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  1. Certainly back in it now if they can play a little defense. Can you just imagine of ks blows this one?
  2. That's the truth.. Want to bet though after the game every talking head will make excuses for him.
  3. The thing is the throw before that was horrible too...dude was wide open and he missed him
  4. Great...another game having to hear the announcers slobber over rodgers
  5. Dam I was hoping they would go for it...watt saved it being 8 straight though.
  6. Kc is on another level right now on offense.
  7. Yeah him running around looking lost in the back field has been bad.
  8. Short of another unreal turn around....Imagine telling someone early in the second quarter that kc was going to legit blow out the Texans...incredible.
  9. Yep...Lots of falcons references on social media
  10. At least we didnt lose by much in the end...Texans could end up losing by **** of a lot at the rate it's going.
  11. Those Texan fan reaction videos are going to be amazing
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