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  1. Actually, nobody will know nothin' for quite a while. NONE of these guys, for any team, has played a single snap of big-boy football yet. So many high picks will fail, while so many unheard of, questionable picks will develop as stand-out players. I tend to disregard the so-called "experts" grades. They're nothing but opinions, with no more impact than any other opinion. I withhold judgement on draft picks til I get a chance to see them play.
  2. After all the cheap calls they've had go their way? No sympathy from me! (or anybody else in Atlanta)
  3. 2nd year in a row, on the last play. Proof there IS a God! If my Falcons couldn't be there, this really was the next best thing!
  4. Now that's burned into my retinas, can't unsee it! Mommy, make the bad pictures go away!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Maybe not earth-shattering, but a very nice move! Should help provide at least SOME added QB pressure.
  6. We all talk about "Brotherhood" around here. You are our brother, in life and in Falcon Love. All my prayers and good thoughts go your way and your family. I only know you thru this board,but your strength and spirit leave me in awe. Stay strong, my brother!