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  1. I've been here all season, I've already told your azz this in another thread... you must not have a very good memory. I was Luke Nukem for about 80-90% of the 2014 season. And seeing that I didn't hit 5,000 posts until like early December... yeah, wrong again. I am posting a bit more right now because there's simply more for me to post about, I mean with one of y'all b*tching and calling out Panther fans every other thread. Before that the Falcons and Saints were up each other's azzes all season.
  2. I've kinda stayed out this whole Dave/Reese conversation, but yeah, lol that's Reece. That "Coronal Muster" line gave it away to me in one thread along with a couple of other things. Anyways, glad he's back, the board is more interesting with him around. Hopefully he'll break out of his shell before too long.
  3. I don't know, probably been about as long since the Falcons have beat the Panthers in Atlanta. You can see it in his eyes, that Seattle D owns Kaepernick... like literally 'in his head' owning him. Much like the Panthers defense and Matt Ryan.
  4. Good thing running game and defense travels... which is what our games always come down to.
  5. I don't know where y'all suddenly got it in your heads this past week that we actually give a ****. Oooo, you're going to make us eat crow about dominating both your teams on the way to winning the division AND winning a playoff game. Lol, how will I ever show my face around here again if we only go 1-1 in the playoffs? Never realized just how many vaginas there were on this forum. I'm saying this assuming Audiotom is a Saints fan... Saints fans have been cool.
  6. Tru made Shred's All-Elite team, so he's elite round these parts.
  7. I'd rather Matt Ryan have been out there than Lindley today. A couple of pick 6s would've wrapped that game up by half time.
  8. So they started calling Josh Norman a "shutdown corner" and a "premiere corner in this league" on ESPN and that was before the game. Seems like the national pulse is starting to pick up on the best corner in the south.
  9. It happened sometime during the victory pose. The team might be pointing to JR there, but I'm not sure.
  10. They've been trying to catch it on camera for years, but no dice. But tonight... Those some pimp azz sunglasses from Mrs. Richardson.
  11. One threw 3 pick 6s, the other threw 0.
  12. **** it, I'm making a thread for that historical occasion
  13. Didn't feel like starting a whole thread for this, but I wanted to post this pic. This scene actually got JR to smile for the first time in... ever.
  14. This isn't a troll thread. Lindley legitimately looked better against us than Matt Ryan did. Both elimination games, but I figured since Falcon fans keep wanting to go "lol Lindley tho" that I'd bring it up. You talk sh*t, but your QB literally went out on the field and took a gigantic dump - AT HOME - in what was essentially a playoff game against us last week... you really don't have any room to talk about Lindley.
  15. Well considering he's easily on a 1st-ballot HOF pace right now, I'd say he's pretty **** good.
  16. You talk about Cam 10x more than I do. Let that sink in.
  17. Lol I'm not even trolling this time. Y'all keep talking all this sh*t about how bad Lindley looked trying to discredit our defensive performance. If Lindley looked bad, then Ryan was a f*cking disaster.
  18. He still looked better than Matt Ryan. Man at least didn't kill his team by throwing 3 pick 6s in an elimination game, and showed some actual pocket awareness instead of looking like a deer in headlights by escaping the rush and at least try to throw the ball and make plays.
  19. We can't. He's on the Goodell's exempt list. Pretty much being paid $13+ million to go to the club and promote his rap skills.
  20. Oh I'm not expecting anything. The STs and offense was beyond sloppy today... and if not for a historically great defensive performance there's a good chance we don't win. I'm just talking match up wise, we match up better with Seattle. We're one of the few teams that can stand toe-to-toe with them and play that 'punch you in the mouth' smashmouth type of football game. If the defense keeps playing at the level they have the past month, and the offense and STs works out whatever happened this game then we can definitely compete... if not, then yeah, Seahawks will embarrass us.
  21. Lol Panthers humiliated themselves that game. We stop running in the 1st quarter when we had an absolutely devastating run game that year, then let Jake turn the ball over 6 times on terrible passes. Fox also treated Fitz like he was just another Joe... he was one-on-one the entire game and we paid for it. Run the ball, and respect Fitz and we probably win that game... and probably go to the **** Super Bowl with as weak as the NFC was that year.
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