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  1. I love the draft but I think most of those picks are too good to be true. **** if it played out like that I'd buy SB tickets right now!
  2. I am loving these staff additions, with Sark we had very little of NFL xp on the staff, now we have tons of it. Went from one end to the other. Experience can only lead to positivity, me hopes. Cant wait for 2019
  3. I wonder if this is just a 1-year thing or what lol I answered my own question
  4. I am sick of our OC's leaving after just 1 or 2 years. Dirk and MM better ******* stay.
  5. Heres a vid of it:
  6. Lol I don't think this works exactly how you think it does because if it did the ZBS would've been destroyed since its inception. Nothing is this simple. Like many have said, the OL weight isn't the issue, its the athleticism. The guy can be 350 or 310 and both could work. This notion that the pocket would collapse because they are "smaller" is just nonsense. Nobody was saying this in 16' when the line was healthy and played as a unit. In the end, it's about talent and teamwork, size takes a backseat to those 2 qualities, especially for lineman.
  7. But.....but........but I like Mo! In all honesty Ridley and Sanu are different type of WR's. I think it be a mistake to think Ridley can do the things Sanu does for us. I'd keep him. Or at least renegotiate his deal. The guy brings swagger and cool to this team. Something's can't be measured in money like that.
  8. How you know they are enjoying it?
  9. Found a cool little video about our stadium, it truly is a marvel.
  10. lol what a stupid argument. You draft players who will help your team and fit you, not just cause they from UGA. tf kind of sense does that make
  11. lol dont even bother pretending you are a Falcons fan, clear as day you are an aints troll or a stupid Pats fan. **** out of here son. The big picture is that Brees is going downhill and the Falcons are going to come back from injury. Take that nonsense somewhere
  12. Following trends never work out in the end. Not saying it didnt work for the Rams but just jumping to different plans every season will lead to failure. Sign smart FA and draft well and coach up. That is the only way to win in this league consistently.
  13. OH. MY. GOD. that was the worst **** I ever heard, people who are mute can sing better. WTF