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  1. And money equals production, right? Yeah, Hurney signed some dumbass friggin' contracts and that's one reason why we're in the shape we're in right now. We have a 100 million dollar backfield and our QB was still the team's leading rusher with 741 yards. So not only was he working behind a revolving door at o-line being held together with band-aids, with receivers who couldn't get open outside of an aging Smitty (who isn't quite the burner he used to be), he was also the bulk of the running game with D-Lo having 527 yards and averaging 3 YPC until he lit the Saint's 'awesome' defense up for 210 yards. Cam WAS the Carolina Panther's offense. So yeah, I'd say Kap had a 'little' bit more help regardless of the difference in the price of the backfields.
  2. Honestly, I don't get all the hate for Tony Romo. A lot of the Cowboys games I've seen his receivers routinely drop some wide open passes. In my opinion I think the dude is a **** of a quarterback and Dallas would find that out real quick if they either: A. Got him a better offensive line. B. Released him and saw how much worse another QB would do under the same circumstances. Jerry Jones is gonna Jerry Jones though. I guess it comes with the territory of being "America's Team" though. Ridiculously high expectations year in and year out, and a lot of criticism whether warranted or not. Trust me, we've learned a lot about unfair QB criticism from the media this past season in Carolina and we aren't anywhere close to being the huge market of the Cowboys. You'd think Cam killed a dog or raped somebody or something... but I guess a couple of "bad" press conferences and that darn towel is just too much to get past though.
  3. That gif is hilarious... in a sad, sad kinda way... I seriously don't know how the **** Cam survived this season. Good thing he's built like a tank and fast as **** I guess...
  4. Haha yeah, good enough to sign some scrubs to go along and compete with the scrubs we already have at those positions. Outside of his 1st round picks I'm really hating Marty Hurney this offseason.
  5. Both of y'all already did... but we managed to disguise it a good bit at least with the beast *** combo of CJ and the Kraken. Edit: Excuse me, I forgot Hardy didn't play the second Saints game... but CJ still did his thang.
  6. I feel ya man, I'm not trying to trash talk ATL at all, because at 7-9 I really don't have much of a leg to stand on... just when people start letting **** fly then I'm gonna fling it right back. I might be wrong, but I can't really think of any other young QB that's ever been asked to shoulder as much of the burden of the offense as Cam is here in Carolina. I think I've seen enough of Cam to know he definitely isn't a bust, there's just some serious problems in Carolina right now.
  7. Yeah, we're like 3.7 million under the cap or something. Now we're fielding like a Division II secondary. This better be one **** of a draft for us... seeing as we have glaring holes at DT, OL, WR, and the entire secondary, all with no money to really make a difference.
  8. Yeah I know it's just wishful thinking in hoping they'd drop the price on some of those games. I'm just saying it's BS how much of a price gouge the gaming industry is becoming. ****, I've already pretty much given up on gaming just because of that. Game Exec: "Here, try our new game! It's only about 4 hours long but don't worry, it has the same exact stale multiplayer features as every other game out there on the market! Oh yeah... we may have conveniently left out parts of the game so we can charge you for DLC later. Don't forget our Day 1 DLC!" I know it's a business and it has to be profitable and whatnot, but that mega-corporation mentality is ******* ruining the video game industry and I honestly wouldn't be surprised is there was another huge video game crash like back in the 80s because of it.
  9. Yeah I've been hearing that 'no used game' crap for a while. If they're really gonna make used games unplayable on the new consoles then they better drastically lower that $60 price tag. Certain games, which I know I'll play the **** out of, I wouldn't mind paying a price like $60 but it's ridiculous if they think every game is worth that price tag. Madden, NBA2K, Call of Duty, and the various other 'yearly' update franchises **** sure aren't worth $60 every year when they barely feature any real updates. Skyrim on the other hand, even though I haven't played it since it came out, is worth every red cent.
  10. Yeah the same Cam Newton that, outside of that one unfortunate play, completely torched the Falcons this past season. Yeah, that one.
  11. I was kind of jumbling that whole sequence of events together as mind-blowing. The game sealing 1st down that ended in a fumble, followed by Rivera's decision to punt when we have the best short yardage back in the NFL in Tolbert (not to mention Cam is exceptionally well at those situations also), followed by his vanilla defensive scheme, followed by the pass/Nakamura's huge **** up. All that culminating one after the other was pretty hard to swallow when you're on the other end of it. I know the Falcons are a **** good team, and I respect that. I'm just bringing up that many of your wins could just have easily went the other way, just like with any other team in the NFL. Not taking anything away from you guys. Some one started smack talking Hardy and I was just backing my guy up. He mentioned looking at the Panther/Falcon previous match ups and I brought up the two most relevant ones: the two from last season. Outside of that last 50 seconds of the first game the Panthers had the clear edge in the most recent match ups. Sorry, I'm just still somewhat bitter about the 7-9 record because I know they're a heck of a lot better than that. That first ATL game wasn't the only one that ended in "mind-blowing" fashion for us.
