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  1. Falcons 27 - 14
  2. I'm not discounting them (or "it" to be more precise, since there was only one long play). I was just saying that your sarcasm didn't make sense. "When Ito comes in there, there is space for running all of a sudden" would imply that Ito was breaking off good runs with most of his touches, which isn't the case.
  3. Ito had 28 of his 32 yards on one play... Otherwise he averaged 1.3 yards per carry.
  4. The only advantage the Saints have over the Falcons IMO is offensive coaching. We have better offensive talent, defensive talent and defensive coaching with DQ.
  5. Thank heavens for that flag
  6. What whiners
  7. Time for a Brees pick-6 while trying to perform some 2 minute heroics.