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  1. Considering Kraft and McNair are 2 of the owners, Goodell is probably toast.
  2. This is really not true. We didn't have the right cleats and Chicago seemed to have been prepared. Cleat length really hurt us in this game. Home field advantage yesterday was quite large. Equipment had the same issue I think last year. They need to do a better job bringing soft turf cleats.
  3. yea I know right. Remember that time he caught the ball landing on his head and had to stay out 2 plays to eat a power bar. He is such a fragile guy. I would think the better argument is to petition the NFL to prove julio is not a robot.
  4. If they let us play physical. I think Alford is going to get in on it more than Sherman.
  5. I math gooder. But I dont put it past the nfl to let the hawks have a 1 game handicap. ;P yep 11-4-1
  6. I see us ending 10-6 third seed behind seattle at 11-5-1. We would play the redskins.
  7. I am amazed people are still saying it was a flagrant act or even taunting. Check your eye sight. He landed on the guys leg and slipped.
  8. It was pretty obvious at the time he landed on the wr leg and was trying to not lose balance. I have no idea why people think he was kicking after seeing the replay during the game. I am actually surprised at all the comments acting like he was trying to kick him. I can understand the refs in real time not getting a second view though.
  9. Shame really that we have to take a very important topic and throw unrelated stuff in the mix. Did he really do the thing where it appeared he was looking for weed or was that a hoax?
  10. I have to say that Matt is better than I thought. I am hard on him but considering his accuracy over the last 5 years that's pretty good. Could he have more touchdowns? sure but after seeing all the stat breakdown in this thread it is obvious the stat was worked pretty heavily to be negative. The person who came up with this stat has a great job waiting for them in government.
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