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  1. Yeah man it has its perks. My authentic limited edition Cam Newton head towel should be coming through in the mail any day now.
  2. Haha I'm calm dude. Just functioning on a serious lack of sleep I was reading through the thread and the Cam comment caught me a bit off guard... had to back up my QB. My bad though, looking back I guess the post came out worse than I intended. Guess that's what lack of sleep does to you sometimes.
  3. Lmao, I have to admit this was pretty hilarious. After presenting probably one of the most asinine arguments I've ever seen on this board (and that's including some of WFW's senile rants) and promptly getting your *** handed to you... you bring up a QB of another team out the **** blue that has nothing to do with the argument, not to mention he wouldn't even qualify for the point you were trying to make. Cam just finished his 2nd year, try again please. Oh, and the Panthers have a much more realistic shot at the playoffs than you might think. **** even with the problems we faced, we were literally 3 measly plays from it this past season, each one of those plays were complete game changers. Take away the full-****** mode that Chud went on to start the first half of the year and I say without a shadow of a doubt we were in the playoffs this past season.
  4. Yeah, conservative defense. That's become Ron's trademark when we have a lead... and it's resulted in more 4th quarter leads blown than I care to count.
  5. Yep. Controlling the clock and playing balls-to-the-wall aggressive *** defense is what really killed you guys in our 2nd game... what'd y'all have like 5 or so minutes of possession for the first half? Then ol' typical Ronny boy started getting conservative with our lead and y'all blew our secondary a new ******* in the 2nd half. I think Ryan threw for like 300+ yards in less than two quarters of football.
  6. Pretty sure I've already told you this, but I love you guys for depriving them ******* of two more Super Bowls... and in comical fashion at that. Brady: "we's about to goes 19-0 guyz and become greatest dynasty evar" Eli: "lol nope helmet catch" I couldn't even dislike the Giants after that *** whipping they gave us on Thursday Night Football. Even though it did sting a little, especially since the media wouldn't ever friggin' let that game go...
  7. Better late than never I guess. **** the Pats, they've been my most hated team in the NFL since February 1, 2004.
  8. Isn't the NFCS matched up against the NFCW this season? It'd be funny if the South swept 'em. It's entirely possible as well as long as none of our teams experience some sort of meltdown like last season (Bountygate, Panther's franchise record for IR/Chud, Buc's 2nd half).
  9. Dude realizes that the only three losses that the Falcons got last season came against the NFC South, right?
  10. The Falcons are slated to win the Superb Owl this year.
  11. Haha yeah, that was pretty bad. Almost as bad as having a defense made out of paper...
  12. Or at least that's what the word in the water cooler is...
  13. Yeah, I'm just busting the Falcons' balls. They already had a nice core in place and added a quality player at a position of need. Though I would laugh if someone on the team came out and said they were assembling a dream team. Stuff like that normally doesn't for bode well for the following season.
  14. Does the Super Bowls I've won in Madden count?
  15. Hmmm, that sounds eerily familiar.... Oh right, the season closer against the Saints in the dome. Haha what made that **** so much sweeter though was the fact they ran the score up on us the year before in the season closer chasing records and stat padding like a mofo after we'd already sent in our back ups. God I loved that kneel down right in the redzone... I'd almost forgotten about it until you mentioned that.
  16. I like watching a hard-fought game, but with these Carolina Chokers as of late... I'd much rather see a blowout. At least I can feel a little safe about the lead, haha but it seems we can't even close a blowout the right way either. Yeah, looking at you dirty birdies. *cough* 2nd game *cough* Anywaaays, speaking of hearts and whatnot... I feel sorry for any Panthers fans that had heart problems during that 2003 Cardiac Cats Super Bowl season (may they R.I.P.). Gah, that season was filled with epic game after epic game, culminating in one of the best playoff games (Rams 2OT) and best Super Bowls of all time... other than the fact of us losing, but yeah whatever... wish it would've went into OT because we were **** near unbeatable in those situations that season. Fuck you John Kasay... I still love you though... Oh yeah, and screw you too ATL for ruining our division sweep and OT record that year. P.S. For what it's worth I loved that game where you guys ended Brees' TD-streak. 5 INTs just made it that much sweeter. Edit: Wow, somehow the F-bomb made it past the filter. Guess you can bypass the filter by altering text size? Haha, don't know if I should manually censor that or not....
  17. Haha, heck if I know. Hurney Magic. Honestly though, I know it was just preseason, but I'm really interested in seeing our two RBs Armond Smith and Tauren Poole from the practice squad (at least they don't cost $100 million... yet). They actually looked pretty **** good. I guess if there's ever been anything Carolina has always usually done halfway decent it's finding quality LBs and RBs. Edit: Actually, I think one of them was called up from the PS and stuffed on IR at the beginning of the season so they couldn't be signed by another team. But they both looked pretty legit, so I guess they've shown some potential at least for the FO to do something like that.
  18. I don't trust our D in the 4th quarter... period. They can play a good game the first 3 quarters then collapse when it matters the most, I only feel safe with a lead as soon as the clock hits double zeroes after witnessing the past two seasons. So yeah, with that being said I'd much rather our offense go for it rather than punting and giving the D a chance to blow it. I definitely would have went for it on 4th & 1 against the Falcons in that first game. I like my chances with Cam/Tolbert in that situation a **** of a lot better than I would giving our secondary a chance to give up the big play.
  19. Yeah that should normally be the case, but you know how **** happens sometimes in football. Also... never underestimate the conservativeness of Foxball. He probably won't be nearly as bad with Peyton as he was with Jake, but that **** is hairpull-worthy sometimes.
  20. Haha, ah my bad then. Going off the quote and stuff I mistook it as you saying Cam had more help than Kap or something. Yeah I definitely agree, Hurney was a ******* moron.
  21. Ah, good ol' Foxball... I literally lol'd when I watched that game and saw Fox up to his usual shenanigans even though he had Peyton F. Manning as his QB. Now we have a coach who also not only doesn't play to win, but he plays for teams to "systematically beat us". Ron Rivera's actual words after the Chicago game. And Chicago did just that with the same exact dumbass dink and dunk slant pass play over, and over, and over, and over.. and over until they were in FG range.
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