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  1. All I got from that was "20 year old Chevy Mustang"
  2. Bateman is from the town I live in so I watch them a good bit. Ibrahim does look good in the games I've watched.
  3. I could have seen them doing this if he was under contract after this season, but with no control after these last few games probably just let him ride.
  4. Murray has been getting crushed out there. Shocked havent seen some yellow from the couple sacks I've seen. Piled on both. Peterson doesn't seem any where near like the same player anymore.
  5. This could be true, but also says you cant just throw a temper tantrum, like he has for a while now about being traded, and get what you want. I agree he should be traded because we wont get anything for comp. Curious if we will see what offers were rejected
  6. Know we wont need a wr, but seen earlier Bateman is opting out his junior season and going to be entering the draft.
  7. I more lurk on here, but been here for quite a while. Picture of me and the boss lady several years ago. I'm 6'8, she 4'11
  8. Rashad Bateman is a local kid I've watched his whole career. Works his *** off and is a special young man. With Johnson gone he will be the star in Minnesota so expect him to be an earlier pick than we will look for at WR, but would love to see him line up as a Falcon.
  9. I wasnt impressed at first, but honestly hadn't really looked into him much. I've warmed up though. If we can get uche, buan, blacklock, or maduibuke in the 2nd this draft will start very nicely. Dream would be Winfield also but unfortunately dont see us going that way.
  10. We had a tornado pretty close outside of Tifton, but havent heard of anyone hurt here.
  11. Agreed. Hooper said something similar in a tweet a couple weeks ago. Dont get jt
  12. First time I've seen Cager pop up here. I think he could be like sanu was for us. Would love to pick him up late.
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