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  1. You know, I feel like some of you guys live in a fantasy land. Like what did you want them to do? You do realize there is a cap right? You do realize we can't throw money around because we have huge contracts coming up for our star players like next year right? Stop with this narrative because it is completely ridiculous, it leads to nowhere, there are no players could the team have brought in at any time to change our fates and that is final. Stop looking for something to blame when that something is the injury bug, not 100% but **** near close.
  2. That guy's a locker room cancer. Pass
  3. Well, I am not sure about you guys but every time we took the field in the Smith Era in the playoffs, I felt like we couldn't win and his record showed that. It's pathetic. Now we have DQ, in big-time games in the playoffs, the man has the team ready to play. I am not worried about DQ when it comes to the playoffs which is what counts doesn't it? This season has been a mess from so many points, but to compare Smith to DQ is laughable, Smith did many great things for this organization, DQ took it a bit further, at the moment it doesn't look like it but trust me, DQ is miles ahead of Smith in every sense of the word. -Developing talent, -drafting players, -at least having one top 10 D unit last year and if not for injuries probably this year too, -oh and of course back to back playoff appearances I am sorry but Mike Smith got nothing on DQ.
  4. He's picked off **** stain? Love it !
  5. Always remember how dumb the average person is and then realize that half are even dumber than that.
  7. What do you mean vintage TD? Really dude? Really?? What did you want TD to do? You want him to make a trade and sacrifice picks for a 3rd string backup? No. No biting bullets, whoever comes in will be adequate for the role we need and that's it. Don't blame TD for this,
  8. Not sure what people are saying but there's no way Wes is getting benched for Garland. Oh **** naw, Wes is the started I am sure, Ben will be the swing guard backup. For sho
  9. I think you guys are mistaken Gono is our swing tackle backup he's not a guard back up that would be Ben Garland at this point.
  10. Not sure who you guys thought we would sign at this point in the season with such few pickings left. I'm not sure if some of you guys imagine that 3rd string backup should be elite as well. Let's get real and hope these guys produce or better yet never play.
  11. Imagine the stories we can tell if we win it this year. I am confident in our depth , now I have no clue about the backup that we just signed. Let's hope the injuries stop here.