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  1. @Mr. Hoopah! I’ve been wondering if wrapping a hotel smoke detector in tin foil works since I saw Nora do it on The Leftovers
  2. My friend in Florida just went thru the process of getting approved for his medical card, thanks in large part to the Morgan family’s good works 🙏
  3. I’ve always been afraid Tebow will run for office in Florida. I can already see him pushing faith-based education and the overthrow of some leftist national leader in Latin America.
  4. How many terms do you think Saban would serve if he ran for governor?
  5. Cool if both you and HM have me on ignore then everyone should be a lot happier. I wish you luck with your involuntary celibacy.
  6. You might pay closer attention to how these things usually start.
  7. Y’know Trout arguing that Bernie saying “uh” was the equivalent of the things we’ve seen out of Biden the past two years is one of the ****dest things I’ve ever seen. I’ve never come close to having so little respect for everyone here and for myself as to try to pass something like that off. He wouldn’t have gone so far to attempt to prove some sort of point before he internalized all those Leftist tweets about liberals and centrists and went off the deep end.
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