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  1. i seriously can not believe it...we always come out on the short end of these situations. to be on the winning side for once..after giving up that 4th and 15....it's a strange sensation to say the least.
  2. that was one crazy game.
  3. our defense has been playing good though..their injuries or not.
  4. yep...after getting embarrassed and having all the motivation in the world and then playing an eagles team who seems to have a half their team injured with a QB who is hurt/struggling himself and we STILL Lose...to say that would be devastating would be an understatement
  5. yep, its officially a major problem.
  6. it just figures that with half the eagles team injured ryan decides to throw interceptions all over the place. we just can't catch a break.
  7. I dunno...that first half was about as bad as it gets. At least last year we at least could say we had a lot of injuries...but this was us at full strength and made even worse by it being the first game...where you would think they would be really pumped up. Instead they had zero energy and I didnt see a lick of positive emotion.
  8. That makes me feel a little better..today would have really sucked if they had not.
  9. Wow...just 10 pass attempts for cousins. Just when I think we couldn't look worse than we have.
  10. It really has been...I guess they can be happy they accomplished that together at least.
  11. More like liquified
  12. Yeah we wouldn't want to be embarrassed or anything lol
  13. What I want to see is the media hold his feet to the fire and not let him spew the same lame excuses after every loss because this isnt just a normal loss...this is humiliation. **** it I want to see some anger from the players too. If Quinn and the players do the golly gee whizz we faught hard but just came up short and we will look at the tape bs I think I'll puke. I'd there is no anger after this, he's already lost this season.
  14. At this point will we even get any? And there is our 60 something million dollar receiver earning his pay by dropping the ball to add to the laundry list of turds in this game. how can we be this bad...seriously?
  15. This is all on Q...he's got how many ex coaches working for him and they look even worse than the lowest point last year. Who would have guessed we would long for the good times of last year? He should be totally ashamed right now and the local media needs to be in his face to explain how this team looks so bad.