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  1. LOL@ it was all Mike Smiths fault Yep, Dan Quinn screamed out to Dimitroffed "I must have Kroy... Get me Kroy now" Kool aid. Stop drinking it.
  2. OOnnnnneee Huuunnndddrreeeeeeddd and Eiiiggghhhtttttyyyyyyyy
  3. Link? Yes, sacks are all that matters. Brilliant. Well done.
  4. I would say you are right now. I think we whiffed on Morgan though, jmo Imagine going into the season with Morgan and Beasley/Ray. Sigh. Hageman stands up as well and we have a great DL all of the sudden. Sigh.
  5. Good post It is speculative, but that is my opinion. There are only a few of feasible reasons as to why Morgan didnt sign imo, them being: Not enough money ie low balled Not enough money to uproot himself and family(may have offered 6.5M but TN matched) Didnt want to leave but wanted to jack his price up. Morgan is a much, much better player than Beercan. Your post is an example of a cesspool of stupidity.
  6. I would think its the only way it works. DQ has been given no more or less power than Smitty had imo
  7. Morgan got 6.25M per yr with escalators and only 8.5M guaranteed... Chicken feed
  8. I know what you are saying and agree with the HC/GM working together, but, if Smitty wanted x player and TD and his scouts dont like x player, there is no way he gets drafted. The GM's job is on the line now, he knows it too after what Blank has expressed through the media etc. It will be the same with DQ. DQ will outline certain traits, physical descriptions, athletic ability etc he wants and the scouting department will find them. They will all assess the film together and come to a common ground. Thats my take anyway. There will be significant roster turnover imo, more than 30%. I think we are both safe from Beerman as DLed posted something about him being brought back for ST's, but what would that useless prick know. Ok, i just read what you wrote more closely, we are on the same page by the looks of things.
  9. There is some good stuff in here...
  10. Worst case scenario for me is Clayborn and co ball out, TD grabs the contracts out and signs them up to multi year deals and then they go on to be injury prone again. Thats why i dont like 1 yr deals, they should be 2 yr prove it deals.
  11. My bad, i thought it was 36/38 but couldnt be bothered looking it up. Still no reason to crown him a good signing before the season starts lol
  12. Maybe they should block him? Any scrub offensive lineman can, thats for sure.
  13. No, TD offerend him 10M a year but Morgan said no because he is just so happy at TN **** straight he is a game changing piece for such a bad defense like ours. I cant wait for the excuses to start rolling out when Quinn cant do chit with this defense. Scrubs are scrubs
  14. Then TD has lost touch with the market. All GM's should know its takes a bit more to pry FA's from teams they are currently happy at.
  15. Are you privvy to conversations they have had? lol So what you are saying is, Smitty was a chitful talent evaluator and TD went along for the ride. DQ is a great talent evaluator and TD will go along for the ride again? Do you think TD signed KB71 or do you think DQ wanted him signed? Maybe DQ doesnt want to upset the apple cart so he is fine with TD signing scrub after scrub knowing he'll cut the dead wood?
  16. The way TD drafts defensively, he'll need all the picks to luck out on a pass rusher
  17. The roster yes, but TD is lining up all the talent for him to choose from is my take. The writing is on the wall after the Kory Beercan signing EDIT: I should of worded first post better when i look at it
  18. As far as i know, he was never in their sights. At least Morgan made the trip to FB, was low balled and then left
  19. I have never claimed Blank to be a liar, please post. Ill wait
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