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  1. 2 drives where the defense does their jobs again. Let's see how the offense responds
  2. Because even more laughable than Mayfield, is they think Andrew's is the answer at LG
  3. Exactly my thoughts. Oregon's DE should be our pick if we end up picking extremely early. Had high hopes for this crop of QBs but not so far.
  4. After that last sack he was holding his knee, might not have made it out of week 1
  5. Would be nice to see them trying to make a tackle instead of missing the highlight hits
  6. We arent even trying to tackle. Just letting them run right by, this is garbage.
  7. This defense is a joke. Still cant score from the 3 on 2 different drives. Same crap different year. Maybe one day.
  8. Andrews should be on thin ice. Been some decent to good guards cut. Williamson, juwan green, ellerbee, huntley would be my first choices for PS
  9. My thoughts as well. Thought he would have taken Sheffield's spot. Should be on PS at worst though
  10. Offense has looked all kinds of out of sync, and oline looking rough. Next week seems like they wont enjoy practice. I'm sure we've not crossed 20 yards of offense so far
  11. I was so hoping to open this to see him being owned by the tackling dummies. I dont know how to embed tweets but it's pure gold for anyone that can put it on here
  12. Over 18 years experience and I have not. Scary thing is with all the cases I've worked and been involved in, you know there are that many more that are too scared or ashamed to come forward.
  13. If I'm not on call for work that weekend I'm going to have to take the family up for this. Never been to MBS so will be a nice trip
  14. I disagree greatly with the safety part. Yes we lost all our safeties, but Harmon is better than what we lost, and between Grant and Harris we should at minimum break even if they play at floor level
  15. I love to work with wood, building from scratch or restoring antique furniture. Working in the yard then when the sun goes down firing up the Xbox. If football is on I'm usually watching. I follow the Braves some what. I lost interest in basketball in the 90s.
  16. I like Terry also. I would not be shocked if he falls. I've heard hes had issues with coaches and all while at FSU that may cause problems. Hes from Ashburn, just a couple miles up the road from me. Another one of the WRs this draft I got to watch in HS. Would be a solid pick up for sure.
  17. I have not understood the Campbell hype. He has not lived up to his hype coming out of HS and dont believe he will coming into the big leagues. Stokes and LeCounte are the only players I would personally want from UGAs secondary. Then Jordan Davis from the DL
  18. One of the only Pro players I've ever met. Cool guy. Rest in peace!
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