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  1. I'm not gonna sit here and lie, his first half of 2012 wasn't very good... but I honestly think that was more scheme issues than anything. He was on pace during the first half to fall far short of his first season numbers. Which makes it all the more impressive, in my opinion anyways, that he managed to ball out the second half when they laid off the read option so much and he pretty much rivaled his 2011 numbers. Something seemed like it clicked down the stretch for him (and also they let him start calling his own audibles at the line of scrimmage). People keep calling him a running QB and act like he has to rely solely on the read option, but the truth is he actually seems to be more effective when using a pro-style scheme, with maybe a little read option every once in a while to keep the defenses honest. I think he's proven he can play in this league even if the read option does get "figured out" like everyone keeps saying.
  2. Nah, I don't think he's underrated. I was responding to relaxsjax, it was more of a joke than anything. But since you brought it up again, considering the lynching he took from the media the first half of the season I think his second half was quite underrated seeing as him and Tom Brady were pretty much 1a. and 1b. the two best QBs in the league during that stretch. But you hardly heard a peep about it, because the media, you know, "sophomore slump, gotta keep rolling with that narrative".
  3. Sorry, I messed that up and reposted the wrong thing. Recheck the post, I fixed it. As for your question about Nakamura, I honestly can't remember
  4. Repost from above, it's pretty relevant to this post: We lost to the Chiefs last season, who were by far the worst team in the NFL at the time. Wanna know Cam's stats for that game? 232 passing yards, 3 passing TDs, 0 INTs, and 78 yards rushing. 121.2 passer rating. He was completely mistake free. How the **** do you lose to the worst team in the NFL when your QB plays a game like that? Case in point. The Chiefs were even worse on offense than the Cardinals. yet leave it to the Panthers to make Brady Quinn look like Tom Brady
  5. We lost to the Chiefs last season, who were by far the worst team in the NFL at the time. Wanna know Cam's stats for that game? 232 passing yards, 3 passing TDs, 0 INTs, and 78 yards rushing. 121.2 passer rating. He was completely mistake free. How the **** do you lose to the worst team in the NFL when your QB plays a game like that? Case in point.
  6. Team sport homes. We don't have the luxury of a FG kicker to bail us out from 50+ yards (heck even from 30-35 I'm kinda' iffy on if it's gonna be good or not) or a secondary that knows how to cover receivers in crunch time, even though I am loving the direction the defense has been going recently. Cam has played more than well enough his first two seasons for our record to be better than it currently is. Didn't Melty Ice throw 5 interceptions last season and y'all still somehow managed to squeak out a win? If Cam does that we lose by about a 1000, give or take a few points.
  7. He still has all the talent and fire in the world, even if he's lost a step (he's still cranking out 1000+ yards and great YPC). For a 5'9" receiver who has faced double and triple coverage his entire career and still managed to make the secondary look stupid while consistently being one of the best WRs in the league with Jake Delhomme (still love the guy) as his QB, yeah I'd say he was pretty talented. Now if he had more consistent QB play and maybe a little bit more help to draw the attention off of him there's no telling what else he might've done in his prime, despite this he is still one of the only receivers in NFL history to win the Triple-Crown Award, and IS the only one along with Jerry Rice's 1990 season (pretty good company) to win it since the merger, which makes it all that more impressive since the league expanded and adds a **** of a lot more competition to lead the league in every major category at your position. Yeah Julios great and all, but pump the brakes just a tad now... see how he turns out first. Boy would I have loved to see a prime Smitty paired up with you-know-who, which I refuse to even mention his name, seeing the direction this thread is currently heading.
  8. Dook loses. **** Dook. Hate them as much, if not more, than I do the Saints and Falcons. And yeah, that was a HORRIBLE injury... didn't really get to see how bad it was until the 2nd replay. Definitely one of the worst sports injuries I've ever seen (Johnny Knox still takes the cake).
  9. Due to the uneven playing field the 4th quarter presents for the Panthers and the advantage it gives the rest of the league, I've decided to petition the commish to have it removed this season. Panthers 19-0.
  10. I asked the Panthers for change for a dollar, but they were only good for 3 quarters.
  11. If the NFL were like hockey and only had 3 periods the Panthers would be **** near undefeated. We have to be approaching an NFL record with this malarkey.
  12. Haha I agree she's a very beautiful lady, did all the women from the jurassic period look that good in an animal-skin bikini?
  13. Best burger I've ever had is from this local joint down town where I live at. It's this old man that's been running the place since like the 60s and he's got that **** down to a science. Jeeze his burgers and hotdogs are awesome... think I'ma have to go get me some next week.
