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  1. Well if he doesn't go off to some other team this off-season then he'll move to the outside. It's pretty obvious he isn't getting the MLB spot back, as good as he might have been. Keek is just an animal, not just for a rookie, but for MLBs in general. I'm reaaallly looking forward in seeing how good this dude is 3-4 years from now. And I think I might have already said this before somewhere, despite how good his rookie season was, it's crazy to think how much better it could have been if he was at the Mike position and starting before the 5th game.
  2. Haha, noooo not Dan Connor. That would be Luke Kuechly in that picture, my friend. Dan Connor (and Dan Morgan) was pretty awesome too though. As many good LBs as we've had, Keek is far-and-away going to be the best, in my opinion.
  3. Hahaha, aww... I was laughing the whole way too until the Dez Bryant joke. Hopefully she's just some fun on the side or something. Cam don't need to be fooling around with no hussies like that on a regular basis.
  4. Oh yeah, I bet Cam is so jealous of Kap getting belly shots taken off of him at a Cougar Party while he's living it up at college and probably banging every sorority chick at Auburn. Actually, seeing as no pictures have surfaced that would even suggest Cam has done such a thing it's safe to say he probably hasn't (especially in this day and age). Hm, maybe Cam is actually a *gasp* responsible young man? Not calling Kap irresponsible by any means, glad he's having fun and enjoying life, but we all know what would probably be said if that was Cam in that picture instead.
  5. Okay, I just saw this Dell dudes 132% missed passes post in the other thread... so I feel a bit silly to the least in even typing all that up. He really isn't good with numbers.
  6. Don't know about missed tackles, but I do know who didn't miss a lot of tackles... This guy:
  7. Well I'll start off by saying it's his life, if he actually is dating her then oh well... I definitely agree with you though, not really the type of gal you want to see your franchise QB frollicking about with. But I'm not gonna judge her or Cam, she could be an awesome person for all I know.
  8. I guess it's all about that winning personality, huh? Speaking of personalities... it seems like Cam has that in spades as well in addition to his money, fame, and looks.
  9. LMAO... oh man, I totally thought I was reading that wrong or something to begin with. Yeah... you might wanna fix that.** But seriously? You think that had nothing at all to do with his receivers? What kinda' drugs are they peddling down there in Atlanta nowadays? I mean golly gee, it isn't like he has the best receiving lineup in the NFL or anything crazy like that. I saw Drew Brees in our two games, who is known for his pin-point accuracy, throw so many passes that hit right dead in between the numbers of his receivers yet they made some ridiculous *** drops (and I sure am glad they did ). I wonder what he'd do with Julio and the gang?
  10. So what, are you telling me y'all had a different defense in the playoffs than you did in the regular season or something? That's a pretty weak counter-argument when I went off a season long average of points given up. People kept talking about how "if Ryan had the Ravens' defense". The Ravens held the 'mighty' Colts to 9 points, so that kind of really skews the average of their 4-game playoff series. Oh yeah, and the Ravens were giving up 22 pts/game on average in the playoffs (pretty **** close to their regular season numbers), not 17. The Falcons' defense gave up 28 points on average in the playoffs. 28 to the Hawks and 28 to the 49ers. And seeing as the Falcons only played two games, that's not a large enough sample size to really talk averages. That's why I used a full 16-game season average statistic. Speaking of the 49ers, the one opponent you and Baltimore had in common in the playoffs, the Ravens' defense gave up 31 to them. 3 whole more points than what the Falcons' defense allowed.
  11. Well at least if the lights go out this time you guys can play it off with an appearance of the Undertaker or something. Or whatever it is they do in Wrasslin' nowadays.
  12. Chance Warmack. I think him and Cam also played together in High School.
  13. Poor RG3, I saw that dude take some nasty shots this year the few times I did see him play. ****, I honestly didn't even think he was gonna' make it all the way through the game we played against him between that helicopter hit he took and when Thomas Davis lit him up and sent him flying like a rag doll 15 ft out the sidelines. He definitely needs to be a bit smarter about getting down if he's gonna last in the NFL. Dude just isn't big enough to be trying to squeeze in those extra inches. I wish him the best though, and hope he comes back strong next season.
  14. I wouldn't doubt it. That wasn't the only time where he had a game-changing **** up... I became convinced later on that he was just there to purposely sabotage our season. I think it was the Bears game where he was up fighting for the ball trying to get an INT... sounds good, right? Well the person he was fighting against was his own friggin' teammate who was in a way better position to make the play. He didn't screw up that time (nearly did), they got the INT... but that's just an example of the level of his derpitude this season.
