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  1. grimes and his drama? You mean the same drama the idiot azz fans created
  2. I would say the pats or 49ers then the dirty birds
  3. The Falcons definitely need to draft a.CB in the firat four rounds, or gamble on what they perceive as a diamind in the rough
  4. Everybody acting dumb now. They know this is usually a ten page thread
  5. Ryan should get a contract no more than this. 1 and 4 and no SB titles is telling. So, yes, medic indeed, thanks
  6. I dont see why. They are both in the same boat I dont see why. They are both I I dont see why. They I dont see why. They
  7. If he has more than a few hundred rec. Yards then that is a concern. Your rb shouldnt have more than a couple to a few hundred if you run and coach a well balanced offensive attack
  8. 900 to 1050 rushing 10 TDs 300 receiving with 3 receiving TDs And two pancakes
  9. Exactly and I never understood the blowing out of proportion of the gf thing
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