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  1. Dirk does need to go ! He shows no ability to adapt and seems unable to play to strengths and weakness's ! I really don't care at this point who is OC just not Dirk!
  2. The scheme they run seems to break almost every player they have that initially had promise?
  3. Defense needs blown up and coaching staff changed ! System and players broken
  4. The most glaring need is proper coaching ! There is absolutely no accountability for poor play or effort on this team.
  5. What more must be seen to show that this team is going nowhere with this staff?. You see that there is no fire or anger inside over these badly played and schemed efforts. They preach accountability but there is none.
  6. I do not think the brotherhood is any different than the team fellowship or spirit of any other team ? My 2 cents and it's not worth that.
  7. Accountability ! And some strong leaders .
  8. Best game i have seen all year! If we can only beat them at our home field my season will not be completely lost!
  9. With Gurley having a 200 yrd game and Goeff nearly 400 in air ! Be hard to win this one.
  10. Do what he want's ! This organization can do nothing for him this year. Let him go to PATS to compete for a ring if he wants.
  11. There will be no firings after we win next week!
  12. Some of these asst coach's need to go today! There needs to be some accountability for the product we see on the field. These guy's are all professionals supposedly and should be treated so! Same with some players. This has to change !
  13. Really wanted him to make it! But Coach say's time to move on.
  14. Really like the move to DC ! Dude has passion for the game that is contagious !
  15. Scouting say's he does everything but catch and block !
  16. This guy got alot of dog in him ! he will make a very good addition !
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