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  1. Exactly. Piss poor from all involved with the offense.
  2. Has anyone got footage of the "catch" for a 1st down near the left sideline in the last Q? Im sure it was a missed challenge from Quinn. The footage before the break shows the ball on the ground underneath the receiver...
  3. Dummy will move up in the 1st for this guy lol
  4. Thanks Jorge Mario Bergoglio, your words of wisdom, faith and morals are saving the interwebz one post at a time... It is you isnt it?
  5. What the **** are you on about?? You are barking up the wrong tree dude. I am not even debating the results of any drafts, just the fact that kiwi stated in absolute terms that Blank directed the FO to draft JJ.
  6. Yeah, that trade. What of it?? I love JJ, but stating in an absolute manner that Blank ordered the FO to move up and draft him is just, well, you know. You'd have to be there i guess, which i KNOW kiwi was not. See another absolute statement. This **** is easier than i thought.
  7. This will be gelboys Peerless Price Why was he the 3rd/4th/5th WR on the DC at the Bengals? I mean, if he is so good and all... Primed for a breakout year yadda yadda yadda. Heard it all before from the rose colored glasses mob that inhabits this board like barnacles on an old ships hull
  8. Its great having folk like you on the message board allowing us all in on the inner workings of the organization. You must be great buddies with Blank or Dummy to know **** like this. Cheers!
  9. I would love Hardy to be signed just to see the meltdown of the tossers that think theyre morally and intellectually superior to others on here. From time to time i actually think hjerry is the pope with some of his posts lol Would be an absolute riot at a BBQ, imagine someone getting pissed and performing a practical joke that didnt quite work out, or worse, someone commenting on a pair of tits walking past
  10. Will struggle in the NFL running a 43.8 40 lol
  11. Allowing gel boy a bust and an injured prospect that no one else has on their radar, id say we'll walk away with one mediocre starter and the rest off the team in 2-3 years. 'Troffed again some would say...
  12. Dude has been nicked up the last couple of seasons, just the way Dummytroff likes his draftees and FA's though. Donkey? Rich coming from a dude who wears velcro gloves and wellingtons lol
  13. papachaz is all over it, the rest are clueless... Willy Mo isnt all there, so i can forgive his horrible reading comprehension..
  14. Sign Hardy and Aldon Smith. We need to be ruthless...
  15. We'll see alright lol Mack is a great signing providing he stays injury free, but to call TD 'one of the best' Really? Why havnt we had a pass rush since he arrived? Why do we need to sign free agent OL? Answer: Because he is **** at evaluating both lines and evaluating LB's. The end. Some of his drafting and free agency signings are embarrassing.
  16. Another crystal ball Its not about whether Roddy is a shadow of his former self, its about throwing 7-8 million at a guy who has produced **** all in his career. Roddy still had more yards last season lol Just another topic where it can all be summed up with one word 'Troffed
  17. Wesseling must have a crystal ball to know Sanu will be more productive than RW. Fact is, he has never come close to RW's production so the article is a bit of a joke. Disclaimer : Article sponsored by the Dummytroff foundation.
  18. The odds of a good LB core are slim at best. TD has no idea what a good LB looks like not to mention pass rushers, TE's, interior OL, safeties... You get the point...
  19. I dont really buy the assumption that Dummytroff drafts players the coach wants, after all it is his job on the line so he needs to feel comfortable with who he selects. Mind you, he would of had more success throwing darts at a name wall in hindsight.
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