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  1. Falcons are always gonna Falcon it up in the end. Unreal but not surprising
  2. Pleasantly surprised. Its nice to be positive for once. Naturally the curse is still fighting us with that punt.
  3. Well thats not surprising since the Falcons aren't any better than some high school teams out there.
  4. How is it possible we are worst than the lowest point of when quinn was here.
  5. Has anyone seen any evidence at all of competent coaching yet?
  6. Why is Ryan even out there? For God's sake have we not seen him suck enough today?
  7. I didn't think it was possible to have worse play calling than dq but here we are.
  8. Just like they have given up on multiple drives now. Sure looks like a pattern.
  9. There is legit not a single thing to be positive about with this game.
  10. One would think but im sure the Falcons will find a way to drill through rock bottom.
  11. I've reached my limit of patience with him. Its time to move on.
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