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  1. You sir are incorrect in this instance. I will tell you why We have guys out there that are the 3rd and 4th string. Literal no names, they would never see the field even if everyone got injured. It ain't happening. What we are looking for is the diamond in the rough. I get your point, yes preseason is to find and build depth, but we already have our 1st and 2nd string solidified along with the 3rd. That is DQ's plan, the reason we won 3 games in 2016 preseason was that we had so many rookies playing every game like Debo and Campbell, they played back in those preseasons. now we just need serviceable 3rd string and that's it.
  2. No team has also ever played in their own stadium for the SB either, I say we brake 2 trends and say **** you to it.
  3. Ortiz has pretty good hands.
  4. I mean that's what happens when a 1st string player takes on 2nd and 3rd stringers. The Safety just messed up the angle. A good teaching moment.
  5. There is a point of emphasis for the OLINE, getting the 1 or 2 yards necessary.
  6. Holly **** is that a SAUBERT sighting? I LOVE IT!
  7. Loving these rookies, wow!
  8. I am loving this OLINE and this OFFENSE right now.
  9. Wes is looking real good in run blocking. NOICE!
  10. Bledi has really good recovery speed. Should have had the INT, good stop though.
  11. Please don't start this **** show. We have 22 pages, it is enough man, read all that.
  12. Everyone, please do not feed the idiotic trolls. Spare your time and energy, you will never convince them otherwise. Be happy with your lives, cause they sure ain't.
  13. Harlow is a bust? How do you know that? The guy was picked in the 4th round and has spent 1 year with the team. You jumping the gun on that one