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  1. This may sound crazy. But what I would do if I was Kirby is move Del to coach the safety’s(he played DB himself) and hire a cornerback coach as DC or co DC with Lanning. Then let Fountain coach TE’s and coordinate special teams like Beamer did. Hire Thomas Brown or another up and coming RB coach to coach RBs. That would make it a 5-5 split of assistant coaches. Plus it gives you some veteran coaches on defense.
  2. I just realized that we could have 14 early enrollees? That’s insane. If you count Solomon transferring in that could be 15. Johnson, Walthour, Daniel, and Webb are already on campus. Then Smith, Dean, Davis, Goede, McClendon, Cine and Mathis all plan to come in January. Then you would assume Bennett will coming from JC. Then if we add Stevenson and Haselwood that makes 14. That would be ridiculous.
  3. He will probably get some looks at the star position and grow into ilb
  4. I didn't say he was a bad coach. But the wr play has dropped off a lot the last few years. The worst being last year. WRs had the hardest time getting open and getting separation last year. Recruiting at the wr position hasn't been very good the last few years as well.
  5. To be honest Tony Ball is the weakest link as far as offensive coaches go. I could see him leaving if given the chance.
  6. No one knows what is gonna happen with Muschamp. It's similar to USC last year before the season started.
  7. Butch really needs to beat Florida this year. That would do wonders for his job security.
  8. Worley really turned the corner today. With the exception of Bama. I believe Tenn can win out.
  9. My favorites are when they call everyone on the team Manziel. They used to do that with Tebow too.
  10. It's amazing how bad Tennessee has been with all the talent on offense they have had. If Worley would have had a better coach to develop him I think he would be a pretty good quarterback. But you look at that Oline both backs and the receivers they have. Now the defense is a different story.
  11. After Oregon demolished the Vols if Georgia and Alabama don't do the same it's gonna make the sec look bad.