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  1. I hear good things about this guy but can he cover when needed? Cause that's also a huge requirement to be on our defense
  2. Okudah time?
  3. Maybe instead of drafting DE's, the Falcons should do what they did to acquire John Abraham. Trade a high pick for a established rusher. Seems like the only way we'll get someone who can actually rush. DE development/drafting has been lacking for years now.
  4. How are the Chiefs getting away with so many holding calls? Wild, also great interception!
  5. The Falcons have always been great at not showing their hands when it comes to stuff like this, I doubt they start doing that now.
  6. I dont get the - Kristian Fulton CB LSU love out here. I saw the dude get abused all game during the CFB title. Am I missing something?
  7. I hope SF wins it, bet a lot of money on them to do so weeks ago. Also, think SF is a more complete team then KC is
  8. Mybookie.ag is the one I use. Pretty solid. Just be sure you know what you doing. My stupid *** had no clue what rollovers were and that ****** me up. Also if I could start over again I wouldn't use the "free play" money the site gives you, cause it adds to your roll over. Also checkout the way you can cash out and see if it makes sense to you.
  9. How was that not DPI? He grabbed his arm before the ball even got there. Is that not the definition of DPI? Shiite
  10. oooh so now you take a look at plays? ******* cheats man, be goddam fair, is that so much to ask.
  11. That whole drive had missed calls, holy ****. DO YOUR JOBS REFS! ******** KATRINA REFS OUT HERE!
  12. Thanks man, I think I found it back in 2016 when Ice was slinging it like a cyborg. Wish I remembered where
  13. Trevor has been kinda **** throwing today. Off on so many passes, better settle down
  14. WOW I am loving it! Go Clemson!
  15. I will make any exception when it comes to our Falcons