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  1. After all the cheap calls they've had go their way? No sympathy from me! (or anybody else in Atlanta)
  2. 2nd year in a row, on the last play. Proof there IS a God! If my Falcons couldn't be there, this really was the next best thing!
  3. Now that's burned into my retinas, can't unsee it! Mommy, make the bad pictures go away!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Maybe not earth-shattering, but a very nice move! Should help provide at least SOME added QB pressure.
  5. Don't know why I came in here!
  6. We all talk about "Brotherhood" around here. You are our brother, in life and in Falcon Love. All my prayers and good thoughts go your way and your family. I only know you thru this board,but your strength and spirit leave me in awe. Stay strong, my brother!
  7. Hive Sop Dap! (and I mean that sincerely)
  8. So nice to be in a situation to take BPA instead of a reach for need. Still some really good DT's out there should be able to land one tomorrow. Had no idea Ridley would fall to us!
  9. I personally don't like the Color Rush unis. To me it's always looked like they're playing in their pajamas.
  10. Just saw some video on Frank Ragnow, a center from Arkansas. 6'5", 315 lbs. From what I saw, looks to have some nasty to him. Anybody know anything about him? If he could fall to us in Rd 2 or 3, I'd have no problem with him at guard, grooming to step in win A. Mack is gone. Any thoughts?