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  1. I don't see how he doesn't make the roster. We don't have any other running backs with his skillset.
  2. Hoping this guy is prime Eric Weems as a gunner and Devin Hester as a returner.
  3. I think both players will have better stats in the second half of the season
  4. Koo is 38/42 (90%) and a perfect 3/3 from 50+ since joining the Falcons. If he keeps up his current pace, he should be the NFC's kicker in the Pro Bowl, especially if he manages to have some non-FG special teams highlights.
  5. KΩΩ is gΩing αΩ be αhe NFC ΦrΩ bΩwl kicker EdiΠ: Why is Λy ΜΟsΠ gliΠched?
  6. The Bucs off-season hype has been irritating, but I still hope they come back and win. I'll feel so much better being 0-1 if the Saints are also 0-1.
  7. Michael Thomas will come back to earth this year and people will argue some other WR not named Julio is the best.
  8. Jameis Winston was a turnover machine, but he threw for over 5000 yards and 30 TDs for a reason. I still think the Bucs will be better with Brady, but Jameis was a ball mover.
  9. Koo missing an extra point after having one negated due to penalty early in the season isn't a big deal...
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