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  1. Any chance of Jalen Hurts to the Falcons? What is yalls take? prepares to get roasted
  2. I know a lot of people want sark gone but I was one of the fools that publically said that Shanahan was garbage. I wanted him gone. I say give him another chance
  3. Our defense is leet the offense is a sleeping giant. Dont wake the BEAST!
  4. Something is up. He hasn’t kept much private in the past. Tweeting they are expecting games. i hope nothing awful has happened. Praying for him. Family before Work
  5. Why do admins on here allow threads like this to remain open? whats going on?
  6. They kicked, clawed and fought there way in. One way ticket to the Super Bowl please. Rise Up!
  7. Wow that’s amazing! NFC south used to be a joke, now it’s starting to look like the SEC decision of the NFL!
  8. Is that even possible? Looks like the Seahawks are losing tonight. Could it be possible that 3 teams from the same division make it to the playoffs?
  9. Bummer we lost but **** what a season! time for me to get back to the wold without football. Got tons of stuff to finally work on around the house. was fun seeing the boards come together this season. Peace out, will be back next season. Keeps your heads held high! Love you guys Rise Up!
  10. It's good, I personally would go with a clean version of the song. Kids love these videos too.
  11. It's been like this forever. will probably take 3 super bowl rings before they even start to talk about us in a positive way. just remember salty tears are delicious
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