings to keep the defense guessing. The NFCS should do the same thing with Newton, hypothetically speaking if this were a real game of course.
  8. CJ and the Kraken had 23.5. They were both top 10 DEs, and Hardy missed one game I know... I think he might have missed another.
  9. The Kraken and CJ send their regards also. I might be wrong here, but weren't they the best DE tandem in the league last season? If not they were right up there.
  10. I'd take any one of them in a heartbeat... it's a **** shame that outside that limited time he spent lining up with Moose we've never given Smitty a legit #2 to take the pressure off of him. And now he's turning into an old man and the best we've got is LaFail and Raider's castaway Louis Murphy. That on top of a broken down Jake Delhomme, Jimmy Clausen and the works... we've really wasted Smitty's career here in Carolina. *sigh*
  11. Not taking anything away from what Kaep did, but with the gameplan that the Packers showed up with I think even Alex Smith could have busted off one **** of a scramble or two in that game. GB's defense just looked totally unprepared for that sh!t. But like I said earlier, I think Kaepernick has a bright future in the NFL.
  12. M'kay let 'em talk, still wouldn't change my opinion. I think Kaep has tons of potential as well, but he's got the best offensive line in football by far... so if you didn't look good playing behind that line then there would be a problem. Haha, anyways with that being said... I'd take Rodgers if he was eligible for that list.
  13. I don't have a problem with someone taking Russell over Cam. Honestly I don't think you could go wrong with any of those young QBs between Wilson, Newton, Kaepernick, RG3, or Luck. I'm still kind of skeptical of Luck and Kaepernick however. I haven't quite bought into all the Luck hype yet, and Kaepernick is playing with God's Offensive Line, so... we'll see I guess. Me personally, I'm taking Cam all day just because he has the highest ceiling of any QB in the league in my opinion. Counting his one year of football at Auburn he's technically only had 3 years of 'real' football experience so of course he naturally has a lot more to learn than the others. Take that into account with his freakish physical and athletic talents and it's a no brainer for me. Of course, however, I might be a tad biased.
  14. KEEEK! Man I'm excited as **** to see how his career unfolds... being the clear-cut DROY favorite and leading the league in tackles despite not starting at MLB until week 5 is just impressive as ****. That and he's already having mental chess matches with the opposing QBs like a seasoned vet. Haha anyways, sorry. I'm just pumped about this dude.
  15. Would her name happen to be Lennay Kekua?
  16. As much as I hate the Patriots and was ******* ecstatic when they lost the SB in 2007 (I actually bet money on the Giants that year, lol) I have to agree they were the best team of the last 10 years... they were cut short of going 19-0 by probably the most miraculous play in Super Bowl history. Had they sealed the deal that team would be #1 no question. That being said though, I laughed my *** off when that play happened and Eli has been my man ever since. What makes it even better is he's crushed the hopes and dreams of the Pats TWICE now (betted on the Giants that game too ). Eli must not have a patriotic bone in his body.
  17. Haha it's cool man, I enjoy a good discussion about football anyways. I was just a bit confused during most of that whole conversation since I just took it as you asking me for my opinion... seems like we both went into it with different ideas of what we were talking about. No problem though.
  18. See, this is the problem with jumping to conclusions and assuming you knew what my "assertion" was with that comment. In fact, I didn't even have the NFCCG or playoffs in mind when I made my original comment. So... let me clarify a bit. I was referring to this part of his post (more specifically the part in bold with the opening line of my comment): Not this part: At first I was a bit confused in why you called me out like you did, but now I get it. I thought with the whole context of my post it was pretty clear what I was talking about... sooo, sorry about that? ****, most of my post wasn't even about the Falcon's D but Hurney's dumba$$ drafting. Bottom line, I was trying to make the point that your defense, on average, only giving up 18.7 pts/game isn't exactly "struggling" like the OP stated. The 2012 Saints Defense giving up 28.4 points and 440 yards per game is what I would classify as struggling.
  19. I actually like RG3 and I'm not trying to take anything away from him, I think he can be one **** of a QB (pretty much what Mike Vick was supposed to be). I'm just saying you put Cam in Washington in RG3's place and I have no doubt he'd take them just as far if not further. Threatened by him? Lol, not in the slightest. We're talking about a dude who might have already ruined his career in just his first season.
  20. Nope, I actually didn't miss a single game this season. Actually drove 3 and a half hours up to Charlotte to see one in person (and saw a lot of rallying of the team on the sideline that you don't see on TV), but nice try in trying to question my credibility. Yeah, you're right that he does the Superman pose after a rushing TD, but you know what he does as soon as he goes to the sideline after that TD? He puts a friggin towel on his head. Know what he does after he just threw a bomb to one of his receivers for a TD? He celebrates with the team then proceeds to the sideline and puts a towel on his head. Know what he does after he just threw an INT? He puts a towel on his head. He puts a towel on his head after every drive, good or bad, so before you try to come up in here with some BS like that make sure you know what the **** you're talking about.
  21. Seriously, what has RG3 got Cam beat in other than he's faster? Cam's arguably a better runner, he jukes and breaks the ankles of defenders half his size, is a **** of a lot smarter than RG3 about getting down despite being a heck of a lot bigger... and even if you do manage to catch him and get your hands on him, lol, good luck bringing him down unless you wrap him up with a text-book tackle. I think RG3 can be great, he lit the league up this season no doubt. But just to throw this out there, I really wasn't all that impressed with RG3's passing (he might have an arm, but I haven't seen it. Even so I doubt he's rocking a howitzer like Cams)... every game I seen from him it was, checkdown, screen pass, read option, screen pass, checkdown, etc. He had a 1600-yard rusher in Alfred Morris on his team, so that helps a lot in opening up that kind of passing game with the read option sprinkled in. Cam was the leading rusher for the Panthers with 741 yards... soooo, yeah.
  22. If there's one criticism of Cam that irks me more than any other it's the ones about the towel, smh. He puts the friggin towel on his head whether he just threw an INT or busted off a 72-yard TD run. HE PUTS THE TOWEL ON HIS HEAD AFTER EVERY PLAY REGARDLESS, GOOD OR BAD. And the leadership crap? Okay, just keep listening to the crap ESPN is throwing out there, we know they'd never stretch a story just for ratings. Outside of that Giants game where he caught so much crap and Steve Smith said a few choice words all of his teammates rave about him rallying the guys on the sideline after a drive. He got injured twice in the 2nd Saints game and got removed both times, yet he came back and the team came out with a victory despite playing on a twisted ankle. Yeah, that sure is showing a lack of leadership. I'll admit, he lets bad plays get to him too much and you can tell it effects him more than it should... honestly, if he were to catch 'Eli Syndrome' and forget he just threw an interception or took a sack, etc. he'd be the perfect QB in my opinion.
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