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  1. LOL Thats awesome. DQ must of re signed him to give the OL confidence in TC
  2. What if Rex wins the superbowl and DQ flakes it as a HC lol The crying would be immense
  3. But, but they lost their Pro Bowl LB!! Theyre doomed! Edit: and ill up previous comment and say 10-15 rushing offense
  4. What about if Rex sports the number 1 defense in 2015
  5. Wow... A pro bowl LB? Like the Pro Bowl means jack squat. My theory is Rex has forgotten more than youll ever know, and he'll field a pretty ******* good defense in Buffalo with or without Kiko
  6. If Kiko was on the Falcons roster and DQ traded him, the message board consensus would be: 'Obviously he didnt fit the defense he wants to run, i think it was a good move'
  7. Kool aid, trust me
  8. There is some good stuff in here...
  9. Maybe they should block him? Any scrub offensive lineman can, thats for sure.
  10. I wouldnt think all three would add up to the USA's murder toll alone...
  11. LOL
  12. Ah ok... But, if there was hard evidence ie CCTV, seeing witnesses etc etc The DA could go ahead and trial him? Is that correct?
  13. I just want to know the term for it. Do you know?
  14. Im not trying to be a smart azz now, but what is this called then? case dismissed via lack of evidence? lack of witness?
  15. Ok, gotchya So not guilty at the end of the day?