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  1. Hes definitely a playmaker, but I cant imagine that the Saints trade him, but if they did it would be even more of a shocker to trade them to us or the Panthers
  2. I agree. Mostly OL in F.A for me, but I think he would be a boost in that department if we looked his way which, is why I wouldnt mind looking his way.
  3. Read some reports Detroit is probably gonna try to keep him, but if he hits F.A. would be worth a look.
  4. Such a joke what Seattle gets away from no matter what. Such a horrible missed PI
  5. Oh I dont disagree at all with you. I may half understand but I'm not in that boat with them
  6. I half way understand the ones that wanted us to lose this game but even if we lost we weren't getting that much of a lower pick for one of the top d line players. On the other side of the coin, the way the offense in particular played the second half they wanted to win and were determined to. I think the team needed this win.
  7. Lol one play I never expected to see Matt on
  8. A great man, but dont blame him
  9. Schrader still isnt even trying out there. Just put a hand out like that's gonna stop McCoy.
  10. How was that not at minimum off setting? The panther swung after the late punch out by hill