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  1. This is the guy I’ve been most excited about!! I know he didn’t grade out the best last year, but just watching him I felt like he was a player. Tons of potential.. even in the Seahawks game when he had those two deep balls caught on him.. he was right there in Tyler Locket’s pocket. It seemed like more of the perfect throw/ball placement rather than him getting “burnt.” Think he takes a huge step this year!
  2. Spot on OP!! Also, not really seeing the Steven Jackson comparison that I keep hearing. We got an aging SJ who had lost a few steps and was at the tail end of his career. Meanwhile, TG3 still has a burst and can still run away from people when he hits the open field. We’ve been able to manage Julio’s workout through practices, camp, ect. I’m confident that our staff can do the same for TG3.
  3. I think it’s a steal and certainly a low risk move. Really hope he comes out and proves all of these pundits wrong though- he still has some juice left.
  4. I'm always checking the boards… Just haven't posted very often lol

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