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  1. Agreed. Hooper said something similar in a tweet a couple weeks ago. Dont get jt
  2. First time I've seen Cager pop up here. I think he could be like sanu was for us. Would love to pick him up late.
  3. Really? That was the perfect decision to take a knee instead of risking a turnover or blocked kick and them winning like that or tying it up
  4. I don't remember exactly when it happened, but it was early in the game. Hoop caught it and ran to the sideline. Got grabbed from behind and the safety came in and hit him right in the head. Hoop got up pointing to the head, but no one even mentioned or talked about it.
  5. I was excited about OZ more than Blake, but expected good things from Blake. Blake has been mostly invisible though when not making little mistakes. Hope he gets it figured out because I think he has good potential.
  6. Taking the knee was the perfect solution. 2 pts conversion doesnt start the clock regardless, and that way no mistakes which could have cost us the game.
  7. I've been a wreh Wilson fan for a while. Definitely underrated but still makes some weird mistakes. Think he found trufants old hands also. 2 dropped picks the last 2 weeks
  8. Lindstrom and Gono both played very well and Mcgary seemed settled down with someone good beside him. Zacheaus looked good as well seemly jumping Blake, because of his small mistakes. I've been hard on Freeman, but he looked like the Free of old today.
  9. Definitely keep Allen. Keep Koo but bring in some competition for him
  10. Commentators said he got dizzy and couldnt stand. When the showed him on the cart going to the locker room he was responsive. Never heard anything during the game about him being unresponsive.
  11. Nevermind. I was thinking wrong lafleur
  12. What's wrong with Clayborn? Did he get hurt also?
  13. Whoa Barner! When's the last time we've had one of those!
  14. Been too long sir. Glad to see you back with us.
  15. I watch Minnesota alot because of a local kid playing for them. Winfield is a stud. Would love for him to be in a Falcon jersey