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  1. I know a lot of people are dogging on Harlow but I think he played really well this preseason and actually showed some development. Now I ain't saying he's Alex Mack or some **** just that he was very solid, maybe he'll turn into good cheap depth for us. We'll need small contract's for backup players if we wanna keep our young core together. But I really do hope they bring back Larkin, guy showed flashes and should be developed further either way.
  2. Noooooooooo not Larkin!
  3. Another money Matt? Hellz yeh
  4. Everyone making excuses for the eagles saying they injured, may I remind you that we lost half our defense on their ****** field in 2018? The O and D line played great, defense balled out. Ryan has got to clean up his game and we have to run the ball better. A win is a win, it shouldn't have been this close but **** happens. Team showed a lot of heart, let's build off this and go forward!
  5. This guy really missed a lot of us, goes to show no one can know every team in-depth and make a proper analysis.
  6. Very good review of the game, thanks for sharing it Ergo. You know I always feel like the Falcons play a top defense every single year as the first game, we never get some cupcake warmup game like the Dolphins or some ****. Always starting out against top opponents. Installed a semi-new defense along with brand new coaches in new schemes for the offense probably does not help. Ryan also seems to play like dog **** in week 1 games, I have no idea what it is but pretty interesting to see him do it over and over. Always bounces back in week 2 though and so on. I know seeing this team **** up and play so badly left feeling everyone with a terrible taste in their mouths with high expectations and to come out and play like that, its total crap. However I feel like these mistakes can be fixed, we have talented players, its the mental side and rust that seems to be getting in the way. Many will probably say thats why you have TC and PreSeason but I disagree, you wont be pulling out your playbook during preseason so you wont know what will happen until the real season comes along. I wouldnt panic, I think the team just needs some time to gel and things will turn around, there is too much talent here for it to fail, God I hope I am right.
  7. Way too many mistakes, flags, missed calls and everything in between. We should not be down like this. A blocked kicked, a stupid int, a fumble by Free. This game should be way closer then the score indicates.
  8. If we do well this year, then at least own up and eat crow. Thanks
  9. If we do well this year, then at least own up and eat crow. Thanks
  10. Is this a joke?
  11. Have you guys noticed how late the Packers get the calls in? They almost always run out of time, same **** happen to us in the SB, I think thats why Ice never had a chance to change the call. No time at all.
  12. When I was working at the service desk I'd see the wildest **** ever. Mostly it was passwords but I **** you not this lady called in all angry and yelled about how her printer wasn't working at the branch. I asked "is it turned on ma'am?" She snarly says " yes of course do you think I am stupid" and I **** you not I asked her to hit the power button and then it turned on. She hung up without saying anything after that. Got a good laugh from that. Also had several people comment on my voice and how they liked it, added me on Skype right after our talk and would just message me from time to time about nothing. IT sure is fun sometimes
  13. If you have the time and patience to learn you should go for a degree or a certification like the other guys suggested. The world will become more computerized as we go on, any area you pick will pay decent at least and have jobs available. But I must say, you should at least like it a bit if not you'll hate it. But I guess that goes for most things
  14. Yeah man most of these companies are completely moronic when it comes to IT. Most have no idea what they're looking for or even asking. Most just want to low-ball your *** off and give you a workload that 3 people should be doing. Those companies can go suck a fat one