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  1. I would be shocked if he doesn't show up and I'm really neutral on the whole situation. Why show for Pooles camp and Cams then not show for Matt's. That could sour a lot of minds around the team and more of the fan base
  2. Liked and subscribed. I've been a big critic of our oline but they were opening some nice holes. A lot of the good they done got over clouded by the mistakes. Also love watching our receivers block so well down field
  3. Thanks for putting these together every year. Really enjoy watching all the stuff you find and put on here.
  4. Do you really believe this? Just curious is it because you're not familiar with him or just not impressed?
  5. Didn't pay attention to him last year, but was a fan of Ron. Good signing. Should be good competition to Rico and great depth
  6. It's not showing up in the ea vault, but it's a free install in the store. For some reason they haven't added it to the vault
  7. I've not gotten into the Julio threads but I'll make one here since he brought up the Tony situation and how he thinks these differ. I agree that Tony getting so much special treatment hurt him and the team. If Julio is back for training camp I don't see the same kind of riff. I think the problem Julio made for himself is when it seems that he told the team and especially DQ that he would be at mini camp then bailed at the last minute. That's where I worry may have made something that wasn't an issue, some what of an issue. I'm confident the money will get worked out and everyone will be happy, but I think it could have been handled differently.
  8. Unless Wes has made serious strides (which would be great and I hope he has) I don't see how he sees the field ahead of Fusco. From what we've seen on the field Fusco is a much better guard
  9. Delete mine. You have the tweet linked. Still don't know how to do that
  10. Don't know how to embed tweet. Kelsey reported. I tried to link it
  11. I missed this signing i guess?
  12. Paszter is a mystery to me. Did he even suit up last year. I know Brunskill is a project and needed time to develop but he looked rough last year. Sambrailo probably has it locked up again though. So I can see it's a long shot. I think Hass may be tried at guard. But if he's strictly a center then I agree he won't make it. Gray was put back as the 11th man this year. This time chosen to do so by the falcons from my understanding. Here is one article i found on it. www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/5/1/17307542/alex-gray-will-be-atlantas-11th-practice-squad-player-again-in-2018
  13. I think Gono or Haas? could push for a roster spot. Gray is the 11th ps guy again so he's not eligible for roster again. So I think that looks up TE unless Roh blows everyone's mind. Ortiz or Mcnitt for FB. I think everything else is locked up besides 6th wr. I think gage gets 5th for st. One more year of schuab
  14. Where have you heard it linked? I've not seen anything so just curious. I believe Quinn coached him or helped recruit him at UF.
  15. With Takk getting more snaps this season and having one season under his belt. Man he's gonna be fun to watch this season