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    ahawkins reacted to Ovie_Lover in Everson Griffen Anyone ??   
    Yall greedy  I like it 
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    ahawkins reacted to caponine in Everson Griffen Anyone ??   
    Holy sh*t if we can actually get him .... this D line will be insane. Griffen , Grady and Fowler ?? 
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    ahawkins reacted to Em_Jae20 in Whats the plan at LB?   
    If there are any Ohio State fans out there why hasn't there been more hype around Malik Harrison?  He tested very well at the combine and has the requisite size and length people covet at the linebacker spot.  I've only seen highlights but I wouldn't mind taking him in the second round
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    ahawkins reacted to RYNE in Whats the plan at LB?   
    Campbell should have been rushing the passer a lot more in my opinion. I don’t think we used him well. 
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    ahawkins reacted to Pa_Falcon_Fan in 3 Free Agency Upgrades   
    Is there risk involved?  Absolutely.  But really, lets look at what we've done so far while in "cap ****".
     - 25 year old pass rusher coming off the best season of his career so far.
     - 1st round TE talent who fell behind a all pro TE his rookie season because of injury.  He has more upside than Hooper and costs WAAAYYY less since he is still on his rookie deal.
     - 25 year old running back who was widely considered one of the best in the league just 2 years ago on a 1 year prove it deal.  Yes, the knee is a concern, but even with that concern he still put up close to 1000 yards rushing (over 1000 all purpose) and 14 TDs.  
    I think every one of them is well worth the risk.  
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    ahawkins reacted to Falconcheff in 3 Free Agency Upgrades   
    To me, Hurst is a lateral move, but saved us around 7mil in cap space...that's SUCH a win it's unreal...
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    ahawkins reacted to FentayeJones in 3 Free Agency Upgrades   
    I think going from Hooper to Hurst will be a lateral move also. When I watch them they are very similar with the exception of Hurst being much faster. But like you said, the cap hit from what Hooper would have been to what Hurst is makes it worth it.
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    ahawkins reacted to lju713 in Is it the knee or the narrative.   
    ....The NFL is a business. Injuries are a part of that business. We have seen a decline in Gurley and we all know about the college injury. He know what we did 2018. We also know we was due a $10m roster bonus coming off a 857yd season 
    Every media pundit is hinting toward his downfall as a situation type back or act as if he tore both his knees last week. None of the players he has played with/against has tweeted or commented on TG as if he's lost a step. I saw way more decline in Free and David Johnson than TG.
    Looks like the league is black balling the RB position again to pay other positions. The media will set a narrative and run with it
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    ahawkins reacted to A-TowN.- in For the Gurley Signing Haters: 10 Reasons   
    Great analysis man.
    To the people saying it’s Steven Jackson 2.0, please think a little bit before making such a stupid comparison. Literally only things in common are that they came from the Rams and have dreads.
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    ahawkins reacted to FentayeJones in For the Gurley Signing Haters: 10 Reasons   
    I cant argue with any of your points and like you said, I cant see any downside.
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    ahawkins reacted to Francis York Morgan in For the Gurley Signing Haters: 10 Reasons   
    First off, know this much - I get you. At least on a surface level, it looks like we traded Free, a guy who a lot of TATF liked, for a guy with similar injury issues, a guy who had a down year, and we did it with money that could've been dedicated to the defense. But let me point out a few things that have me high as Khalifa on this Gurley signing.
    1) Contract conditional on physical: Gurley's deal with us is conditional on him passing a physical, which means if his knee is really as bad as everyone's making it out to be, he won't count a penny against our cap. Plain and simple.
    2) Low risk: This contract is for just one year. And his injury isn't ligament damage - it's arthritis. I have yet to hear about someone with an ACL injury that doesn't have some form of arthritis. It's incredibly manageable at 25. Again, this guy is just 25. The people worried about this are mostly going off what others say. Sure, I wouldn't give Gurley 30 carries every game, but he's not this fragile butterfly you have to tiptoe around. And again - if he fails the physical, we're not on the hook for a dime.
    3) The money's right: This move doesn't just mean we get Gurley for a year on 5 mil. It also means we can move on from Hill if no one bites on the 5th round tender (it isn't likely) and save another 2.3 mil or so. Then, we either sign him back or draft a RB in a loaded draft. And we don't even know the breakdown - there could easily be incentives and injury stipulation in the contract. It's such a win-win I can barely understand the gripes.
