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  1. Its admirable to be optimistic, but dont forget we have one of the worst drafting GM's in football selecting the players for DQ. Im not sold on Quinn, but im willing to give him at least this season to prove his worth. Anything less than .500 and he should be gone with the whole FO...
  2. Still trolling i see... You were a lone man on a totem pole regarding Jamaal Anderson too lol
  3. I was truly out of breath after reading that....
  4. 'Troffed again... Ive heard he is now sniffing around Peria Jerry
  5. We have been saying this exact same thing for years. What makes you think this is the year?
  6. Once fancy pants learns his knee is still a bit shaky, he'll move into the top 10 whilst selling a draft or two down a river and select him. Ive also heard Karl Joseph is an avid downhill biker, so god help us all...
  7. You forgot the head hunting defense he assembled. JL is quite possibly going to head that unit again in Brees last seasons. In fact, i have heard his old man will be suring up the strong side with 10k up for grabs on every bout of CTE dished up... Disclaimer: All or none of this post may be true.
  8. I heard the Aints came sniffing but lost interest after Laurinaitis became available. Contrary to what the collective thought of this board is, Mickey Loomis(an actual SB winning GM) thinks JL is much better than PW. Dont shoot the messenger.
  9. I think accounts should be discarded after 1000 posts and then posters be made to post 100 times before they can make a topic. How did gazoo manage to lose 10,000 of his troll posts? Was it due to the new forum upgrade?
  10. He may be good, at least he knows the system... The chances of us drafting a decent OL outside the 1st is fairly remote one would think if history tells us anything. Also, i wouldnt go mentioning length and mauling in the same sentence as Hashbrown is likely to get turned on to some degree and Larry will call you homophobic You also mentioned swinging tackle in a previous post fwiw
  11. lol salty much? Take it as you may, but the internet can be hard to read...
  12. I fail to see where gay bashing has occurred? In this day and age, political correctness and the cronies that preserve it see what they want to see i guess... I fail to see the joke when it comes to TD as well. The clown has held this franchise to ransom with his crappy drafting and seasonal scrubs in FA... Carry on...
  13. Putting post quotas on message boards is one way to keep new users away, but one gets the feeling this message board wants the herd mentality and fresh posters arnt really wanted. In the 7-8 years ive been posting here things havnt changed much. I miss the Vick threads though, comedy gold on a daily basis
  14. He cant draft a good scrapper so its odds on he couldnt whoop azz for ****. Its hilarious anyone would even want to stick up for this joker at this point in time, but i guess you are somewhat attracted to him. Maybe you want the azz whipping?
  15. DQ shouldnt be on the hot seat yet, but the bike riding hippy should of been fired from the grounds of Flowery Branch like a human cannonball. To think this mug won GM of the year - TWICE! Says to me that anyone with an arm could roll up an do his job. Throwing darts at wall full of names has kept him employed...
  16. Isnt that gel boys matra on draft day? Deceit?
  17. Pretty much look for the guy in the draft thats either constantly injured or coming off a major injury to see who swanky hair has hitched his wagon to...
  18. Another of Shannys cronies... I guess its a better percentage play than trying to let Dummytroff draft a decent OL.
  19. In case DQ doesnt quite know it yet, old swanky hair cant draft for ****. He needs to calm his expectations to either just fast or physical, not both.
  20. Still dont understand why we didnt keep Roddy for one more year and hit up FA next year. Instead we overpay a **** truck to a multi year deal. 'Troffed
  21. Another dummy for TD to railroad... TD is like a bad case of great galloping knob rot on this organization. His azz should of been shown the door years ago.
  22. Will be embarrassing when we get swept again.. Team is a basket case whilst the bike riding hippy is involved...
  23. If Marriota is still on the board i trade back with the highest bidder
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