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  1. And bobby mac about to get a ring
  2. hmm lets see our starting mlb is out. jags win by 20
  3. I understand your pain. AB needs to make some changes
  4. lol sad but true. broken collarbone coming up
  5. yeaa when he said that blocked punt thing and it happen again i knew it was a wrap!
  6. Not a bad start to the season. This might just be the spark we need. I hate our first lost came against the aints but whatever!
  7. possible trap game where HD goes for over 100 lol
  8. Bored. So which upcoming game could we potentially lose? If we dont lose to the aints, I can see us being undefeated till we play the niners.
  9. he looks healthy he won my fantasy league for me with matt bryant!
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