    4) Post June 1st workings: I was annoyed with Tru being designated a Post June 1st cut because it didn't help us with signings at the beginning of FA and it didn't help us with the draft class signings since it wouldn't come free until all our draftees were signed. Well, Gurley was a Post June 1st cut too. What does that mean? His money doesn't even hit the cap till June 2nd. In other words, the money we freed up from Tru (10.75 mil) is going to great use when it likely would have sat for months otherwise. Those saying we should have signed defensive players with it, what D guys are you even talking about? I don't see a single guy with a June 1st designation that was released that interests me. It'll only help with the guys still chillin once June 2nd hits, and the Gurley signing doesn't impact that at all imho.
    5) Insanely high reward: This can't be overstated. People saying Gurley had his "worst year," were you around in 2016? He averaged 3.2 ypc and had less yards and TDs than 2019. And that year, it wasn't because he was barely being used. He was just worse. They stacked the box against him, forcing Goff to beat them, and he just couldn't. Why? Because Goff ******* blows. When McVay leaned on Gurley this year, it largely worked, except that OL...oof. Go back and watch All 22 of Gurley, it's free. That trash OL is getting him hit behind the line every play. He gets even one step and it's a first down, if not more. There were so many plays Free hesitated or was too slow on that Gurley makes a big gain in his place. Also, in 2017 and 2018, the offense was marginally better, and they couldn't stack the box against Gurley as well. Here? See my next point.
    6) Gurley won't be the focus of the defense: And if he is, defenses will get punished. Holy ****, we have SO many weapons compared to the Rams. Our play action game is going to be lethal if Koetter's dumb *** even begins to get into a groove. He has an obscene amount of weapons at his disposal. I'd love to see teams leave 6 or 7 in the box against Gurley like we faced so often last year. He's going to make them pay, especially if our OL takes the next step like I believe they will.
    7) Fan turnout: Sure, this is kinda cheating since it's for AB more than anyone, but I bet sales are gonna pop off with Gurley here. It's a fairweather fanbase. Just the way things are. But if we get a legitimate homefield advantage, games are going to be so much more fun to watch. I'm hopeful.
    8) McVay is arrogant: And not in the same way Shanny was. Call it rumor and hearsay if you like, but I've heard that there were issues on McVay's part where he didn't like that Gurley got so much credit for the team's success compared to him and Goff. He was a team captain every year minus 2019. Wonder why? And so much of the creativity with Gurley died in 2019 compared to years past. Then there are the games where he was killing it (Pittsburgh, Carolina, both with 6+ YPC) and he only got 12 and 14 carries in each game (respectively). Both were one score games and they were 1-1 in them. There was no reason not to lean on Gurley. Trust me - there were issues there, and a lot of Rams fans have been saying similar things about McVay either not using Gurley or using him poorly.
    9) The draft opened up: I like the RBs in this draft a lot. But it sucks when you're hemmed into taking a position. As is, we were practically locked into taking a RB and CB with two of our first three picks, and arguably a LB in those first three two. That's all needs-based drafting. I hate strictly needs based drafting. This move means we have so much more flexibility. Can we still draft a RB? Sure. I'd love it tbh. But now we don't have to. And we can have more BPA drafting in general. This is all good news, folks. Not to mention, if he balls out, we get a comp next year if he walks.
    10) Something to prove: People might hate this reason, but to that, I'll say - these players are HUMAN. Gurley was just recently considered the best RB in the NFL. Over the course of a single season where he was horrendously underutilized, he became "washed," "damaged goods," whatever you want to call it. He was cut. That stings. And now, here he is, headed back to the home of his alma mater, where the most raving of Gurley fans reside, and you want me to believe he isn't going to be working his butt off to show everyone he's still got it. Ha. If it doesn't pan out, the reason won't be Gurley not having something to prove. He's going to be putting his all into this offseason and season itself, guaranteed. It's his last chance at a big contract, and more than that (knowing his competitiveness), it's his last chance to ensure he has a chance to cement his NFL legacy.
    Anyway, that's 10 reasons. Feel free to add your own. I just can't find any big downsides to this. I'm pumped.
