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  1. Lol did they delete your screenshot too? Because that **** ain't showing for me.
  2. Good grief, I know you and Des are dense as ****, but come on now... surely you can't be this bad Your original statement, in the context you said it, implied that we were somehow going to feel some newly sudden loss of Hardy this season, as if we didn't already feel it and deal with it last season. Stating that it was going to be some new reason as to why were going to fail, even though we didn't have him last year either. I point that out and now all of a sudden you're trying to flip the script. Yeah, you're right, it hugely impacted our overall defense for quite a stretch last year as th
  3. I still don't know what the **** that has to do with you talking like Hardy is going to somehow impact us in some way this compared to last year, considering the fact we didn't have him last year.
  4. Lol you say this like we even had Hardy last year. He played the 1st game of the season, then was put on the exempt list for the rest of the year - with full pay - and the whole thing turned into a huge media distraction.
  5. And while we're at it... the other "outcast", Mash, was "ran off" because he was needlessly stirring up unprovoked drama between the two boards and trying to play both sides. He was rightfully ridiculed and called out for it on RC.net because it was a completely b*tchmade, hypocritical, drama queen thing to do. A lot of the **** he stirred up is still present today. He got mad and left, and now he's here all butthurt about it, instead of playing both sides he's now put all his chips on one side of the table. Good riddance I say. No one wants a crazy drama queen regularly posting on their b
  6. Rave ran himself out, just like he did here countless times, and just like he'll do here again eventually as well. He always reaches his boiling point in some argument and "leaves forever" for a couple of months.
  7. No, it actually kind of proves just the opposite. It proves that no one liked you enough to invite you to the board when it was made... because literally **** near every regular here got a PM with the link to the new board when it was first created. But I wouldn't expect anything less of your dumb delusional azz to find a way to spin that to your advantage... just like I don't expect you to even understand what I'm saying to you right now.
  8. Boy, I had to get a screenshot of this, or else no one would've believe me That's gotta be a record for RC lite
  9. This dumbazz is probably talking about a PM someone sent him back when the board was first made. We all got one, Einstein.
  10. Lawyer Hank has already answered the phone.
  11. Then yeah, he's probably gonna be catching everything then whether he's covered or not from what I've seen the way that new catching system works.
  12. Probably has to do with that new spectacular catching thing they're doing this year. Dez probably has some ridiculous catching in traffic and catch animations to balance it out. Thank OBJ for being on the cover for that. Dez always seemed a lot more quick with great acceleration/burst than pure fast to me though. I mean he's definitely not slow at all by any means, so I see where you're coming from. Motha ******* KB's big *** will probably have speed like in the **** 70s or some ****. He actually has a lot more top end speed than people seem to realize though... it's his acceleration that
  13. Lol you take this to court and a judge isn't going to be able to make it halfway through this thread without laughing in your face and throwing your dumbazz in a holding cell for wasting their time.
  14. There's a lot of personal interpretation/fabrication going on in this post.
  15. I mean, do you not remember GB turning down another opportunity to score at the end of that game in favor of killing the clock? Not to mention all the draw plays right up the gut they did before that possession. There was 0 chance you winning that game.
  16. Excuse me, 31-7. Big ******* deal. And lol, oh yeah, the Pack was scared all right... you could tell by their nonchalant attitude that entire 2nd half in how they were just lazily trying to milk the clock and get that piece of sh*t game over with and go home already.
  17. Teams usually aren't trailing 31-0 at the half. That game is effectively over at that point... which gives you and entire half and then some to pad stats. On top of that, said teams usually don't have a top 5 WR with a top 10 QB throwing him the ball. I can't think of another time - ever - where I've seen a top 5 WR/top 10 QB combo trailing 31-0 at halftime.
  18. I sure as **** don't put much stock in KB's 2 TD game against the Eagles on MNF... because both of those TDs came in garbage time when Philly was just ready to get the game over with and go home.
  19. That Packers game has become one of the biggest myths I've seen recently regarding football. I remember a **** ton of Falcon fans were using it as a reason why they were going to beat our *** in the week 17 game, "Well we gave Green Bay a run for their money and almost beat them!" Lol, no. No, you didn't. You were blown out before halftime... put two-and-two together and figure out why Julio was able to rack up those yards. The Packers "packed" it in, an y'all were still out there playing to win. Mike McCarthy is a widely known conservative HC. I mean, I'll give Mike Smith credit for not
  20. From what I remember that season, even though they embarassingly swept us, you could just clearly tell the Bucs weren't as good as the Saints and Panthers despite the 7-9 record, especially down the stretch. A lot of their wins they squeaked by to get to 7-9... essentially 50/50 toss up games. I don't know about the Saints, but the Panthers lost a stupid number of games where literally one small routine play was the difference that came at the very end... in games that we were leading nearly the entire time. Chicago game, 2nd Bucs game, 1st Falcons game, Seahawks, Chiefs game. The 7 games we
  21. Jeeze you're stupid, I don't even know why I bothered wasting my time typing more than one sentence to you. Don't worry, this will be my last one to you in this thread at least. Who exactly is spamming again? It's a freaking signature. We're posting and having a discussion. You brought it up in the first place, and I shed some light on it for you and now you're justifying your confirmation bias on why you think it's spam. You're a sad man danight. I always thought that was just a character you played with those over exaggerated threads you made just to rib rival fans, but *******, I thin
  22. Everyone is except you, danight, and Cheff.
  23. After they deleted my thread, yeah, you're d*mn right I put it in my signature. Lol you and WFW are the ones blowing this out of proportion... I'm leaving the imprint for the non-regulars who might stop by and wonder where the heII the entire community just up and disappeared to. I've never once tried to be anonymous, just because you have a sh*t memory and have a hard time keeping up with who's who while not being able to figure out how to click a profile and see what my name used to be doesn't mean I'm hiding anything lmao. And that sounds like a threat to invade personal privacy and post
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