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  1. I think if anyone deserves the money, its Grady. He is the 2nd best DT in the league and is probably one of our only stars on D. You cant ship him off then complain about having a bad defense. Invest more in it, not less.
  2. He really did make his bed. Honestly I dont blame him either, these guys have a limited time span they can do this and have to get the most out of it. What I dont want however, is we trade him just for anything, peanuts, and get holding the bag in the end anyway. I am no cap master but from what I understand it would hurt us any way you look at it to trade Julio right now. So the offers we getting gotta be great if we parting with a great player like him and taking a hit on our cap at the same time. If we get a great offer, we should accept and make everyone happy. We get more picks/
  3. I think there is a different standard when it comes to star players like Julio vs a body like Carpenter. Carpenter would have never had the option to "demand" a new contract and actually get one, Julio on the other hand did and got it. My whole thing is, ok you want to get traded? Well we have a bare minimum things we want to get, if we dont get those things, you are playing for us or sitting and we take your money. I am all for players getting more freedom, but that freedom has a cost when just 2 years ago he wanted a new contract and got one. You feel me? Its like the timing of this couldnt
  4. He owes it to the Falcons, who gave him that contract, not exactly just TD. If he did not envision this team being a "winner" like he said and he wanted to go to a winner, then he should've demanded to be traded then, not ask for a new contract that is now hurting us in every which way. So either play for us while we find the perfect offer we want or accept your fate and be part of this team, or **** go sit and we can just recoup that money back. I love Julio, he is a beast but this is foolish doing by him if he actually meant what he said.
  5. So its easy to demand a new contract back in 2019, just 2 years ago, but now that that the new is going through some new waves, he wants out? lol nah son you gonna sit unless we get the exact offer we like. Cant want a new contract, GET IT, then do this just 2 years later. Thats a slap in the face of everything the Falcons did for you
  6. Why do this when in 2019 he wanted a new contract and got it? Like really bro. The Falcons in the end hold all the cards. If he really wants a trade but we don't get a good offer. I say keep him. If he sits then take his money or something. You can't demand a new contract then when times are hard just jump ship after 2 years.
  7. If this is a really great WR class, why spend the highest pick on one when the drop of from the best WR to middle of pack WR in this class won't be that big of a drop. I'd pick WR later rather than first pick. Now what is the drop off between best TE and everyone else? If huge I'd take the TE or some other position in similar fashion. Trade down is probably best option
  8. But if you cant pressure, then any QB will pick you apart so.....do you invest in Dline before secondary??
  9. Its basically a suggestion because of how easy teams go around it. And teams really do resign them all just look at the Bucs just this year so...
  10. nah. salary cap is just a suggestion. if seeing these moves by teams supposedly in cap "****" doesn't prove that then idk what ever will. There are so many ways to manipulate the cap that worrying about it is nonsense.
  11. The fact that the rams are throwing money around while in the worst shape in cap terms means the cap is basically ******** so doesnt really matter
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