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  1. Piedmont hospital 1975. Live in paulding now. Been a fan since early 80's
  2. That's exactly what I was thinking. Romo would be a good mentor for him and give him another year to develop
  3. He did not look real good either this year. Maybe he will get better. I think romo would be good there if he can stay healthy
  4. Denver's offence is terrible. They need a qb
  5. I would actually like to see Brees retire after this year. Go out still playing decent. Like Payton manning should have done at the end of last year.
  6. Just seen on nfl network that he is expected to play
  7. it's possible, but let's give them a few games first. I am cautiously optamistic. I would love for them to win every game. I have been watching them for 30 years. I have been excited about them before and let down. Let's see how they do aginst NY and dallas
  8. Pass protection looked good most of the night. Hopefully it continues. Some of yall need to cool your heels a little. Talking about the big dance. It's been one game. Need to see how there playing after five or six games first before talking big dance.
  9. I would keep smith another year and make changes in the front office
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