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    ahawkins reacted to 1989Fan in 11 and 5 is staring us in the face!   
    If we go 11-5 that would be a slap in the face to Morris.
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    ahawkins reacted to NOVAFalconFan in 11 and 5 is staring us in the face!   
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    ahawkins reacted to Jesus in Younghoe Koo   
    Until he misses another kick, then there will be 50 threads to cut him and quarter him.
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    ahawkins reacted to Foo Falcons in Falcons Offensive Line is Straight Offensive 😡   
    To be honest I'm only ever watching Lindstrom and McGary (since they're our future) and I think they've both played well. Definitely encouraged by them
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    ahawkins reacted to RING OF HONOR in Ewww! Nasty.   
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    ahawkins reacted to Godzilla1985 in I’m done with the NFL   
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    ahawkins reacted to GATXBOI in Where does this leave Mr. Ryan?   
    Hoisting a Lombardi trophy 
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    ahawkins reacted to JD dirtybird21 in Where does this leave Mr. Ryan?   
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    ahawkins reacted to Knight of God in Jamal Adams   
    Give them next years first and third and a new contract! 
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    ahawkins reacted to 1989Fan in What do you get when you cross the Sheffield going back to school, and the Mercedes-Benz not re-upping the Superdome naming rights threads?   
    Smart move by this company. They know there is no chance they get this bid, but just by articles like this coming out they are getting a ton of exposure and free advertising. Bravo fellas!
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    ahawkins reacted to Knight of God in Berry good or Berry bad FA?   
    Yes please
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    ahawkins reacted to g-dawg in Deone Bucannon signed   
    Crown Dimitroff.
    He is blowing away the record for signing free agent 1st round busts in one off-season.
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    ahawkins reacted to Ergo Proxy in QB performance metrics since 2008   
    I was actually surprised he graded only 2nd to Brees since 2012 and basically has an equal grading to Rodgers overall.
    Before, it was common knowledge he surpassed Rodgers since 2015, but this shows he has been better than anyone except Brees for 8 years now.
    And, that's with Dirk as the OC for the majority of that time-frame.
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    ahawkins reacted to Charles Wright in Grady in the gym........oh my   
    He lifted 7 times and his coach; buddy said 3500 lbs. That would be 500 lb deadlifts.
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    ahawkins reacted to ramonezy in Can Atlanta’s Offense Renew Treadwell’s FREAK Status   
    Exactly... We don't need a receiver to take the top off... We got two of those already. We need big-bodied, underneath receiver to replace Sanu... who ran a 4.67 at the combine... But he turned out alright. 
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    ahawkins reacted to ike barn87987 in Mykal Walker   
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    ahawkins reacted to Cole World in Hooker for a 3rd   
    Starting next offseason 
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    ahawkins reacted to Fired Up in Hooker for a 3rd   
    That looks like a strong reason for the teams not to pick up those options. Seems good for those players looking to get that contract sooner than later. 
    Also, it puts the Falcons are in a bind, big time. 
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    ahawkins reacted to FalconsIn2012 in More 5 Man Fronts   
    I think trading for Harris hints we will be running more 5 man fronts. He and Fowler are better in space and Debo & Foye are ILB’s.  
    Starting in SF last year we started running quite a bit of 53 defense and it worked incredibly well....especially with Morris disguising his back end coverages so well.
    Fowler-Grady-Davison-Davidson-Takk with Bailey, Harris, Cominsky rotating one is a solid group.
    Harris has a great spin move.  Maybe we can help rebuild some of his confidence
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    ahawkins reacted to Nu Dirty Birdz in Marlon Davidson “Physically Abusing a Man”   
    I Love this pick!!

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    ahawkins reacted to *TMo* in Panthers Make Christian McCaffery Highest Paid RB Ever   
    He's a game changer.
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    ahawkins reacted to ya_boi_j in Panthers Make Christian McCaffery Highest Paid RB Ever   
    He deserves it
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    ahawkins reacted to Ovie_Lover in Sign Jameis Winston   
    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the dude has been playing blind his entire career and just got lasik surgery this offseason. 
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    ahawkins reacted to DonOfThemBirds in Kazee and Our Secondary   
    Tyrann Mathieu is 5'9 and would've been a sure top half 1st round pick if wouldn't have had those off-field issues coming out of LSU.
    Mathieu is now a 2-time 1st team All-Pro and his playmaking skills carried over from college to the NFL.
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    ahawkins reacted to MSalmon in Kazee and Our Secondary   
    He’s 203 with a 36+ vert and ran a sub 4.5 forty and his game speed is amazing. He returned kicks even. Is he a reach? I’m not so sure that he is. The draft geeks in media are often quite wrong in guys like this. Heck, Keke was considered a reach for us
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