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  1. I was not a fan of the toss sweep but blocking was the biggest issue on a couple of them. I don't think we blocked anyone. The one we ran for about 4 yards showed it could work, but I'm glad he scrapped it at halftime.
  2. Yea that was a pitiful display of everything. He even reached to grab and hold him, right before the sack and couldn't even do that. Was is regressing in my opinion. Which is hard because there much room to fall
  3. Lol and now Roberts shows back up to try to continue to ruin the game.
  4. Well made that look easy. Matt may have to throw some more
  5. Yea, I doubted it also but maybe they let him throw one.
  6. Matt still needs 5 yards to continue the streak
  7. I believe it. Or he has a stash of pictures of Quinn, Dimi, and Blank
  8. Yet so many people swear he was so great. I been saying this also.
  9. I hope this finally ends the Armstrong era. Our defense is having their backs against the wall every drive because we can't cover a kickoff.
  10. Wasn't meant as a shot at Tru. He has been playing alot better. But Alf is usually alot more physical where Tru is finesse and sticky.
  11. I still shiver seeing those names and thinking about that line.
  12. Alford has been playing extremely well the past couple weeks. And maybe it was just me but when Dez gotreal physical with Tru it seemed like Alford started matching up with him more. (Don't know if that is right or just my bad eyes, and have no stats to back me up)
  13. Grace didn't make it out of the waiver process for us to put him on the PS did he? I'm assuming he was cut with plans to put him on the PS.