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  1. Every rose has its thorn Every forum has its morons
  2. Yeah, hindsight is 20/20 I guess. But I think getting stuffed would be less embarrassing that what actually ended up happening anyways... you know. Nakamura gets tripped up by Manti Te'o's girlfriend that results in the bomb to White that seals the game. Seriously, after those string of plays it seems like nothing ever went our way. We were 0-13 on coin tosses for god's sake before we finally won one against you guys. That coin flip stat alone pretty much sums up our season. Lol, I guess that's the price we pay for having a ******* black cat as our mascot.
  3. I still think Rivera should've went for it on 4th and inches (or 1, whatever it was) against you guys. That fumble by Cam after getting the 1st down to seal the game was just some some horrible luck seeing as he usually does a good job of holding on to the ball... and Rivera showed he didn't have confidence in the team to go for it. Seriously... that short of yardage is as close to a guarantee as you can get in the NFL with Cam and Mike ******* Tolbert. After losing in that kind of fashion in that first ATL game the team just seemed defeated until they finally lit a fire under their *** in the second half of the season. A win there probably could have changed our whole season. Yeah, I'm still bitter about it.
  4. Well we're going to be hearing about how elite Kaepernick is for years to come I guess. There entire o-line already consists of nothing but 1st round picks, they have a great coach, a young QB, and they're a good secondary addition away from being the best defense in the NFL... just barely lost the Super Bowl... and now they have 15 draft picks. **** you 49ers. **** you. Aren't you happy with your 5 Lombardi Trophies, give the rest of the league a chance why don't you?
  5. I've been hearing that it was two 2nd round picks... for Alex Smith. Wow... Also the 49ers have like 15 ******* picks or something now. Edit: Yep, they have 15 picks in this years draft. 5 of which are in the top 93.
  6. Went to the strip club drunk as **** with some friends about a month ago. Had my debit card and spent like $350+... and I have no idea where the **** it went. I know about $50 of it had to go into just drawing the ******* money out the ATM. Ah, strip clubs, alcohol, and ATMs. What a combination... Needless to say, I don't have any desire in going back to one for a good while.
  7. Hey bro, I think your .gif is backwards. Haha yeah I agree, it definitely humanizes him and it's all in good fun. But seriously though... he must've thought those were some tiny players. Obligatory Zoolander joke incoming... Aaannd I guess for those who might not get the Zoolander reference...
  8. Haha, good luck in spotting some defensive talent through that side of the binoculars there Sean.
  9. **** yes. And the one on the far left looks like she's not only been around the block, but also knows the streets like the back of her hand.
  10. Boom. There's probably a Redskin joke in there somewhere... but I digress.
  11. Either Calvin Johnson or Adrian Peterson. AP and Cam as rushing threats running the read option? Lol, okaaaay. At least it's safe to say he'd put up more rushing yards than our QB.
  12. That's my biggest thing with Kap. Like I said, I think he's a phenomenal athlete... just a bit of the flavor of the month thing right now. Granted I don't watch hardly any 49ers games, but he needs a larger sample size for me to say, "Okay, this dude is legit". If anything, the games I have seen him play I've seen that he has a horrible throwing motion a lot of the times when he throws. Dude looks like he's winding up to throw a baseball or something. It really doesn't help matters for me that he plays behind that All-Star O-Line. Which leads me back to the thread topic. I don't see how anyone could say Kap > Cam just yet. Cam played behind a makeshift offensive line and has shown that he can play without having to rely on the read option. ****, when we dropped a lot of that constant read option crap and he was under center more along with finally being allowed to call audibles at the LOS was when he exploded. That being said though, it was Chud's use of the read option and not the read option itself that was the problem. Well... that plus having no consistent run game or sufficient blocking to back it up... which are both pretty vital components of the read option. Edit: Seems like Colin did in fact play baseball and he was a pitcher... with an offer to pitch for the Cubs or something. That might explain his throwing motion I guess.
  13. Tebow trademarked Tebowing™ because others were trying to trademark it and profit off of his name, among other things. He stated he just wants to protect how the term is used, since he just considers it praying before a game. The medias the one that blew up the whole Tebowing™ thing and made a big deal out of it, turning it into a pop-culture phenomenon... and naturally people tried to capitalize on it. Kaepernick's situation is a bit different to say the least. His wasn't really a big deal until he made it one himself. P.S.- I'm not a Tebow fan by any means, I just don't think the comparison really works here.
  14. Yeah no doubt, don't get me wrong I love the NFCS games... But it'd be nice to have a Mark Sanchez or something in the division. I'd at least look forward to seeing the opposing offense on the field then. There'd always be the chance of something stupid like this happening:
  15. Drew Brees - One of the best ever and a member of the elite four along with Brady, Rodgers, and Manning. Owns a plethora of NFL records. There's only been 6 5,000+ yard passing seasons. He has 3 of them. Matt Ryan - He does what he does and he does it pretty well. Him, Julio, White, and Tony G make up for quite the high-powered offense. Definitely in the top 10 and one of the better QBs in the league. Has a knack for pissing teams off in the fourth quarter. Cam Newton - One of, if not, the most dynamic QBs in the league, when he's 'on' he probably presents the biggest mismatch in the NFL for opposing defenses. Ridiculous potential, probably the highest ceiling of any QB I've ever seen (no homer). Josh Freeman - A good, solid, young QB who has just been a bit inconsistent. Has shown flashes of greatness and has the potential to be one of the better QBs in the league. As it stands currenty, many NFL teams would probably be thrilled to have him. Nice to come in with rings as your argument, the topic was strictly 'best QB division'. They won those rings as a team. As it stands NFCS trumps the AFCN in terms of pure QB talent (don't feel bad though, NFCS is ridiculously stacked at that position... and I ******* hate it).
  16. My dad had a 2007 Mustang GT that had god knows what done to it... probably around $10k or more invested in that car just fixing it up performance-wise. Well I was gonna' buy it off of him once I had a stable job to make the payments... well I get the job and the same month he wrecks it and completely totals it... Haha, looking back though it's probably best I didn't get it. I probably wouldn't be around today typing this message. Man I ******* loved that car.
  17. Beason and his **** Dragon Ball Z looking self. I feel like going and doing some push-ups now...
  18. Kap is a phenomenal athlete. 49ers have the best o-line in the NFL. 49ers also have one of the best defenses in the NFL. Alex Smith, the quintessential game manager and former "bust", was a MVP candidate before he was benched.
  19. Square donuts, lol. You guys don't disappoint. Anyways this was a bit of a joke thread, there were like 4 Cam threads on the first page when I made it... glad to see it's now about headphones.
  20. I looked around RC and saw we were talking about Cam's girlfriend, him not having anything on Kap, and how he helped a guy propose. So obviously I didn't think there were enough Cam threads going on. Well, now he's passing out donuts at school... ... Because it's Thursday apparently. http://www.thewareag...t-was-thursday/ “He just said since it was Thursday he though he’d bring us some donuts so I guess there was no particular reason,” says Auburn junion Brookelyne Harvel, who snapped a photo of donut party. “He was really nice about it… Everyone in the class was grateful and thankful. Everyone told him thank you. The professor was really nice about him bringing them to class. He didn’t have a problem with it at all. Cam said that the professor could have some too if he wanted.” I bet that thug was wearing a towel on his head as he was passi--- oh wait, nope, looks like he's got a hat on. So no worries there it seems. I guess that means he must've stole them. Anyways RC, have at it.
  21. I think he meant 32% of his passes were off target, which would fall in line with Ryan's 68% completion. I don't know why he just didn't say 68% completion instead of trying to sound fancy about it and failing in the process.
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