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  1. @Drbob hey remember when you said Ryan shouldn't be laughing during the game when the camera caught him for like 2 seconds. Yeah here you go, he's chewing *** and being a leader. So simmer your *** down
  2. lol how ironic coming from a man who tells other men how they should act. No hypocrites here...
  3. Do you want him to cry or something? You gonna sit here and tell grown men how to act? Lol you're pathetic.
  4. Lol please, how well did running QBs fair today vs much worse competition and with no Oline??
  5. I like how the people who like your posts are the usual suspects who always dog on Ryan. Y'all should form a club.
  6. Bro I never seen anyone so blindly love a QB like you have with Fields. I get it, you seen the kid live, you prolly know his family and everything but dude, you gotta chill with the crazy praise you are giving him and shade being thrown at other QBs playing or coming up in the future. Fields might be HOF or a bigger bust than Ryan Leaf, no one knows yet, but this unconditional praise is insane and a bit weird man, your entire posts for the past several months have been nothing but Fields stuff.
  7. Man this season cant progress any quicker. One bad taste and people lose their minds. No one wants to give time to anything or anyone. Sad
  8. LOL so you a regular dude saw these plays and yet NFL defenses couldnt stop his offense for 3 years? You really want me to believe that? Please man get off your high horse, you aint all that. You can say he was average with great talent but the truth is Titans were average before he took over so idk what nonsense you talking about but aight, you dont like the hire, you do you.
  9. You keep saying this but the numbers would disagree with you severely. Instead of bs opinions like this, why dont you prove it with numbers and data? And how is he not part of the cog? A very big part? Why not give him the credit for the success they had? Mcvay and others even said they steal his plays all the time so he must have some good ideas. In the end AS could be a massive bust but you keep saying this **** without acknowledging that for the past 2-3 years he has had one of the best offenses around.
  10. Actually the aints are one of the best drafting teams around and their player acquisition as well for long periods of time. Idk where you get the notion that they are bad at it, if they were bad, then that team would be bad
  11. Well this is Fonty area of expertise as he was in Pro Scouting so hoping he was able to find at least a bit of something to help the team.
  12. I know this isnt exactly Falcons related anymore but it's nice to see our ex Falcons causing pain everywhere they go. To their own fans and even others. LOL! ____________________________________________ Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel bashed new star Julio Jones on Monday after a costly personal foul penalty highlighted the receiver's lackluster debut. Jones was flagged 15 yards for unnecessary roughness in the first quarter Sunday after he swung at Arizona Cardinals cornerback Byron Murphy. The Titans threw an incomplete pass on the ensuing third down, forcing them to punt while already trailing 10-0. "Critical mistake," Vrabel said. "That's absolutely nothing that we coach or teach. So, that would fall into the category of doing dumb **** that hurts the team, right there in bold letters. It goes from third-and-1 to third-and-16." Tennessee lost 38-13, spoiling Jones' highly anticipated debut. The 32-year-old wideout managed just three receptions for 29 yards, though the rest of the team's offense didn't fare much better. A seven-time Pro Bowler, Jones landed with the Titans in an offseason trade from the Atlanta Falcons. He and A.J. Brown are expected to form one of the NFL's top receiver tandems. Jones had 771 yards and three touchdowns over nine games last year while battling hamstring issues. From 2014-19, he posted at least 1,394 yards each season and twice led the league in receiving.
  13. Is Gono out for the season or does he have a chance to make it back from his injury?
  14. You know what you are correct, what draft capital they do have, they spend it early on lineman What seems to be the biggest difference between us and them is the early investment and the fact that they hit on those players. Even drafting in the first round does not guarantee a good player and these guys always seem to hit. Really hoping that Font can bring that success rate here too.
  15. Man I always hear people say this and agree for the most part but the freaking aints seem to just pluck lineman out in the draft back order and they are automatically elite. Like what are they seeing and doing that we are not? I hope Font can do the same for us, we really need it.
  16. Was Dalman injured or something? Why didnt he play or was taken out? What about that guy we signed from the Browns? Mistakes by a rookie head coach are showing vastly.
  17. I mean when the last several years showed this man has historical stats as an OC and well known offensive caller are basically saying they love to take his plays, why wouldnt people think he is one of the best? Like it only makes sense. Do you refuse to accept his stats as an OC or something? Yes we all understand yesterday was ugly and could have been way better but you still cannot discount his historical offenses and what they achieved. **** look at the Titans now, they even have Julio now and yet they still got *** blasted by the cardinals. Almost as if AS was a key component to their team.
  18. Oh so you now telling us that you need decent players to execute your system? WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT???? Almost as if it takes time to bring in your guys and develop them. Do you think Shanahan has scrubs running his plays? I highly doubt it.
  19. lol so you gonna pull data from over a decade ago to say that Koetter is good? I mean hey I agree, that offense in 2012 was pretty good, but i think it was due to Ryan ascending rather than Koetter doing anything special. And yes AS is as good as Shanahan, stats would back that up the past several years. And if OC/HC around the league say they are staling AS' plays, then why wouldnt I believe he is something special. Yes yesterday was not a good showing at all but ****, like how can you be blind to data about AS this much. Aint like he fell out of a tree for us, he was one of the hottest coaching candidates and for a good reason.
  20. How do you know that man? What if Koetter scored only 3 or 0? How can anyone speak in absolutes here?
  21. Koetter at best is average. He got a HC gig just off of Matt Ryans success and what did he do with it? Jack ****, his offense's then were nothing special. And of course a professional football coach has more knowledge and anyone on this forum, we are regular people lol why even play that card? Such a weird take.
  22. Was Koetter ever as good of an OC as AS was? Do you have any stats to back this up? Or are we just basing everything off of 1 game?
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