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  1. This is the first time I really have felt like Ryan's time might be up soon. I realize some of it is on the play calling and receivers not getting open but this feels different.
  2. Again...and again...and again Ryan holds the ball forever and gets sacked. Absolutely absurd.
  3. Above zero in yards this half! And even a first download! woo hoo
  4. -4 yards in this half...that..thats....I'm legit at a loss for words. Thats so embarrassing that its embarrassed people who aren't even watching the game.
  5. I sincerely hope Ryan and the entire team is embarrassed because I am completely embarrassed
  6. At this point I'm ready to yank Ryan out..absurd he's holding the ball so long.
  7. What's funny is in the first couple of years I used to get mad he did it so much...now he won't do it at all. But that time he knew they were just inside fg range so not taking a sack should have been his top priority. Really ridiculous.
  8. I'm Legit surprised Ryan keeps doing this. That was unexcusable and he knows better.
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