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  1. TD's offensive drafting has been good imo Defensive drafting has been nothing short of damaging Subjective... Not a lot there imho Curtis Lofton Thomas DeCoud Robert James Kroy Biermann Wilrey Fontenot Peria Jerry William Moore Christopher Owens Lawrence Sidbury William Middleton Spencer Adkins Vance Walker Sean Weatherspoon Corey Peters Dominique Franks Shann Schillinger Akeem Dent Cliff Matthews Jonathon Massaquoi Charles Mitchell Travarian Robertson Desmond Trufant Robert Alford Malliciah Goodman Stansly Maponga Kemal Ishmael Zeke Motta RaShede Hageman Dezman Southward Prince Shembo Ricardo Allen Marquis Spruill Yawin Smallwood Tyler Starr
  2. The way i see the D as it stands: DL: A very slight upgrade on paper, but could be moot depending on injuries. LB: Much better than last seasons collective junk fest. Barring injury, should be decent improvement DB: No improvement, in fact, we are much worse. Will sign/draft but i expect the secondary to be horrendous. Pass rush will be similar imo, run defense improved, secondary will be smoked on a weekly basis.
  3. The sad part about that though, is Lofton is TD's 2nd best defensive draft choice.
  4. Probably a C If they sign Hardy A+ The pass rush is still feeble and we will have to rely on our draft picks to get the job done; which is a very unlikely scenario imho
  5. lol This FO aint doing schit this off season. Lets just hope TD doesnt draft another bust on the defensive side of the ball
  6. Im talking about TD players. Ryan and Julio- Both stars Moore- Good player but injured to often Decoud- Scrub and no longer on the roster Not a great haul in 7 years imho
  7. He has built a solid offense, and spent some good draft picks on the OL as well, but lets not shy away from the fact he has systematically destroyed the defense by missing on almost ALL of the draft selections on the defensive side of the ball since the start of his tenure. I think your reaching a little praising TD for the jobs Snead and Caldwell are now doing. Granted he deserves some credit.
  8. We got about 5 solid players that could well be down to 1 by week 4 with their injury histories, but keep that kool aid pouring in. If the D is as bad as the last couple of seasons, then what will your attitude be?
  9. Where are out 1st/2nd/3rd/4th round pro bowlers??
  10. Sorry to break it to you kid, but we havnt drafted well so your well thought out theory doesnt mean chit when it comes to us.
  11. Im certainly not swiftkick. Clueless as always though is our gazoo
  12. The crying will be monumental if he is signed. Please make it happen DQ.
  13. I want Hardy signed just to see you the OP openly weep on the board
  14. Well, how about playing the ball and not the man? I know its a bizarre concept to the group that wears rose colored glasses but it should at least be considered at some point
  15. Lighten up friend We all know what you meant, i just couldnt resist
  16. I liked you better when you were getting owned in the Lance Briggs thread. I was rather amused for a minute or 2. Keep up the good work
  17. I must say, the intelligence level has dropped significantly since last time i was on the board. 6000+ posts of drivel like this might force me to retire the keyboard once again. Run along little man.
  18. That sounds yummy indeed! What do you use to baste the lamb? Olive oil or some other type of marinade? Please indulge, im always on the lookout for new recipes.
  19. a gazoo thread lol This is coming from a poster that was telling us all JA98's play had improved so much we were witnessing the second coming of Bruce Smith Over your 50 years of watching NFL football, you are still the most clueless of them all.
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