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  1. Just got to hope our OL adjusts to ZB and opens a few holes for him.
  2. I lost my father to a car accident on November 27th, 1994. I was 19. Obviously a lot has happened since then, but this year i realized he has been out of my life more than in it. Its a stark reminder to everyone to cherish the ones you love and let them all know how important they are to you. Good luck Gritz when you lay him down for the final time.
  3. TD still has the final say on draft day as well AFAIK. Pretty good post though and nailed just about everything. I dont know why some on here think TD has nothing to do with free agent signings, the draft and the roster in general, but ive seen it written many, many times in the last week.
  4. Pretty sure Quinn got to Seattle in '09 as the DL coach...
  5. Byron Jones is my man, im hoping we take him in round 3 if available Some think he'll play corner in the NFL, but everything about him says FS to me.
  6. LOL Thats awesome. DQ must of re signed him to give the OL confidence in TC
  7. Not really, especially when they are wrong. I think youre wrong ukfalc. The way i see it, the posters that are implying that of the OP are the pro TD posters. The anti-TD posters know its not the truth imho
  8. Peter Konz stands out to me. He is worth about $2.34 if judged on ability.
  9. He does not scout or manage a team of scouts He does not draft He does not select free agents He does not have any say in the final 53 He does write player contracts He does talk to media with AB and DQ's consent He does sign Kroy Biermann Does that sound about right?
  10. Once again, what is the role of TD? Is he the whipping boy at FB... A vel scenario: DQ: **** Arthur, these free agents are either useless or injured! AB: Didnt you work with TD to sign these guys? DQ: TD? Are you kidding me? That vegan toss pot couldnt see talent if it bit him on the azz! Except for that Beercan dude, he rocks! AB: Well, whats the plan DQ? Can you sort it with TD? DQ: Arty, you said i only answer to you. Remember? AB: Yes, sure i remember. Forget TD then, what do you really want? DQ: Trade for Justin Houston, i dont care what it costs. TD will come in handy as the accountant on his contract though. Tell him not to low ball him like Morgan though, **** i wish we had of signed him. AB: Umm, yeah me too Dan. Umm, can i call Pioli? DQ: WTF for? Is the tail wagging the dog here? AB: Calm down Dan. Ok, we'll do it. Do you know how to negotiate deals Q? DQ: Does a fat dog fart Arty. Wheres my phone? Just get TD ready to crunch numbers Art. See ya. AB: Umm, bye. AB: Rich, why is TD employed? RM: I dont know, he has been stripped of all GM powers. You approved it Arthur. AB: ****, i did too. See ya Rich. AB: Thomas, its Blank. TD: Hi Arthur, nice to hear from you. How have you been? AB: Cut the bullchit biker boy. I just realized you are useless to the organization. Youre fired. TD: But, i do the contracts Arthur, i do the freaking contracts!!!! AB: Ive replaced you with a book keeper/3rd year student studying accountancy. She only costs me 19k a year. TD: Oh. 3rd year eh? I'll clean my desk out. right away... By the way, do you have jobs going in the mail room Arthur? AB: Hangs up...
  11. But, but its Quinns team! WTF is TD still doing at FB then? He doesnt scout, he doesnt draft, he doesnt select FA's(just signs them apparently) and he has no influence over the final 53 lol He is the new Atlanta Falcons senior accountant. TD has his mitts all over this team and all over free agency as well looking at the Kory Beercan signing
  12. What if Rex wins the superbowl and DQ flakes it as a HC lol The crying would be immense
  13. But, but they lost their Pro Bowl LB!! Theyre doomed! Edit: and ill up previous comment and say 10-15 rushing offense
  14. If he is on the roster then ill start worrying about DQ, unless its purely ST's based
  15. What about if Rex sports the number 1 defense in 2015
  16. Wow... A pro bowl LB? Like the Pro Bowl means jack squat. My theory is Rex has forgotten more than youll ever know, and he'll field a pretty ******* good defense in Buffalo with or without Kiko
  17. If Kiko was on the Falcons roster and DQ traded him, the message board consensus would be: 'Obviously he didnt fit the defense he wants to run, i think it was a good move'
  18. So... No one else in the entire competition wanted Kroy, but all of the sudden Quinn thinks its a good idea lol
  19. Pretty sure new coaches etc say something similar each and every time the become the HC of another franchise. Heres some quotes from another time: "This is an exciting day for the Atlanta Falcons franchise," owner Arthur Blank said in a statement. "Bobby Petrino is an extremely talented football coach who has done some tremendously innovative things as both an offensive coordinator and head coach." "I am excited about the challenge that awaits me in Atlanta, and I'm equally excited about the potential that I see in this team," he said. "In short, he's a difference maker who will bring a strong identity to the Falcons -- one our team will buy into and take on as their own," Blank said.
  20. Julio is worth about 14.5M a year according to this... http://overthecap.com/position/wide-receiver
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