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    ahawkins reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in Gurley One Year up to 5 million, Melvin Gordon 2 years at about 7 million per year   
    Gordon is 2 years, 16 mil. 8 mil a year.
    Gurley is 1 year, 5 mil...
    Big difference. Where are you even seeing this up to 11 mil for gurley??
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    ahawkins reacted to The O.D.B in Why is Ishmael still playing SS over Neasman?   
    So you're saying when drafting your future SS, you're not looking at guys who played SS in School....?
    I'm sure there are a million nuances to how the position is played from College to the NFL but, You're telling me an Ivy league guy can't learn them and also a player who's stout in run and fast enough to play in coverage is not worth a shot when we are putting Ish out their every week? 
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    ahawkins reacted to The O.D.B in Why is Ishmael still playing SS over Neasman?   
    Ah yes, suggesting a guy who played SS in college  might be able to play SS in the NFL is absurd. 
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    ahawkins reacted to The O.D.B in Why is Ishmael still playing SS over Neasman?   
    Are you kidding....Sharod gets flagged for just looking at the field! /Purp
    I love Sharod and don't know why he doesn't get more playing time. 
    However, with us playing more 2lb sets, and having Grace on the side, I don't know why we haven't tried Olo to replace Neal. I mean he's get the size/speed and College experience as SS. They also touted him for learning the playbook overnight (or something insanely quick). If he was being cross trained, he would already be on the field IMO. This would also put Ish back to the LBs as backup. 
    It seems to me almost like we are keeping Ish on the field because we didn't try him last year. I agree with giving him a shot but, it's time to get him out of a coverage position and get him back to the line or the bench. 
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    ahawkins reacted to MilleniumFalcon in According to NFL.com . . .   
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riley_Ridley Calvin's brother's first name is "Cavin"
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    ahawkins reacted to ya_boi_j in According to NFL.com . . .   
    Probably because that’s his name
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    ahawkins reacted to vel in Julio has more to say about Jordan Miller   
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    ahawkins reacted to athell in Julio has more to say about Jordan Miller   
    How does it go?
    Oh yea...
    /clears throat
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    ahawkins reacted to vel in Julio has more to say about Jordan Miller   
    Fifth round may be the heart round for this team. Rico, Grady, Kazee. Throw in Hill's resurgence and Miller's persona, and we're talking about a handful of guys in recent drafts that have been potential or actual gems in that round. Crazy to think. 
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    ahawkins reacted to BoomGoesTheDynamite in Was this guy really considered a better player than Julio?   
    The only reason the media considered him 'better' was because he made headlines with his antics and supposedly had 'swagger', while Julio keeps his head down and does his job.
    Also Julio plays for ATL so as far as the media is concered that's a knock. Remember when Damarius Thomas, Dez Bryant, and AJ Green were supposed to be 'better' than Julio despite all he did during that time? 
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    ahawkins reacted to RING OF HONOR in Was this guy really considered a better player than Julio?   
    Boom Goes the mutha ****in Dynamite
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    ahawkins reacted to Duff_Man in How good do you think Brian Hill will become?   
    1,850 yards, 20 TDs.
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    ahawkins reacted to Spts1 in Ultimate X’s and O’x thread   
    I went back and looked at some tape.  His line appear to be still using the 4-3 under techniques.  One tackle playing two gap 4 technique.  Nose playing two gap 1 technique and the other tackle playing 3 tech.  These do change.

    In the diagram below, the techniques are different but the linebacker assignment is basically the same.  Your outside linebackers have contain on run and pass rush in passing situations. On running plays your Mikes have Fill and Scrape duty. ( Fill gaps and Scrape the runner back inside).  On passing plays the Mikes match up against the tight end and running backs. 
    The example in the Falcon play above shows this.  Quinn is running a 3-4 under with man behind it in a cover 1.  He is playing a nickel.  The Free Safety backpedals to his spot on the hash. The mikes pick up the running back and tight end, man by the corners.  Its a very aggressive defense because you essentially can have 5 people coming at the qb in pass rush at any time. He can move the linebackers around and overload a gap. (  A specialty of Todd Bowles and Rex Ryan).

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    ahawkins reacted to Knight of God in D’onta Foreman is Available   
    Love to
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