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  1. One of the only Pro players I've ever met. Cool guy. Rest in peace!
  2. I forgot thats how last season ended! Glad you mentioned that. Now ready for the new season lol
  3. This is what I use when I'm not home. Small delay but not that bad for streaming
  4. I want it to be the Bills. I think the Packers win it all though.
  5. Prayers man. I'm an officer in Tifton which is a ways south, but I'll spread the word down here
  6. In that particular mock, Carolina jumped us at 3 to draft Wilson.
  7. He is suited up and went out for the coin toss, but haven't seen him on the field. I would love to have him as well.
  8. I want to like Bienemy, but I get the same feeling I got from Quinn. When I watch KC, Reid is so involved just like Carroll in Seattle. Is Bienemy really the brains or just holding the sheet for Reid.
  9. Got hurt late in the Raiders game. Carted off
  10. All I got from that was "20 year old Chevy Mustang"
  11. Bateman is from the town I live in so I watch them a good bit. Ibrahim does look good in the games I've watched.
  12. I could have seen them doing this if he was under contract after this season, but with no control after these last few games probably just let him ride.
  13. Murray has been getting crushed out there. Shocked havent seen some yellow from the couple sacks I've seen. Piled on both. Peterson doesn't seem any where near like the same player anymore.
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