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  1. All I want out of this game is a killer Mike Patton performance!
  2. At this point I don’t want Quinn fired, don’t want the team rebuilt, don’t give a **** if they get 12 #1 picks in the draft. I don’t even want to see the team moved to another city. Just end the falcons all together. Disband the whole franchise. Vanish them into the toilet of history where they belong, tear down that ugly abortion of a stadium, destroy all logos and merch, and make them disappear. Forever. I’m shopping at Lowe’s from here on out.
  3. First Falcons game I’ve watched since the Super Bowl fiasco. Things I’ve noticed. Dan Quinn is a moron and hasn’t learned anything. The players look fat and out of shape compared to when I saw them last. Play calling is horrible just like it used to be. Stupid decisions stupid play calls 5 yard check downs during crunch time, shotgun on the 1 inch line, WTF? No situational awareness showing by anyone on the field, no situational awareness shown by anyone on the sidelines, no sense of urgency by nearly everyone on the field, just generally pathetic. I did miss seeing Matt throw a pick 6 to finish us off, that had become like a wet security blanket to me, does he still do that when the game is on the line or is he pretty solid now? Guess I’ll check back in another two or three years and see if we’re still this embarrassing.
  4. If Matt Ryan played for a big market team, he'd have 5 rings too. The NFL is about as legit as MSM. I think after allowing the crap shoot on Feb5, we will finally be given our first Lombardi for playing along and throwing the game for Brady. Too little too late, NFL is fake news.
  5. Yea that was our shot, we blew it,add usual. I'm glad I have my Sunday's back though.
  6. Trump winning in November has been the silver lining that took the sting out of the Failcoons blowing the big one.
  7. It doesn't matter. This team is just a losing team, always has been , always will be. That was the most pathetic loss in the history of sports. I'll never forget it nor forgive it.
  8. I don't think Matthews is all that. He get's beat a lot which results in a holding penalty. There's at least one or two per game. He's serviceable, but I think we could stand to upgrade him.
  9. I think Kyle was in on the screw job. 28 points was just MR2 and crew doing their thing. Kyle was never really a Falcon, he used this place to get what he really wanted, his own team. So when it came time for US to play in the big show, he was more than happy to work a little deal with the refs and whoever tells them to screw certain teams over, because he's so forking arrogant and conceited that he believes EVERYTHING the Falcons did during his time here they were able to do because of him and only HIM. He's never belonged, and has always resented not being treated like a god by the players when he rode into town in his golden chariot. He resented being lambasted in the media for being a little selfish douchenozzle, and he above all resented having to compromise this season with MR2 by tweaking his magic scheme that did jack squat last year. By allowing Ryan some say so in how the offense was run, and giving him at least the option of the no huddle at times, we had great success, and that pissed little Shabby off. Because he was being proved wrong in front of the whole world, his system was't perfect, and here was the proof. The FO can say anything they want about that, but the proof is in the pudding for anyone with eyes to see. This years offensive scheme was completely different than last years (throw it to Julio), and it had more Matt Ryan on it than Shabbyham. He's a bitter little twerp, so there was no way he was going to allow the team that defied him and relegated him to the booth upstairs taking away his precious screen time win a super bowl. First thing he says to the 9ers is gonna be, "If Matt Ryan and the rest of the Falcons had done everything I told them to they would have won SB51. Instead they wanted to do it their way, and thought they knew better than me, and look at where it got them." I knew it was a bad idea when we hired him, hated him the first year, didn't trust him this year, but was impressed by our team in spite of him. That said, fluk him.
  10. He's draining the swamp. Shanny threw the game and Quinn knows it. The only way to keep MR2 on board is to clean house of those untrustworthy.
  11. 28-3 with just over 15 left in the game. This WAS a certain win until we threw the game with a little help from the refs. $hits rigged like Lady Gagas halftime harness.
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