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  1. 64 hurries, hits and sacks over the last 3 season to rank him 10th in the league, in 2 different defensive fronts. But he only got 6.5 sacks huh?
  2. 2008: 35 sacks 2009: 28 sacks Dan Quinn was the defensive line coach in 2009 as well
  3. I would of paid Morgan more. I think he is worth around 8M a season in todays market.
  4. I cant say Weatherspoon is better. More talented but never on the park Peters is better and WillyMo as well when healthy. Still tuuurrrrrrible drafting though!
  5. MR wont be seeing the post season for a while due to TD's incompetence Ryan is a better QB though but he is heading in the Manning direction. Great reg. season QB, schitful in the playoffs
  6. I didnt realize Bennett was used sparingly. Still, father time catches up with everyone in their 30's, look at Michael Turner. He was also a back up for years and he had nothing left after we got the best out of him...
  7. Its like something new around here lol We have supposedly been building through the draft for 7 years, why am i hearing it so often now??? Must be because TD has blown so many picks its been impossible, but of course he'll all of the sudden start drafting studs under DQ's command lol
  8. Bench trials are the warm up in bigger cases, no? Hardy was supposed to have been judged by a panel of his peers, but instead the woman went on a spending spree at Dolce & Gabanna. Tells me the judge' intuition wasnt too good on this one.
  9. We arnt looking for game changers, we are simply looking for players that can actually pass rush
  10. Because its one persons opinion? If one judges opinion was guilty, then why isnt he serving time? Seems the court process is fairer than you want it to be. He may well of been guilty, but we will never know as the 'victim' skipped town and went shopping on the day she was supposed to be in court.
  11. At the end of the day, Bennett has roughly 3 top years of production left, Hardy has roughly 7 providing he keeps his nose clean. Both are looking like a pipe dream at this point in time anyway
  12. I think the NFLPA has good reason to as well. At the end of the day, if this goes to court, i cant see the NFL having a leg to stand on. But once again, im not an attorneys azzhole and have no idea how the courts work. A bench trial doesnt seem enough to label anyone guilty and to enforce big $ penalties seems a reach as well imo. This is potentially costing Hardy millions of dollars and a suspension would realize it.
  13. Its pretty hard to refute knocking your better half out on video one would think. The he said, she said case of Hardy is wishy washy at best especially with the defendant going missing for a few bucks. I dont think Hardy will be signed, i just think he should be.
  14. He may potentially miss 6 games or 2 or 5 or 1 or 0. Nobody knows at this point in time. With no conviction does the NFL have basis for suspension. Im not an attorney, but i would think Hardy and crew would have a case to refute a suspension based on non conviction and the wishy washy story of the woman who eventually took the money and went shopping.
  15. How is that an attack? Its a lighthearted response to the vitriol pointed at Hardy on these boards. For every poster that doesnt want Hardy on the team, there are 3 who do. The poll has spoken. I dont condone DV at all, but i certainly will give someone the chance to redeem and rehabilitate.
  16. Carry on then Im all for bringing in ANYONE who improves this defense. If we have to trade, beg, steal or borrow, lets do it. Imho, we have gone the cheap route(maybe not by plan) and we will reap what we sew in the reg. season. Scheme will be much better and i love the DQ HC move, but its a given in the NFL that you need talent to execute.
  17. Yes im a falcons fan and i dont hate the fan base at all... I just really want see a product, especially defense that i can get excited about. That is all
  18. Why so? I dont attack posters and 98% of my comments are football related. If i dont like the off season i see no reason to censor it, why do you? In the case of gazoo i call it as i see it. He creates bait threads and trolls anyone with a different opinion, thats my opinion anyway
  19. You sound a bit emotional over this Hardy situation, maybe you need a rest? Its evident you form picket lines in front of courts parading with sign in hand about domestic violence. Oh you dont? You just whine on forums about it? Thought so... Im not fazed about an IP address look up, in fact im all for it...
  20. I dont know why the butt hurt. Its ok to do an about face, just admit that you may have been mistaken and we no doubt need a pass rush upgrade along with the draft. Y'all are relying on a rookie to come in and have the QB running for his life. Low % play. JPowers, you need some new material. A play on words works the first time only. Even i had a chuckle The point still stands though. Hypocrisy is rife as per. Also, im glad for whoever quoted gazoos comment before he deleted it. Fake azz troll he is
  21. A summary of comments before this thread: 'But, but i love what the FO and DQ are doing this off season' 'We dont need an expensive pass rusher in Quinns system!' 'Who needs talent when we have Quinn' 'I can see exactly how they are going about building the roster, and i love it!' '[insert pass rushers name] is too expensive' 'It makes every bit of sense to those who understand the scheme' 'We didnt sign [insert pass rushers name]. Get over it! I love the talent we have gotten' As soon as a decent named is mentioned that we 'might' acquire, the so called 'happy with the offseason so far' crew are falling over each other with fist pumping, high 5, go get em type posts whilst crowning the FO and DQ as pure genius. Brilliant! ROFL Anyone for Hardy then??
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