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  1. Not sure if he doesn't sign much or what but can't find any pics on there other than reprints, bunch of cards and may have to just go with a card.
  2. I had thought about that once I got my hands on the ball because my son is gonna lose it with excitement. Send Keanu a video of his reaction
  3. Hope this is allowed if not please delete. I won a Keanu Neal signed panel ball on Twitter which is going to my son. I'm now hoping to find a signed picture to go with the ball so he can put a face with the ball. Anyone able to help me out?
  4. My thoughts also but was just making sure I wasn't alone with that assumption
  5. Is this tweet saying we are working out both, or trying to fit 2 totally different things into one tweet? Don't know anything about either one but I don't see the connection with these 2 for us to be working them both at the same time in Gainesville
  6. Never posted here but would often come here just to read the back and forth between the regulars. Was usually a good laugh.
  7. Glad ish is back. Would like to see us sign him to a 2 or 3 year cheap deal
  8. I hope this is sarcasm.
  9. I like Coleman over Freeman, but both are great backs. Freeman has the edge at straight up running but I think Coleman edges him in overall. Just my opinion
  10. Then what happens when King decides not to sign with us.
  11. Ahh thanks. Did not think about him being cut
  12. Toilolo just signed with the Lions on a one year deal so maybe cancels out Bethel.
  13. Raiders are releasing Clive Walford
  14. Wow. First must be alot of people that don't realize how grand jury works if the police rigged this whole thing and lied about everything and just pushed it through. People wanting to just push a narrative is hilarious also. Was hoping these threads were over with how the mods came down but see it was just hid till the league's favorite dirty nasty player gets in trouble again. Pitiful that there is so much fighting and arguing over something that none of us know the truth about right now, but attacking either one is wrong right now. Especially the supposed victim.