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  1. Look what scummy troll came back when we are having a bad season. Expected.
  2. How reliable is this?
  3. That's Atlanta for ya. But at least United got something.
  4. I would say the defensive stats for Smitty are a bit skewed because of the way the Falcons played from 2008 to 2010. We were a run first, ground and pound team. Only in 2011 did that philosophy change after the GB asswhupping in the playoffs. And let's be honest here, did anyone really feel safe with that Smitty defense? I neve really did, Quinns D at least showed flashes of greatness over several games, Smitty not so much. idk just my view of it.
  5. Lol we did win today, 13 - 10. GO OWLS!
  6. Lots of old vets have regressed and certain young bucks have not improved. Players like Alford, Trufant, Shraeder, Wes, to some degree Garland. Also, **** *** play from certain good players leads to games like these. Very disappointing, let's see what happens moving forward.
  7. Things are looking up, this team is gelling. I can't wait for these next few weeks!
  8. I would keep Kazee at FS when Allen comes back and put Rico at Nickel. When Rico played Nickel last year, he balled out like a beast. It would be a perfect setup really.
  9. lol so Stafford or Rivers are elite but Ryan isn't? What an absolute ******* moron.
  10. Aikman is unbearable, such an aints nuthugger
  11. Also how the **** do you not count Neal as a cornerstone? The guy is a beast Yeah, I get that Senat is not cornerstone now, but people here are projecting. You know that thing everyone does by looking at the data and extrapolating into the future? So far Senat has played great for a rookie, to say that moving forward he would not improve and become cornerstone is laughable. I am all for drafting DT's and having great depth. But these comments are just dumb. Did you guys feel that Grady was not a cornerstone in his first year too? Laughable.
  12. Man I really miss John Abraham, not so much the guy opposite of him lol
  13. I think it's important to remember where we came from and what we are now. I just enjoy watching this yearbook once in a while. Something about it makes me really happy. Also, does anyone know the music from @8:27??