  15. Thanks for bringing back memories with that clip... Seriously, WHAT in the **** was Nakamura doing? Looked like he tried to jump but just tripped and fell backwards...
  16. Wasn't Barron the one who laid that nasty *** hit on Smitty our first game? Lol, I thought he killed him... I was like "****, there goes our season..." then Steve just gets up, you can tell he's dazed as ****, and waves his finger in his face and walks off like nothing happened. But anyways, yeah, that was a nice hit.
  17. Haha, I laugh out loud every time I see that picture no matter how many times I see it. ... I've probably seen it about a thousand times now.
  18. There, fixed it for you--- uh, me? Whatever, it's fixed.
  19. I've always felt that Tony Romo takes a lot more flak than he should... but I guess that's a byproduct of being part of a team as highly-publicized as the Cowboys. Honestly, he's actually a pretty **** good QB (definitely in the upper-echelon) it just seems the mistakes he does make happens to come at the most inopportune times. I've kinda' watched a lot of Cowboy games against my will due to my dad being a huge Cowboys fan, but from what I've seen it definitely isn't all his fault. I've seen him thread some beautiful passes on more than one occasion that his intended target just didn't happen to catch for whatever reason. He has a poor post-season record... okay? So does Matt Ryan. And so did Peyton Manning before he finally won the big one. Now that botched PAT/FG or whatever? Lol, yeah now that was just bad... and he'll probably never live that one down. IMO, Jerry Jones is the biggest problem with that organization right now by being way too friggin' hands on with everything.
  20. Duly noted. The stats were still accurate and factual for his first 3 years at WR, however they didn't really fit the context of the discussion, which is why I wasn't seriously trying to compare him and posted it in a joking manner for fun. No hard feelings, they both went on to have great careers (I'm just a little sour about Smitty's career because due to some unfortunate circumstances his career could've been so much more, imo. So I have to rep my dude at any chance). And I think this up-and-coming class of WRs (JJ, Dez, AJ, etc.) are going to be ridiculous for years to come.
  21. Haha yeah I guess I asked for it with the "Come at me bros" line. But my point still stands, I used his first 3 years as a WR. He got the job in 2002, played 2003, missed 2004, then came back and dominated in 2005. Yeah I guess I could've clarified it better, but really, what's the point in RC? I also stated right after Rave said something that I was just throwing him in there for fun. Only reason I responded the way I did after you "brought it" is because it seemed to me your posts had a needlessly condescending tone to them. Yeah, his rookie year is what it is... but he was also one of, if not then the most, explosive return men in the game his rookie year. He was 4th in the NFL in total yardage as a rookie. So overlooking that little aspect would be just as criminal on your part if you were really trying to make a point about what I did in using his first 3 WR seasons. But hey, this is RC, what the **** am I saying?
  22. He played less than half of the opening game in 2004 before he was injured and lost the rest of the season. Colston played in 10 his 3rd year, so there's a bit of a difference there to say the least... but sure if you think it's fair then please do so and use his 2009 year instead, it's not like it DRASTICALLY changes his overall stats anyways (what like 300 or so more yards and 4 TDs?). But hey, whatever is your prerogative. I'm not changing any 'rules' it's just less than a half of a game played isn't anywhere close to a season/year. I already stated if you're going to use his rookie year then use the stats for his position that year, which was a return specialist. It's not that I "don't like that year" it's because he wasn't a **** WR that year, he just took a few snaps from the position. He also took a snap at the QB position once for a trick play IIRC, that doesn't make him a quarterback. But anyways, his kick and punt return yards for his rookie year: 1795, 3 TDs. Use that instead if you want instead of effectively throwing away his entire first year like you did previously. I'm not taking anything away from Colston, he's a **** of receiver. I just used Steve Smith's first 3 years as a WR. Would you seriously count 2004 where he played less than half a game? Seriously?
  23. I admitted I was just throwing him in for fun. Even then I believe it's a fair enough comparison to use his first 3 years as a WR against others first 3 years. I just argued the point further after his stats were downplayed from a rookie year where he didn't really even get a chance at the position, as he was solely a return guy.
  24. His first season he was primarily used solely as a return guy. He had very, very few snaps at WR so it's not really fair to use his rookie season... everyone doubted his ability to be a WR based on his size. 2002 was his first year he was given a chance at the position, and he didn't play in 2004 because he was injured the entire season. So his first 3 years as a WR would be 2002, 2003, and 2005. And those calculate exactly into the numbers I posted. Edit: If you want to use his rookie season, then base it on his actual position that year. Just as a return man he accumulated 1795 yards and 3 TDs in 2001. But then again the topic was WR stats, not return stats.
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