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  1. If we ever have to start Schaub we are f*****. I would feel more comfortable with Sanu back there before Schaub..
  2. #28 Jordan Miller.. The best so far has to be Warrick Dunn.
  3. Man, I'm pulling for the guy! I hope he takes full advantage of the opportunity.
  4. It would certainly be nice to have a "Home-field Advantage" but I don't see that ever being the case while the PSLs exist.
  5. I hope we take another chance on him, and he takes full advantage of it!
  6. I have a feeling that DQ is a lot more confident in his ability to get the most out of the guys we've got. Also anticipate we bring in a mid level free agent for the DL rotation. I appreciate your perspective though!
  7. Curious to hear some of your takes.. @Knight of God @FalconFanSince1970
  8. #14- IOL Cody Ford- 6'4 329 = Massive guy with athletic play. He can lock down RT, but I would play him at RG and let him dominate. #45- CB Amani Oruwariye- 6'2 205 = Looks the part, has decent length our staff covets, high-ceiling guy who excels in zone and press- and is physical. If Tru doesn't rebound, then it also provides us another outside option. #79- IDL Renell Wren- 6'5 318 = Has size, length, and good first step quickness. Is a bit raw, but shows flashes of high potential specifically pushing the pocket and in the run game. #117- IOL Terrone Prescod- 6'5 331 = Why didn't this guy get an invite to the combine?! He's another massive guy. Read this from The Draft Network, "Has the power to move people against their will and put them on their back. Uproots defensive lineman out of their gap and creates space in the run game. Very intentional about body positioning and taking advantage of blocking angles. Blends technique and power well." He also has vast experience in the zone blocking scheme, seeing as that's primarily what they run at NC State. Plug and play LG. (Our interior is now solidified with Prescod, Mack, and Ford.. Free and Ryan are salivating at this point) #137- LB Ben Burr-Kirven- 6'0 230 = He's a small but instinctive guy. A tackling machine, who plays whistle to whistle. Competitive Toughness is considered his "best trait" and he's productive. "He earned first-team Associated Press All-American and the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year Award after leading the country with 176 total tackles (ranking third with 94 solos) and also posting 5.5 tackles for loss, two sacks, two interceptions, six pass breakups, three fumble recoveries and four forced fumbles." -He's LB depth in the middle and weakside and a ST guy from day 1. #152- TE Foster Moraeu- 6'4 253 = "Really competes as a run blocker, fires off the ball and looks for blood." He's a feisty blocker who possesses some athleticism. (4.66 40, 36.5 vert, 121 broad) His comp on NFL.com is Logan Paulsen.. #172- OT Tyree St. Louis- 6'5 305 = Played primarily at RT through career in Miami. (moved to LT senior year) Has a stocky frame, long arms, and good foot quickness. "St. Louis is an intelligent blocker that diagnoses stunts and blitzes from the defense well and has the reactive athleticism to shut them down." He's not a finished product but would offer competition at RT. #186- WR Hunter Renfrow- 5'10 184 = Reliable, sure-handed slot receiver who uses shifty route running and technique to create separation. He always seems to come in clutch in big situations. While a total opposite in stature compared to Sanu, offers a similar "security blanket" who can move the chains. #230- EDGE Jonathan Ledbetter- 6'4 280 = Not overly explosive, but has good inside and outside versatility. Has a good frame, length, and motor. Feel like this is a guy Quinn could work with along the line.
  9. I agree, I think Cody Ford will be our 1st selection.. Check out my Mock over in the Draft and Free Agency board and let me know what you think:
  10. Check out my draft over in the Draft and Free Agency thread. I feel like I filled the need fairly well with TheDraftNetwrok mock draft simulator.
  11. I feel like this draft would be ideal! 14 Cody Ford, IOL Oklahoma 45 Amani Oruwariye, CB Penn State 79 Renell Wren, IDL Arizona State 117 Terronne Prescod, IOL NC State 137 Ben Burr-Kirven, LB Washington 152 Foster Moreau, TE LSU 172 Tyree St. Louis, OT Miami 186 Hunter Renfrow, WR Clemson 230 Jonathan Ledbetter, EDGE Georgia
  12. Plus Parris Campbell (the one drafted in the post that this is a response to) would likely be heavily utilized in more of a gadget role/ Special Teams returner role.. which we need lol
  13. Another one I liked.. -14 Ed Oliver, IDL Houston -45 Dexter Lawrence, IDL Clemson -79 Dennis Daley, OT South Carolina -111 Terronne Prescod, IOL NC State -142 Parris Campbell, WR Ohio State -173 Kendall Joseph, LB Clemson -208 Jamal Peters, CB Mississippi State
  14. Here we go! 14 Jonah Williams, OT Alabama 45 Dexter Lawrence, IDL Clemson 79 Michael Jackson, CB Miami 111 Nate Davis, IOL Charlotte 142 Terronne Prescod, IOL NC State 173 Parris Campbell, WR Ohio State 208 Jonathan Ledbetter, EDGE Georgia
  15. Here’s some “Nasty”