  14. I gained a lot of respect for Joe after watching him in the playoffs this year... dude put on a clinic. Lol, at the beginning of the season when his cocky *** called himself the best QB in the NFL I was like, "Uhh, yeah whatever Joe" and then the dude proceeds to win the Super Bowl MVP and put together one of, if not, the best post seasons in NFL history. #EliteAsFux I'm always gonna have a soft spot for the ol' gunslinger-type QB. Favre was my first real favorite NFL player when I was a kid, and then watching Delhomme (lol like a poor man's Favre I guess) with the Panthers all those years. But yeah, I put money on it that ESPN, etc. are still gonna find a way to incorporate "Ray's team" when talking about the Rayvens. Isn't Ray supposed to be a commentator or something now?
  15. Seriously, I'm really not trying to take anything away from Ryan at all. He's done extremely well in Atlanta. But Cam takes a lot of shots around here, so when we try to justify his play by listing that he's probably had the best first 2 starting years of any QB in NFL history it gets thrown up in our faces, "but less than .500 lol". Yeah, we were 7-9 or whatever, but anyone who watched them play last season knows they were a huge group of under-achievers... they were probably a 10-6 team at the least in a 7-9 team's body. Not to mention he was grouped in with the likes of Mark Sanchez on the previous page... So I took an opportunity to do the same thing that gets done with Cam on a daily basis around here. Ryan has put up better stats than Flacco since coming into the league, but at the end of the day Flacco has had a lot more success in the W/L column. You can't have your cake and eat it too. I totally get the whole coming into a bad situation thing. Being the #1 pick coming into a lockout season with a 1st year head coach 1-year removed from a 2-14 season, with possibly the dumbest ******* GM in the NFL, and a defense completely decimated by injuries isn't exactly ideal. We'll see how he does over these next few years now that we have a GM who is 'hopefully' at least a bit competent.
  16. Lol, stooping to what level? We comparing yet another QB who hasn't won anything? But since you asked, I think his chances of making it to the playoffs are pretty good actually seeing as he's one of the few QBs that's at least mediocre in the weak *** AFC and as long as he has AJ Green to continue to put the offense on his back. You looked at the list of starting QBs in the AFC lately? . Even a good bit of Bengals fans aren't sold on Andy Dalton despite his 2 playoff appearances. I believe that should say enough about him.
  17. Oh man, I completely forgot about Joe Flacco. Wasn't he in that same draft class as Ryan? Actually... wasn't he taken AFTER Ryan? Pfft, that Joe Flacco is such a joke... I mean he doesn't even lead the league in game-winning drives. What a loser that guy is, he'll probably be pawning that SB ring when he's out of the league in a few years.
  18. You know who else had a poor W-L record his first few seasons? Michael Jordan. Flame away.
  19. So lemme get this straight... (sometimes) W-L record is a viable stat for individually measuring a QB's skill, but when it comes to the only real important 'W' there is (the Super Bowl) it's off limits because "that would have left some of the greats of all time" off the proverbial 'great' QBs list? M'kay, that makes total sense... As for who has been the best QB drafted since 2008? Okay, I'll bite. Well, seeing as by all admissions Ryan still hasn't won a Superbowl and since that's the ultimate goal of having a positive "500 win/loss" record, I'd say that stat is kind of irrelevant, not to mention it's a team stat and not an individual one (what was that about you guy's defense in the NFCCG again? My point exactly), we'll put that one to the side. Since Cam has only been in the league two years... his first two years stats against Ryan? Cam >>> Ryan. Since RG3 and Wilson have only been in one year... their first year stats against Ryan? RG3 and Wilson >>> Ryan. ... and it's really not even close. Who knows... maybe Cam, RG3, and Wilson will drop off and be huge busts while Ryan goes on to win the next 10 Super Bowls... but seeing as going off each one's respective years of how long they've been in the league is the only real way to gauge them against each other... well let's just say that currently Ryan falls remarkably short in that discussion. Ryan is a good QB, no doubt, and I wouldn't ever try to argue that he wasn't... it's just sometimes he gets portrayed like he's the second coming of Christ or something. With the help he currently has on his side of the ball all he has to do is just not be an inept QB and he should consistently put up top 10 QB numbers... so excuse us non-Falcon fans for not singing his praises about being an elite QB. Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers on the Falcons? Oh lawd.
  20. According to him you'd think the Falcons won the last four in a row.
  21. I've been following Gettleman's (our new GM) moves here this past week... and this dude is a far cry from Hurney. Munnerlyn played hardball trying to hold out for one of those fat Hurney-esque contracts, saying he had other teams showing interest in him... Gettleman pretty much said, "Well, good luck..." Munnerlyn comes back inquiring for another offer from the Panthers, they lay out a 3-year $5 million deal, Munnerlyn feels it's too low, so we sign another nickelback instead for peanuts. Oh yeah, and then Munnerlyn was forced to take a 1-year less money deal afterwards since no teams came knocking. So pretty much 2 birds with one stone. He's made some pretty good moves to patch the secondary up in my opinion with the limited money we have, it seems like he's gearing up to go BPA with every pick in the draft instead of drafting for need. Man, it feels good to have a real GM for once. Hurney would've handed out a friggin' blank check.
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