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  1. Rico said no worries tru I got you!
  2. Good to see that fire back in Matt, and Ito is looking great!
  3. That drive is how our offense should look. Nice!
  4. **** of a route, pass, and catch. Nice read by Matt.
  5. Vic in coverage again. How many times we have to watch this fail
  6. Expect their defense to take some cheap shots also now
  7. Serious? You must not have read half the threads on here. Now given I agree the ones that have are the turds lol. But Most have nitpicked every thing they could find including not running wildcat in the red zone. I personally dont like the wild cat either as we are telegraphing what we are doing
  8. Lol oh sark can't win with some of yall. Everyone was complaining last week we didnt run the wild cat. Now we run it and fuss about it now.
  9. And Morris is something I definitely agree with!
  10. I agree. He definitely didnt looked like his old self. Easily the best LT in the league for a couple years. Can't imagine he regressed that much, but he did look like a shell of his former self
  11. Cowboys offensive line isn't as bullish as it was last year, but carolina did have q good looking rush. Hope the right side of our line wakes up. Schrader especially. I hope this is the game that Ridley breaks out for us
  12. Would be ecstatic if he could make this happen. I know he had a down year but was played all over the place.
  13. Sprioles showed us we definitely do not need Vic at linebacker on that 3rd down play. Vic needs to be on the line only. Jones being hurt is going to hurt us but if a couple young guys step up we can push through it. Riley didnt look as bad with the starters and if Foye can clean it up some we will be fine.