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  1. If they dont at least trot brown out on Sunday they will be crucified and they know it for signing them both to good deals. Dont expect them to make any moves
  2. Lol yea. With all the write ups I forgot to include him. But the list was just to long
  3. 3rd. Tampa should beat the 49ers, and the other team in the division will start hot
  4. Mine is Jake. But if it was choices it would be all of them. Jake got beaten like a drum over and over. The left side of the line is suppose to be our stronger side and they looked worse than the rookies and ty most the game. Vic looked like the same Vic and the scheme was pure garbage. Saw Clayborn Vic and Takk in coverage roles... what? Freeman hopefully only had a down game but he didnt have his burst or shake. Matt isnt free either. He was throwing everyone high. He got mad early and looked out of sorts the whole game, which same goes for Julio. He didnt look interested in this one to me
  5. I'll agree we shot ourselves in the foot with giving them the ball on the 21 and 40 for their first 2 drives but we definitely got blown out. We scored because the Vikings started playing soft just trying to get the game over with.
  6. And now Campbell on Diggs haha. Just forfeit and let's go home
  7. Lmao vic on theilen. Only Quinn would think that's a good idea
  8. I'll be shocked if we score a single point this game. This is absolutely embarrassing. When's the last time we have been shut out?
  9. Penalties penalties and more penalties
  10. Vic scared to tackle Cousins?
  11. Barely 6 minutes in 14 to 0 and 2 turnovers
  12. Exactly. We never had outside contain in the preseason and havent on the 2 outside runs so far Make that 3 now for a td
  13. This has to be a bad dream
  14. Well this is going to be a long game