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  1. I totally agree, I know a lot of people hate on or forget, but Mike Smith's teams were disciplined. Lowest amount of penaltys in the league for some seasons. It's definitely all on Quinn for this kind of play and it all shows. Inexcusable
  2. Saw this thread and thought this was relevant. If it's not us knocking him out of the playoffs, it'll be the Vikes
  3. Idk about you guys, but when LI MVP voting was going on, I casted my vote for him. Anyone else feel that way? Also, what kind of nickname do we give to someone who's son of The hammer? Glad he's a Falcon
  4. Really appreciate you doing this again this year. Your posts are always a pleasure and something i look forward to reading every training camp. Keep up the hard work brother!
  5. I was impressed, i'm glad i wasn't the only one who noticed.
  6. I was there guys, it was straight LIT I'll try to post some of my pictures later. Atlanta got hyped, certainly did #RISEUP
  7. Hey guys, so my family was wondering if they will be able to say bye to the team as they leave for Houston on Sunday, like at the airport or something. Does anyone have any information regarding this or if this is even a thing? Thanks
  8. He actually mentioned in an interview not too long ago that it took him a good bit to figure out what it was lol, here's the link 2:26 in i think?
  9. Fair enough guys, this was a pretty straightforward conclusion. Thanks for the responses
  10. So just for fun, what is everyone's opinion on if the team brought back the Dirty Bird for Super Bowl LI? I know a lot of people will say "new team, new organization, etc. etc." , and the other group of people would be all for it. Personally I think it would be really cool to see. Loved it when Schofield did it when he was here. I was just wondering what the consensus in TATF would be. GO FALCONS
  11. I guess you could say the stars really did align for us this year
  12. Gonna put the game on the TVs at work but can't really watch it intently. However, i managed to take all the following Sunday's off so I could catch our birds in the NFCCG and the Superbowl
  13. Did announcer just say "So sh****" ??
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