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  1. I cook with propane and propane accessories and I usually only use the front and middle burners so I put the tinfoil ball on the back burners and use indirect heat or whatever to roast them.
  2. Sometimes when I’m grilling steaks or chops I take a whole sweet onion and wrap in tinfoil with some portabella mushrooms and butter & seasoning salt and grill it.
  3. My grandfather used to eat sardines in mustard when we’d be out on the boat offshore fishing. Wouldn’t really eat em any other time. My personal stance has always been that I don’t eat any meat/poultry/fish product that comes out of a metal container. Feels too much like pet food.
  4. Reminds me of possibly my favorite tweet about the 2020 race:
  5. Ready for the pandemic to be over so I can get new John Wicks, James Bond, and Mission Impossible.
  6. ‘member when Jimmy Carter’s grandson was running for office and they had to apologize to Zionists for the family’s stance that treating Palestinians like they’re subhuman is bad?
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