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  1. The best part is McKay the **** wit didnt even work him out lol Can you believe it? Just drafted him from a pure needs base and that was it.
  2. lol yeah RM drafted him and TD kept him on the roster for a few wasted years of absolute non production.
  3. I dont remember that. The only idiots that thought he would develop were TD and gazoo. Anderson was a bigger bust than Aundrey Bruce.
  4. A couple of depth players, whoopee. Late round picks are supposed to fill out depth, not be off the team/out of the league in a season or 2
  5. Id settle for a champion RB that is as hard as a cats head, unless you mean Jamaal Anderson?
  6. If Dimi didnt low ball Morgan we would have a pass rusher and could explore all avenues for the 8th pick. Oh well. Ya'll seem a little desperate now after being so confident in DQ's scheme and the FA's they brought in lmao
  7. If they had of signed a couple of good free agents we would of had the flexibility to draft BPA. Our D has hardly been upgraded and is in dire need of top tier talent.
  8. Im not against it now we are relying purely on scheme and a few bit players to fix the defense...
  9. Is Quinn Josh McDaniels? lol We have been building through the draft since TD got here. There are countless media articles with him quoting exactly that over the years and you kool aid drinkers are now saying it as if its something cutting edge and new. TD is simply bad at drafting. This is not even up for debate, especially defensively, but lets blame it all on Smitty lol Why is it that anyone who wanted to upgrade the defense with a good FA wanted to go crazy now? When we are 2-6 and the writing is on the wall, watch the 'i told you so' threads run rampant on TATF. Of course the homers will be screaming its a 2-3 year build with the usual zest whilst we mire in mediocrity once again.
  10. Yes, we have depth starting at DE again. No point sugar coating it.
  11. If you can draft an AP player anywhere it is 'good value' 'value' is just media rubbish
  12. Ill eat crow if we are not a bottom 5 defense, but we will be, so....
  13. I like the hire, but im not crowning his *** until i see him putting chit together. FA very underwhelming and he signed Kroy. Getting nervous.
  14. 1 good pass rusher would of been enough, backed up with our draft(providing they hit) = instantly better
  15. Most of us know the pass rush will suck again, its just going to take a bit longer for the 'cheap' crowd to get on board. Id say a 1-4 start will have them sharpening the pitchforks though.
  16. Thos threads were rippers... Gazoo would read about JA98 training with Chuck Smith and then tell us all he would get 7-8 sacks that year and dominate lol
  17. JA98 got most of his college career sacks because of scheme. Most of his sacks came from stunts. Willis was #1 on my board that year. You just knew the dude had it, played lights out with any injury and did it throughout his NFL career too.
  18. The whole depends on how DQ wants to go about things i guess. Does he want the top end talent of a certain position or does he just want 'more' talent on the team. Using the Philly trade back scenario, they would have to make up 550 points or close to it for us to do the deal. That is either their 2nd/3rd(550) this year OR their 1st next year/3rd this year + our 5th/7th this year(547.4)
  19. I can only see it happening if Mariota falls to us and Philly can deal Bradford.
  20. Trade down to 20ish and pick up an extra 2nd and 3rd Draft Owamagbe Odighizuwa from UCLA
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