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  1. I agree with this 100%
  2. Did DQ actually tell Pam Oliver it was glass half full after giving up 20 unanswered this isn’t beer league this is the pros
  3. I still say the 2012 Falcons could beat the 2016 Falcons they had some dogs on that D like Abe/Samuel/ and both safeties were playing lights out football
  4. I'm 2nd row section 148 we've got a group of 3 should get together for a beer or something
  5. Hey guys My gf & our friend are traveling from Ontario to Browns Falcons game. Thinking of renting a parking space to do some tail gaiting I have Falcons corn hole boards as well. Anyone else going to the game that wants to get together pre game for some drinks maybe we can meet up or something?
  6. My gf & I plus one of our friends are making the trip from Ontario sitting 2 rows up in the end zone. Super pumped
  7. Hate to compare us to the Saints but this really feels like one of their teams during that 7-9 stretch when all they could do was pass the ball and nothing else
  8. I'm down 23 points in fantasy and have Tevin and OBJ playing tonight so 60 yards and a TD from OBJ gets me half way there and Tevin can go off for like 120 and 3 TDs and all is well
  9. He missed last week with a foot injury, how in the heck did he get groin injury without even playing lmao
  10. I don’t understand the tackling issues, that whiff by Poole was most embarrassing thing I’ve seen in my life
  11. Without Tak (which looks like a strong possibility) we're going to have 0 pass rush this game is going to be won on offence for sure.
  12. go look at Tak's twitter looks like another blow to our D. But at least our coachs/GM realised we didn't have a ton of depth on d-line and made some off season moves to make sure we do... oh wait
  13. The worst thing is Alford drops the pick Neal hurts knee next play
  14. From what I’ve seen Week 1 @ Philly Week 7 MNF vs Giants Week 10 vs Cowboys Week 11 @ Saints Week 14 @ GB Week 17 @ TB
  15. Not all of those teams I mentioned got better by FA some were by trade as well. And the 8 Mil isn't guaranteed my guess is he'd have to play all 16 games plus perform at a high level to get the max. I don't see why we couldn't take a chance on a guy like that who when healthy is a beast in the red zone where the we struggled last year.