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  1. 5yrs/70 million or 6/84 with ~30 of that guaranteed. Puts him below the highest paid while also adjusting for inflation and the rising cap.
  2. I wonder if Lions fans were writing articles like this about Megatron when he averaged 60 yards a game and no touchdowns during the Lions losing streak last season. Are we really going to dog one of the few good players we have for being on a slightly cold streak?? We finally have a player of our own who is worth paying and nobody wants to. We need to spend and as we have seen time and time again in the NFL buying outside free agents doesn't work. Find a smart Coach and GM. Pay Julio. Draft some useful players. Augment with some smart FA signings. Voila a competitive team.
  3. Why do we complain about the lack of pass rush daily?? Because pressure makes all QBs bad.
  4. When have the Boys had a 6-16 stretch? Have to go all the way back to the early 2000 teams coached by Campo that resulted in him getting fired. Even that team didn't hit 4-12 lows despite having a franchise QB. They were in the process of transitioning beyond Troy Aikman. Hard to think of many teams hitting the lows the current Falcons have hit despite getting excellent QB play. It's hard to lose this consistently with a ~top 8 QB. TD, Smitty & Co. have somehow found a way to.
  5. Let's wait more then 6 weeks before declaring the Cowboys reborn. Also the Boys never had a stretch this bad. They at least went 8-8 with their historically bad defense.
  6. I would contend we have more talent then the Jags but not by much.
  7. Pulling out a cell phone or a sharpie is a little different then high stepping into the end zone. Tagliabue got rid of the excessive cele's before they got out of hand. The crackdown on the fun ones has been under Goodells watch.
  8. Blame the NFL not Smitty. Only make sense a coach wouldn't want unnecessary penalties. The NFL and Goodell are the ones that made those penalties.
  9. I question the money we gave Soliai and Jackson. Soliai has been a useful player but it already 30 and has a lot of money left on his deal. I think he will likely be worth it but that is a lot of money for a 30 year old player who already tops out at about 50% snaps. Jackson's play has not come close to justifying the money he got paid him. He has lived up to his billing of being a zero in the passing game and hasn't even been a stud shutting down the run to make up for it. For a lot of money he is just taking snaps from more deserving players at this point.
  10. Umm, last year Cousins completed 52% of his passes at 5.5 per attempt, had a 4:7 TD:INT and 58 QB rating. This is far from the first time he has looked like he doesn't belong on an NFL field. RGIII has shown wayyy more then him when he is healthy. Shame he is probably never going to be healthy again though.
  11. His rookie season was phenomenal. 7 TDS and a ton of huge plays and then nothing. I'm still intrigued to see if he can get back to his rookie form. Maybe the injuries have taken away that extra gear that made him so good.
  12. Go back and watch if you can. The only reason he didn't have more catches is because Yates/Renferee didn't throw it to him. He smoked his guy off the line **** near every time. He was wide open for a TD in the red zone when one of the back ups tried to force it to I think Boldewijn's and we ended up settling for a FG.
  13. A lot of different voices on this board that have a lot of different opinions, like every fan base. Personally I didn't like the draft after the first two picks and even with the 2nd pick I liked Tuitt more, a very similar prospect only 3 years younger.
  14. Don't see anything in his game to get excited about. Just can't see where he plays outside of special teams. He is a down hill linebacker that is going to be eaten alive by NFL OLs. If we are switching going to be playing more 3-4 or 5-2 where does he play? Seems like he was picked solely for STs. Would have rather picked someone that has some more starter potential.
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