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  1. 1 hour ago, Detroit_Falcon said:

    Hope to see as many Falcons fans in CLE this weekend as there appeared to be in DC last weekend. I'll be in section 149 (I had to double check it wasn't the Dawg Pound) Hope to see a lot of you there!

    Anyone know of any cool bars/restaurants in Cleveland to go to?? I have never been there before and any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

    I'm 2nd row section 148 we've got a group of 3 should get together for a beer or something

  2. Hey guys


    My gf & our friend are traveling from Ontario to Browns Falcons game. Thinking of renting a parking space to do some tail gaiting I have Falcons corn hole boards as well. Anyone else going to the game that wants to get together pre game for some drinks maybe we can meet up or something?

  3. 8 minutes ago, Detroit_Falcon said:

    Fellow Falcons Fans,

    Now I never was a huge fan of Matt Ryan and always thought he was very inconsistent but also was a solid QB who could win us a lot of games. The past few years I have seen his demeanor change to a more aggressive one, often holding teammates and coaches accountable and chewing them out on the field. I love to see this passion from the QB and has swung me into being a bigger fan of his. Now if we could only get DQ to use some passion on the sidelines and against the officials... 

    Also, anyone else going to the Browns game? I'm making the short trip over and wondering how many other Falcons fans will be at the game!


    Rise Up.

    My gf & I plus one of our friends are making the trip from Ontario sitting 2 rows up in the end zone. Super pumped