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  1. Yeah it was around before, but Cam made that **** national... shoot, global even. U.S. National Hockey teams doing the dab after winning, shouting out Cam. European tennis and soccer players doing the dab and shouting out Cam. LeBron and the entire Cavs doing the dab the whole time they were in Charlotte... goes on and on. Migos even called Cam the dab daddy and credited him with huge widespread popularity of it It was around beforehand, but it's pretty disingenuous to say that Cam didn't take it to a whole new level.
  2. Congrats on a successful season WFW. Managing to beat us that one time. You won your Super Bowl of the year. Probably the only one you'll ever see in your life.
  3. Must be one heII of a tough bitter pill to swallow to go from, just a mere 5 years ago, having a QB that was supposedly one of the future faces of the NFL and going to rule the NFCS for years as Brees was slowly put to pasture... to having the worst QB in the division and completely irrelevant outside of Atlanta. That's why they've felt insecure as **** and threatened by Cam ever since his rookie year... now their worst fears are on the cusp of being realized.
  4. So WFW, haven't seen any of your hot takes on the Panthers lately... wonder why that is?
  5. That's for the 2015 season. 34 TDs and 0 turnovers in the red zone For the past 2 seasons it's 49 TDs and 0 turnovers... which his numbers were down across the board in 2014 due to multiple injuries, missed games and several other factors
  6. I don't doubt he's been good in coverage, but you talking about sticking him on Olsen to cover him all game would create all sorts of mismatches on your defense. So let's say you put one of your best pass rushers on our elite receiving TE who's strengths are getting open from exceptional route running and making the tough catches in traffic even if he is well covered. Now Cam is also likely getting more time in the pocket as a result. You mentioned manufacturing pressure from the absense of Beasley by sending extra rushers against a QB who thrives against the blitz (112 QB rating - 1,420 yards 19 TDs to 3 INTs vs blitz this season) to make up for him being on Olsen. Now you're also talking about doubling Olsen with a safety at the same time. But for the sake of argument let's say Olsen is taken out of the game from this. Now you're committing more players to rush the passer while also committing an extra player to double Olsen. So now you have to worry the two speed demons on either side of the field in Ginn and Brown and you're basically looking at a potential repeat performance of the 1st quarter in the last game - except all game long. There's also the old wily veteran possession receiver Cotchery who, if he's good at nothing else, it's finding the soft spots of the defense which would be present from said situation. This is without even factoring in Cam's unique physical and athletic matchup problems which brings up a whole other bag of problems on its own And finally, that's all assuming Beasley can handle Olsen in the first place... which I can just about **** well guarantee he can't. People have bracketed Olsen a ton this year. Doubling him isn't exactly a revolutionary concept, yet he's still on pace for a career year. It's also why Ted Ginn, for all his woes, is having a career year as well... if you don't leave a high safety to account for his speed then you're playing with fire.
  7. I like how all offseason the one year where Cam missed games, had a bum ankle, broken ribs, a broken back, injured throwing hand, the worst offensive line in the league 80% of the season, an entirely new receiving corps that he didn't even get to practice with in the offseason/training camp to gain chemistry with, and was down to his 5th and 6th string RBs for the majority of the season... yet still somehow managed, at the very least, an average if not above-average year... is the season that everyone wanted to judge him on. Like it finally validated everyone being right about him not being any good. Lmao. Granted this year he's taken it to the next level, but he's always been pretty f*cking good and waaay better than some of you clowns around here gave him credit for.
  8. Beasley on Olsen? Lmao I hope that does happen because Olsen would roast him. His route running alone would have Beasley doing donuts in the middle of the field.
