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  1. I disagree greatly with the safety part. Yes we lost all our safeties, but Harmon is better than what we lost, and between Grant and Harris we should at minimum break even if they play at floor level
  2. I love to work with wood, building from scratch or restoring antique furniture. Working in the yard then when the sun goes down firing up the Xbox. If football is on I'm usually watching. I follow the Braves some what. I lost interest in basketball in the 90s.
  3. I like Terry also. I would not be shocked if he falls. I've heard hes had issues with coaches and all while at FSU that may cause problems. Hes from Ashburn, just a couple miles up the road from me. Another one of the WRs this draft I got to watch in HS. Would be a solid pick up for sure.
  4. I have not understood the Campbell hype. He has not lived up to his hype coming out of HS and dont believe he will coming into the big leagues. Stokes and LeCounte are the only players I would personally want from UGAs secondary. Then Jordan Davis from the DL
  5. One of the only Pro players I've ever met. Cool guy. Rest in peace!
  6. I forgot thats how last season ended! Glad you mentioned that. Now ready for the new season lol
  7. This is what I use when I'm not home. Small delay but not that bad for streaming
  8. I want it to be the Bills. I think the Packers win it all though.
  9. Prayers man. I'm an officer in Tifton which is a ways south, but I'll spread the word down here
  10. In that particular mock, Carolina jumped us at 3 to draft Wilson.
  11. He is suited up and went out for the coin toss, but haven't seen him on the field. I would love to have him as well.
  12. I want to like Bienemy, but I get the same feeling I got from Quinn. When I watch KC, Reid is so involved just like Carroll in Seattle. Is Bienemy really the brains or just holding the sheet for Reid.
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