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  1. Wreh has been solid since being here. Very underrated player and usually steps up when his name is called.
  2. I was also hoping for a 2 year deal, or even possibly a 3 at most.
  3. I wish this was the case but Vic hasnt shown anything from what he learned from Freeney so whys he gonna learn from Bruce. Wish he would but vic only relies on speed and hasnt gotten that second move yet. Dont know if he will.
  4. Bruce is finally home!
  5. I think Wreh is severely underappreciated by the coaches or something. Like to see him get more play time
  6. Julio was not being denied!!!
  7. How is that not PI! And announcers saying good no call. Get out of here
  8. New elite corner? Who? Please dont say eli apple lol
  9. Wish I could choose more than one. Been a big fan of Takk since before the draft and he looks as good as I imagined. Kazee has been exciting to watch and just a blur everywhere while being a nice ballhawk. I'll admit I was less than excited about another wr with our first round pick but wow. Ridley is the real deal. Commented several times about his route running and separation. On disappoints, the biggest two are Vic and Schreader. Vic is a one move or bust rusher and Schreader has just been awful watching him.
  10. This guy is gonna be a special player for us. He and Takk are the biggest bright spots on D for me.
  11. I missed that in game but that was a **** of a block by Coleman. I think he is the better of our blocking backs. Ito has looked decent. I cringe watching Freeman try to block on most of them though.
  12. I would say he did especially on the long scramble where he took the big hit and kept us going. I've questioned him in the past but he has the fire and guts we need but cant do it all himself
  13. Most of the town is without power here. They just got mine turned back on. Alot of debris and downed trees but could have been alot worse.
  14. I know someone that does stuff like these. Dont know the extent of what she does. Let me message her with what you're looking for and I'll let you know info.
  15. I'm in tifton and bunkered down. Everyone be safe. They say this one is gonna be worse than Andrew was.