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  1. Bill Simmons just seems like a doosh to me. I dont mind his podcasts and you cant deny his knowledge in regards to the NFL and especially the NBA, but like Kaptain Krazy said, he picked against us almost all year. Plus it's easy to dislike a Pats/Celts fan.
  2. Yep, they already announced we'd be wearing red.
  3. Schiller talked in the Green Infraction commercial, I'm sure you guys saw it/been posted here. Awesome commercial and great word play.
  4. yep thats it, with the old logo. they had it on the offical store site for a while. not really diggin how they pull stuff and discontinue it...craziness
  5. Not jersey related but man I should've ordered the nike retro ko sweatshirt when I had the chance. Can't find that thing anywhere online...anyone still sellin em?
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