  12. This is late as ****, but I saw this gif the other day and it reminded me of this thread. I actually had this exact play in my mind (among others) when thinking about our craptastic o-line this past season. Lol... Normally Cam can buy at least a little bit of time with his scrambling ability, but this was just a real lolwtf moment. I think Gross even got an assist in the sack. And I like how the gif singles out Silatolu... Cam was ****** with or without that block.
  13. Yeah, I'm not really trying to do any kind of chest bumping here because the Panthers kinda' blew it this year... it's just you'd think ATL dominated the Panthers this year or something from some of the comments. Everyone who watched the games knows that in the first match up the Falcons barely squeaked by on probably some of the most mind-blowing crap I saw all season (in their dome no less), and then proceeded to get manhandled in the second match up (overlooked my ***). So don't act so high and mighty above the 'lowly' Panthers. Y'all had a good season no doubt, but all it takes is for the chips to fall the right way some times to roll out the W's, resulting in a good season and vice-a-versa. I don't exactly remember y'all blowing teams out on a regular basis.
  14. That's a pretty tight *** division race. We're up by one whole game.
  15. Oh no doubt, I was mainly responding to his dumbass comment about Cam. There isn't a single sane Panthers fan who would think Cam is one of Carolina's problems. He's actually one of the few bright points on the team. Just seems like he's blurting out some bullcrap rhetoric he heard Skip Bayless or someone of equal or greater idiocy say on ESPN one time.
  16. Almost forgot about Frank Alexander, seems like he was a pretty good pick. Just it's pretty easy to let Keek overshadow our 2012 draft class. :P Another fun fact about Keek I just found out today: If he had started all 16 games at MLB he was on pace to surpass Ray Lewis' career best of 184 tackles (or be extremely close at least).
  17. Probably some more gifs out there, but I'm lazy and those are like the easiest ones to find from our games.
  18. I still fail to see how you overlook a team (not only that but a division rival no less) that was one unlucky *** play from beating you in the previous match up. Talking about common sense? That seems like basic-level kinda' stuff to me bro. But yeah, speaking of that Giants game, maybe they overlooked you guys (I doubt it, congrats on the win--hooray, whatever...) since the only points in your previous game against them came from a safety. You overlook teams that are consistently just doing horrible, like the Chiefs or something. If any team just looks at the Panther's record and decides to overlook them that'd be a huge ******* mistake on their part. The Panthers were a far-cry from a team like the Chiefs and were 4-5 plays away from being 11-5 or 12-4, things just didn't quite go our way this year. You guys had a good season, you were in the NFCCG while we were waiting on the draft. Kudos to you. I understand that we're rival teams and we're not gonna agree on a lot of things, but it really doesn't change the fact the Panthers had the edge on the Falcons this season in their match ups. I will agree that y'all kinda' overlooked tackling one Cameron Jerrell Newton in our games though. Y'all just let the dude run wild. Y'all gotta wrap that dude up when you attempt a tackle or else you're gonna be seeing a whole lot of this little pose...
  19. Cool story bro. Keep on riding that media hype train.
  20. Lol, you're crazy if you believe Julio Jones sore loser *** comments about the Falcons being 'bored' when they played us. How the **** do you overlook a team (a division rival no less) that, outside of one ridiculous play followed by a miraculous one, was the only thing that separated them from walking away with a W in the previous match up? Hardy called the Falcons out ALL FRIGGIN week leading up to that game. You mean to tell me after getting called out like that you're going to show up and play with no heart? I seriously doubt it, and I seriously doubt the Falcons are that mentally soft. No competitor on that high of a level is. Julio's comments were prototypical rival smack. The Falcons got shut the **** down the ENTIRE first half. I'd say they weren't anywhere near the Panther's class that game, not the other way around. That game was a lot less close than what the score would even indicate and I'm pretty sure anyone who watched it would say the same thing. If you believe JJ, then I guess they got bored against the 49ers in the second half of the NFCCG, and they were downright comatose against the Giants in 2011. Right...
  21. Of course I don't want to talk about you being one play away from the Super Bowl because that wasn't relevant to what we were talking about. Yeah, the Falcons have had our number for a while now and we haven't really been a good team since we some what collapsed way back when. Cam may be 3-1 against the Falcons, and outside of his very first game against them he's played them pretty **** well. Either way, anyway you want to slice it the Panthers were the better team for 119 and a 1/2 minutes of football in 2012. And you know what? I kinda' like it. I'll take our matchups from last season over something that happened 2, 3, 4, or even 5 years ago. Didn't the Dolphins go 19-0 one year? I guess those gosh-darn Patriots better just bow down and give the division to the 'Phins then. ... Oh wait, that's not relevant either.
  22. The Kraken is a crazy motha ****a and I'm glad he's getting some ammunition stocked up for 2013. Haha speaking of looking at numbers, we could take a look at his numbers against the Falcons last season. Dude can talk smack all he wants, you know, seeing as y'all were one tiny little play from being swept last year... that and he was kind of a key figure in our matchups.
  23. Looking forward to seeing how RG3, Luck, and Wilson do next year. I know Kap is going into his third year but I'll throw him in there too. Definitely looking forward to see what Kuechly is gonna do next season.
  24. Uh, oookay? Maybe I should have clarified that it was a joke. Calm your tits.
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