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  1. Leaving work early, I will meet my wife at the Dome!
  2. Compare a 13-3 team's SOS vs, say a 7-9 team in the same division. Everything else being equal, 26-6 against 14-18 makes for a much tougher schedule for the loser team, by the numbers.
  3. A RB doesn't handle the ball on every snap. Not making excuses, just saying that the comparison is invalid.
  4. Maybe not as an NFC South member but the Falcons made the Super Bowl before any of the others.
  5. The reason that Carolina's schedule was tougher is that the Falcons were on it twice.
  6. Agree 100%. Talent is not a license to be a *****.
  7. Weird. I grew up in CO and we had this totally off the wall stuff called "grass" in the yard. All the neighbors, too. How bizzarre is that?
  8. John Elway started 5 Super Bowls. Not neccesarily relevant, just historically accurate.
  9. The short, unabashedly homer answer: You wouldn't.
  10. Cause and effect. Lofton goes to NO, Falcons get #1 seed, NO misses playoffs...
  11. Maybe it's just me but the fact that the OP is using Zippy the Pinhead as a profile pic could mean something...
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