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  1. grimes and his drama? You mean the same drama the idiot azz fans created
  2. I would say the pats or 49ers then the dirty birds
  3. The Falcons definitely need to draft a.CB in the firat four rounds, or gamble on what they perceive as a diamind in the rough
  4. Everybody acting dumb now. They know this is usually a ten page thread
  5. Ryan should get a contract no more than this. 1 and 4 and no SB titles is telling. So, yes, medic indeed, thanks
  6. I dont see why. They are both in the same boat I dont see why. They are both I I dont see why. They I dont see why. They
  7. If he has more than a few hundred rec. Yards then that is a concern. Your rb shouldnt have more than a couple to a few hundred if you run and coach a well balanced offensive attack
  8. 900 to 1050 rushing 10 TDs 300 receiving with 3 receiving TDs And two pancakes
  9. Exactly and I never understood the blowing out of proportion of the gf thing
  10. Y does everyone azz ume we want abe back?
  11. Im married and not self employed and life couldnt be better. Dont shyte on marriage. I hate when people do that.
  12. Abe aint worth the uniform he wore this past season. Hopefully we leave him be. Who says the falcons want to bring him back anyway? The afmb? Pfft!!!
  13. I get that same vibe. I dont understand the "oh, he is such a class act" thing bc to me it seems ingenuine.
  14. I dont condone what Vick did, but I also dont care enough about it
  15. Lol, you and me both. I thought i was the only one.
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