  9. Holy **** you are being dumb as **** right now. It's not the media saying this you dumb ****. It's Mike Tolbert. Our fullback. Hardy's friend and former teammate.It was a ******* locker room interview of one of OUR players
  10. And why the **** would his friends, and teammates, that he played several years with, and keeps in contact with regularly... make up something as non consequential as this? It's not even a story, it's just some simple harmless comments by hardy. Trust me, he says **** like this all the time
  11. It came from the players on our team who are still in contact with and talk with him regularly, Mike Tolbert namely, who was pretty tight with Hardy Read the article
  12. Prove us wrong how? You f*cked us bud, not the other way around
  13. Let me know when Jameis finishes his rookie season with 4,750 yards and 35 touchdowns
  14. Lmao says the guy who would resort to calling NYG4 a slut, whore, skank, obnoxious black b*tch etc at the drop of a hat... most of the times in a heated argument which you would completely bring on yourself. Sometimes you would lead off with those personal insults in a form of drive by posting (and many times quickly delete said posts/threads because you knew you were in the wrong). Cut the holier than thou routine, you're not innocent in the slightest. Many times I've seen you go out your way to start crap with her, then throw a fit when she would hit back I actually like you Rave, I'm just being honest here. I think you being around added a lot to the boards... but what has ALWAYS been your problem is you won't acknowledge, or heck, don't even realize just how massive of a hypocrite you are. That's why you catch so much crap at times. Making broad condescending statements aimed at other posters certainly doesn't help matters any.
  15. What's the point in deleting a thread in a forum where no one is going to see it anyways? On a good day here's like 3 people here at the same time -- tops. That's like hiding porn magazines from a blind man.
  16. Lmao hardly. Everyone is calling danight crazy because he has legitimately been acting f***ing crazy since the split. He either spouts half truths while EXTREMELY exaggerating and completely twisting the circumstances, or outright makes crap up. But I mean if you want to blindly believe the **** he and WFW says, that's on you. Nearly an entire population, that's been here for years, doesn't just up and leave for no reason... and nearly the consensus agreement of that population, who have actually seen both sides, is that those two have gone off the deep end.
  17. Well congrats on the news. Above post still stands though.
  18. "Hey guys, I have these super incriminating screenshots that would totally prove me right, but I'm not going to show them because I don't want to stir the pot... even though that's exactly what I'm doing by continuing on with these unsubstantiated hollow claims." You two jokers are so out there and delusional it's ridiculous. Yourselves and Mash are the only ones that even buy it, and Mash is crazy. That alone should tell you something.
  19. Set consecutive franchise records in 2011 and 2012 for number of players on IR, so yeah... been there, done that. Rather recently at that.
  20. And again, what exactly that has to do with me or anything I said, I have no idea. I'm just going to assume you don't know what the term straw man means.
  21. Keep building up that straw man. Maybe one day he'll come to life and start tap dancing for you.
  22. I don't even know why you're bringing all that stuff up, lol I know full and well EXACTLY what all has happened here the past few offseasons. You absolutely love drama... so much so that you either constantly instigate it, completely manufacture it, insert yourself into situations you don't even understand or perpetuate **** that should just be left alone. I don't who you're trying to put an act on for, but every RC regular knows your shtick, Mash. The fact you just blew up with that rant because I disagreed with you says enough. You keep harping on the word drama when the main point of my reply is it was not previously dead here in the offseason... I know because I was one of the regulars here during the many offseason debates/conversations/bets we had.
  23. You realize there are plenty of Falcons fans, along with all the Saints, Panthers and Bucs fans on the other board, right? Game threads will and have already been made there. There's also a game day chat room. Not sure why you think things are just suddenly return to normal out the blue come regular season. Well yeah, of course there's smack talking after the games. I was just disputing fib's claim that this place was always dead in the offseason... because that's simply not true. The offseason is the time to get your shots in and boast about what you did the previous season. Because once the new season starts it doesn't matter anymore. Falcons fans sure did plenty of this after 2012, just like we did after 2013 and 2014.
  24. No it wasn't. This place always maintained some regular activity. Lol it's because you were rarely around unless there was some kind of drama going on that you could jump in. The offseason is when most the **** talking and ribbing took place... because that's about all there was to do at that point in the season.
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