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  1. do you actually believe the stuff you say . Even the biggest Homer can't be this dumb . still in the hunt ? really ? I think you must work for the Falcons and you try to come on here at boost morale. But come on , enough is enough . the only thing the Falcons are in a hunt for is the number 1 pick in the draft . we will lose by two touchdowns Sunday . So dude , get back to reality
  2. Atlanta's kinda used to mediocrity so I doubt any changes to be made now . Arthur's kind of lucky he's got his team in Atlanta because it's probably a good 60 percent of fans on here who are still behind Mike Smith . if this was a big market , he'd have to fire Smith .
  3. Can't. But if they keep Smith we will be discussing this same crap again next year.
  4. DeCoud is awful. Horrible. Pathetic. Anyone who thinks this guy can play safety in this league is either blind , dumb or stupid.
  5. hahahahahahahahahahahshaha . Dam that was funny . No chance. 41 -7 . They will show all of you homer dumb@ss how stupid you really are .
  6. this team is hot garbage. We won't win 5 games this year. Tony is done after this putrid falcon season. Tell me again why we should make him stay on this lackluster , heartless team ?
  7. you don't have to worry about this after this season . Mike Smith will not coach this team next year . and all you people who believe blank will keep Smith around just because he likes him , are in for a rude awakening .
  8. same here. But I soured on Smith in last years playoffs. Not this season. Nearly blowing the Seattle game then letting SF embarrass us in the second half did it for me. Oh yea , don't forget that home playoff blowout by GB. I still cringe at the silence in that dome that curesed night !!
  9. I figured that was your point . But one question , do you see Smith as the type of coach who has the ability to ever win .. hold on . Ever get to a superbowl ??
  10. please don't try to compare a superbowl champion coach with one that is 1 - 4 in post season games
  11. make it a $ 1000. He's toast . Start listening to the national media. Everyone is saying it and I'm sure Blank is too.
  12. us a trap . We sux . All they have to do is show up and we lose.
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