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  1. Benjamin needs to just become a move TE...
  2. I'll be at the game!! Coming in from Texas (My buddy is a huge WSH fan)
  3. I think he’s tired of answering redzone questions... haha
  4. We need to put Senat in there next to Jarrett. McClain is getting tossed around a bit
  5. Go check out Zac Thomas from Appalachian State..
  6. Just a thought.. Poole moves to SS and Kazee slides into the nickel role..
  7. Man reading this gave me chills!
  8. Gave me chills! Ready to see our boys play!!
  9. Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce the newest Falcons fan! Maverick Ryan Hawkins! 11/12/17 @2:26am 7lbs 11oz PS: his mother’s family has a lot of Cowboys fans in it, so it’s an even more perfect day to join the Falcons Brotherhood!!
  10. I'm always checking the boards… Just haven't posted very often lol