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  1. I like this mock alot but are you assuming Dimarco is cut already from the Bills? Would love to have him back. ASJ is the TE I want out of the free agents.
  2. I don't remember the specifics, but I know some where in the rules once the qb leaves the pocket the rules on the secondary loosen dramatically.
  3. Not a Bama fan by no means, but Minkah is the real deal. Kid can do it all in the secondary. Unfortunately ain't he slated as a top 10 pick?
  4. Our defense was playing really well but I think the wind and weather had alot to do with it. Several deep shots turned into ducks.
  5. Shocked no one has brought this up, with the eagles play caller being crowned and Sark crucified. I'm not a fan of Sark but no reason to beat a dead horse. Back to the point though. On their last failed 2 pt conversion they ran the same roll out to the right as we did. Guess they suck now also?
  6. That had to be the oddest commercial I've seen in a while. May need to check on Eli and Odell lol
  7. Lmao cris collinsworthless so butt hurt now. They're lucky it stood though
  8. I actually think this could have a chance if, and that's a big if they can do it right. The NFL is losing fans by the bunches for crazy poor officiating, and conspiracy theorist or not, the games looking more and more rigged.
  9. Last year he was straight beast but he looked different to me this year. May have not wanted another bad injury? He could definitely be our power back
  10. Curious what the knowledgeable guys think on this. This kid is quick and in the very limited amount I've seen him he's strong. Heck of a story as well.
  11. Man if Wynn makes it to our 2nd I hope we run to the podium. Only Bulldog I hope we can realistically get our hands on
  12. I think it comes down to Poe or Jarrett and I'll bet we keep Jarrett over Poe. Unless Poe signs for less than what he wanted last year. But if we could keep both, that would be great. Just don't know that it'll happen
  13. As a rb all for it. As a returner, no thanks
  14. Matt gets alot of hate in my opinion because he is so up and down. One game he is the MVP we all know he is and gets everyone on board, then he has one of his head scratcher games out of no where. Which I think that's part of being a Falcon. Drives everyone crazy including us but I guess we are all a little crazy also because we keep coming back for more every year.
  15. Haha one of their members said the clock ran out the game should have ended mid play