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  1. nfl might as well cancel every season until brady and BB are too old because you can only hype reruns but so many times.
  2. what is frustrating to me is they are spotted so many wins automatically every year because their division opponents always suck. put the falcons or saints in their place and they probably get into the post season just as much.
  3. yet another year of brady and patts butt kissing....it really is boring
  4. wow maybe the worst thrown ball in sb history...god he sucks
  5. I honestly can't get over it....the saint's and their fans complaining about the refs or a blown call breaks the irony meter. On top of that, ALL of the mainstream media have been talking about it and have been on their side and it's been infuriating and sickening. I know most people in that industry are hacks and idiots but It's unbelievable that after all these years of teams getting screwed over and over and over and over again in N.O., they have suddenly become the face of the victims of horrible officiating. It's absolutely insane. It's almost like if the pats started to claim that no one respects them or some such garbage .....oh wait
  6. lmao at the swamp rats complaining about the refs....what a joke that is
  7. for real...he had all day to make a play on that. figured...everyone just becomes stupid playing the swamp rats.
  8. yes...thank god...pulling for rivers
  9. frustrating to say the least
  10. yeah seeing him claping for poor play infuriates me. imagine seein BB doing that
  11. so glad we wont have to torture ourselves watching this sad excuse for a team after today
  12. lol..laughable to say the least
  13. why on earth did they blow a play dead on a holding call..wtf?
  14. sad and unacceptable. but the good news is it probably promises us we get a new oc.