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  1. Bad calls aside, I have to laugh at all the so called experts who called for it to be a close one. 99 percent are no more accurate than flipping a coin but get paid huge money to blather on and on while pretending they have special insight in to how the game will go down while being wrong in the end.
  2. Sort of hard when his offensive line is on vacation and someone is in his face in a micro second.
  3. At this point its a conspiracy theory that the officiating is not corrupt.
  4. Yep...incredible anyone would be taking fgs against the chiefs...and within 5 minutes the chiefs predictably make them regret it.
  5. I dont per se but its the obvious inconsistency that is absurd. That said, packers earned this loss..they had multiple chances after those picks and did nothing.
  6. After obvious holds all night with no calls they THEN throw one that decides the game is a really bad look...nevermind it took forever after the play to throw the flag.
  7. What a load of bs after they let them hold and hold and hold all night without calling it.
  8. Haha..perfect representation of another disaster of a season.
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