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  1. 22 minutes ago, ki46dinah said:

    Only problem with that play....the Falcon did not pick it up...so what are we challenging? The catch? Well he made the catch and then placed it on the ground, but the ref blew the whistle before Goodwin(who looked like an incompetant idiot on the play) grabbed it from Mitchell.

    Which is another obvious call by the ref on the side of the Pats.

    Did you actually go to the time frame i suggested?

    If thats a catch, then i might as well give up watching any ball related sport.

    The ball clearly hits the turf during the actual catch.

  2. 1 minute ago, ki46dinah said:

    Brady was suspended 4 games, and the team went 3-1 in his absence. Please stop talking about this. 

    Brady plays in a joke of a divison, and it has been a joke for the better part of his 16 years in the division.

    This season, Matt Ryan was the MVP, and deserved it. Unfortunately he didnt win the big dance(but actually played better overall than Tom did), and Tom gets the MVP of the Superbowl.


    I think Matt Ryan fully deserves his MVP. Sensational year.

    The media and fans will take take the same stance as posted above imo and we will hear about it as the offseason progresses.

  3. 6 minutes ago, FalconsDK said:

    You are stating the obvious. Brady was named SB MVP. Matt Ryan was named season MVP on votes before the final game.... Soooooo, what is your point, Captain Obvious? 

    Matt played a pretty good game, but bad playcalling cost him a ring. 

    Matt had the chance to audible so its not all on playcalling.

    Brady should of gotten both in the end. He missed 4 games and was still being talked up against Matt and then did what he did yesterday. Just takes the shine from Ryans MVP win imo

  4. Dropping the Superbowl certainly puts into question his MVP imo

    The other in contention? You guessed it, the QB that came back from a 25 point deficit in the championship game to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.


    Tom Brady is the true MVP after that game and everybody knows it.

  5. Its not the play where he puts the ball on the ground, its the play on the left sideline where MM makes a diving "catch" and the ball hits the turf underneath his stomach...

    If anyone recorded the game, the replay is like 1-2 seconds before the ad break.

    Pretty sure its in the drive where they tie the game or the one before.

  6. One dumbass after another on this team...

    Pretty simple.


    OC calls 5 run plays for the 2nd half

    DQ doesnt over rule and tell him to run the ball down their throats

    QB has the situational awareness of a 4 year old playing with her dolls. Not only takes the sack, but doesnt audible into a run play when only 22yds out and Freeman running the ball well. lol


    Essentially, the offense handed the game to the young defense and said- "its all yours"

  7. 1 minute ago, slamee101 said:

    I made a post about it earlier.  Malcolm Mitchell.  Apparently nobody has a screenshot.

    No body recorded the game?


    You see it clearly like 2 seconds before an ad break.


    I was screaming for DQ to throw a flag

  8. I still want footage of a diving catch made on the left sideline(maybe Edelman) on the Pats drive to tie the game.


    As they went to a break, a replay showed the ball on the ground underneath him but it was ruled a catch. Brady ran a no huddle and snapped the ball quickly and DQ missed throwing the challenge...

  9. 12 minutes ago, ADAMSVILLE GYM said:

    Yep! But guess what? Bills will still need to be paid. This is our pass time. If the hurt is too much to bear, just root for a sure winner. The Steelers have 6. Easy fanhood. I'm ok with ATL.

    Yeah the sun will come up tomorrow, we all know that...

    ATL will choke again in the future, we all know that...


    Whats this about Pittsburgh?

  10. So a few fans vent after the worst loss in the history of the superbowl era and KOG comes in to tell them all to shut up and get over it. 

    I wasnt expecting to make the superbowl, but when you do qualify and especially when you are leading 28-3 and then lose, it ****ing hurts. Its a fairly unreasonable request to expect fans to just move on and cheer for next season 5 minutes after a hell of an embarrassment.

    In short, youre a wanker who needs to stop bitching about others bitching.


    *waits for KOG to bitch about me bitching about him bitching...

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