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  1. Yeah, ive heard them say Quinn has full control over the roster too
  2. I dont think anyone is making out he averaged 14 sacks, everyone just wants the position upgraded with bonafide talent. He spent 24 hours with the top brass and was obviously low balled Good post though, pretty much spot on
  3. Clayborn could be on IR after game 1 but is already crowned 'a good signing' lmao He has missed more ******* games than he has played
  4. I wouldnt think all three would add up to the USA's murder toll alone...
  5. **** straight FFS1970 TATF- Look at sack numbers, dismiss as rubbish
  6. Per game roster bonus' in case he misses games. Oh well, wtf do we care, we have Kory Beercan
  7. So your way of thinking is as follows: 10.5 sacks/6 hurries/9 hits is better than 6.5 sacks/21 hurries/14 hits
  8. Less hurries and hits= less pressure It may have slipped your mind, but our defense last season was horrific. Oh thats right, a coaching move will solve all our issues lol He should put it together soon then, one would think? Ya'll telling us DQ will work magic with scrubs, imagine a player with talent under his wing
  9. TD clamoring to sign anyone now as the horse has bolted...
  10. Id love to know the figures TD offered Morgan. Obviously less than TN offered and more than likely less years too. The man cant draft a pass rusher and is to tight to bring one in through free agency! According to PFF, Morgan has had 64 hurries, hits and sacks over the last 3 years putting him in the top 10 in that time. He signed a 4yr 27M contract with only 8.5M guaranteed. This contract is good for 28th best for defensive linemen in the NFL and 48th best in guaranteed money. https://twitter.com/PFF/status/576408151815237632 Paul Soliai earns just 350k less but with 2.5M more guaranteed money. http://overthecap.com/position/defensive-line/ How did TD let him walk away when we so desperately need good pass rushers. Instead he re signs Kory Beercan and a couple of injury prone players off the scrap heap. DQ better be a **** of a coach Dimitroffed
  11. Will you still like it when we are 4-12 and drafting in the top 3?
  12. 'The best teams are the teams that do things differently' Not an assumption? lmao
  13. 10-6 LOL Did this bet spring to mind after we signed the biggest pass rushing stud on the market? Kory Beercan! Dimitroffed
  14. Your on... ill take that bet lol On a positive note: Kroy is re signed
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